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Happy Thanksgivng from Metal Sludge!


Over the years Metal Sludge has listed various things to be thankful for.  However, this year we’re going to let the Sludgeaholics tell us what they are thankful for. As for the old Sludge lists, here is last years from 2004. 

Here is what the Sludgeaholics are thankful for today.

Ronnie James Dio

My girlfriend for jacking me off with her vagina.

My parents for e/t, esp. the college tuition.

My students.

My friends.

Makers Mark


Nintendo and of course. my sludge friends and foes.

Posted By: Tymaster

I am also thankful for your girlfriend jacking me off with her vagina.

Posted By: sparkdaddy

I’m thankful for your parents, who pay for your education with the money

I give them for your mother sucking me off.

Posted By: Biggie

Okay kids, now stop it. This is a Holiday so let’s be nice. Now let’s continue

and see what everyone else is thankful for.

im thankfull for Weed, beer, and heavy metal.

if any chicks want to give me another reason for being thankfull, please

let me know, im up for anything..

Posted By: Kennyhell



Line 6 Amps

Posted By: Cory_Phoenix

my health, my girl, my guitar. AND BEER!

Posted By: Orygun_Rivethead

I’m thankful for the 4 train, Children of Bodom, corona, and CD burners.

Harry Potter should be in there too.

Posted By: Bodomite

Stop, hold up, and wait a second. KISS is bad enough, but HARRY FUCKING POTTER! You’re joking right? This is Metal Sludge not Summer camp.

Okay lets move along to more comments about Thanksgiving.

I know I’m looking forward to the smoked turkey, but the Pumpkin pie doesn’t

stand a chance of getting away. Enjoy everyone.

Posted By: UtahRatt

Happy Turkey Day!!

Posted By: DanaSimmons

I hate the fact that I have to cook something for 4 1/2 hours before the damn thing is ready! Sauce is one thing, because the only acceptable sauce takes no less than 5 hours to cook, and I can live with that… but something tells me it should be a lot quicker than 4 1/2 hours to cook a goddamned bird!

Posted By: Sabu

Sabu, try using a reynolds oven bag for turkeys or make two smaller birds instead

of one large one or do both. Cuts the cooking time down considerably.

Posted By: Mountain_Girl

I know people who cook them in less that half of that using them turkey ovens??? I could be off on this. This recipes sounds killer,


16 oz. Italian salad dressing

1 tbsp. garlic powder

1 tbsp. onion powder

1 tsp. celery salt

2-3 tbsp. Lea & Perin

1/3 bottle paprika pepper

1/2 can of beer (optional)

3 heaping tsp. Paul Prudome Poultry Magic

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. white pepper

2 tsp. cayenne pepper

4 dashes Tabasco

Wrap legs with foil and-or wire. Cut off excess skin and fat from turkey and tail. Mix ingredients above and inject into bird with a syringe. Inject the fluid into the meat of the 2 turkeys at least 12 hours before cooking. Refrigerate. Deep fry whole bird in peanut oil for 4 minutes per pound at 340 degrees.

Posted By: UtahRatt

2 and a 1/2 more hours on the turkey, but the 1st Jack and Coke of the day is

going down smoooooth.

Posted By: tykettofan

HTD to all. Forget that cooking stuff, I’m ordering out and watching the Bondathon on Spike tv waiting on the football games to start.

Posted By: BachStar

I put up a post about this on my website…. a little long to repost here,

but ….

Posted By: polexxia


big tits

Posted By: Kid_Wicked

for not being born retarded or disabled.

the rest is gravy.

Posted By: CinderellaRATTPoison

Wish we could say that for the rest of the people who surround us daily.

TO LIVE IN CANADA = FREE HEALTH CARE!!! THE BEST WEED IN THE WORLD!!CANADIAN BEER!!SURREY GIRLS!!!GREAT ORIGINAL MUSIC!! OH AND FREE METHADONE OR SMACK IF YA WANT IT!! NO SHIT!!!!!!!! AND $525 a month + free services(food/clothes for any canadian who is down n out! or a musician who just wants to jam all day long "AH GOD BLESS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD"!!! OH CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: infamous

Take off hoser hey, it ain’t even your Holiday so go watch some snow fall.

Okay, we aren’t eating for another three hours, so fuck, I’ll answer this one.

On this Thanksgiving 2005, I am thankful for–

-My family (particularly my younger sister who has gone through some rough shit in the past couple months)

-My friends

-My health

-My boyfriend who I will I spend my first Thanksgiving with

-My great week in Los Angeles (I leave tomorrow)

-Awesome dinner last night at the Rainbow

-Diet Coke and skim lattes from Starbucks

-My cat, Sgt. Murphy, also known as "el gato"

-Everyone I know and care about, especially two people that have touched my heart lately, "Bismark/Paris/Tokyo/Olympia" and "L’homme Poulet"

-my favorite Sludgers; thank you for getting me into some kickass music

And, lastly, of course, the gift that keeps on giving–the music of Guns n’ Roses that has helped me get through yet another year. God bless you Bill, Saul, Michael, Jeff, and Steven.

Posted By: RocketQueen525

my 7 year old daughter Jade

my 19 month old son Nikko

my fiance Jackie

my friends

and beer

Posted By: Madmarv

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for:

1) My good health, having a scare a while back, it has changed me to live life with passion and intent.

2) My family, my parents who have seen it all with me and are here with me this Thanksgiving.

3) My friends who are with me through fun times, good times and rocky times. There is only a handful that fall into this category and that is because they are an elite, eclectic group who are real. (I am sure you know what I mean.)

4) Music from my favorite artists that is the soundtrack of my life.

5) Grateful to be single again, so I can find true love this time around.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Posted By: GlamDoll6

Metal Sludge is thankful for you, the fans who visit the site, support the site, and appreciate what it stands for. Sludge is not just about music, talking shit, or how good this weeks interview or posting is – it’s a lifestyle. It’s about something we all know and love. As for the haters, we’re thankful for them too. Life would be too easy if there wasn’t someone trying to poke you with a stick every step of the way.

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