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Jani Lane is MIA (again) at Ft. Bragg, NC show.

Jani Lane is NOW officially Missing again!


Newest Updates: 11-15-2005

Jani Lane has missed yet another show. This time he went MIA at a Ft. Bragg, NC Army Base show on Monday, but was spotted at a Strip club the same night. All musicians and bands performed except Lane.

The reports we have received have put Lane in a seperate Motel than the rest of the tour, and rumors are circulating that Jani is no longer welcome on the tour. More reports are that Jani has alledgedly been combative with other members of the tour.

Here are some e-mails we received today.

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Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9:08 AM
Subject: J lane

A friend of mine is on the VH-1 tour. Mr. Lane is being sent home today from Columbus Ga. He is not allowed to ride on the bus he is riding on the crew bus.


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Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 12:29 PM
Subject: Where in the world is Jani Lane?

Whats up sludge?!  Went to the Metal Mania show here on Ft. Bragg last night (14th) and just wanted to let you know that Jani Lane is still MIA. They didn’t even mention his freaking name. Everyone rocked though. It was a great show and they did it for free for Veterans day. All expressed their appreciation for us without going on a tangent or dogging the President, and they had a meet and greet after the show and stayed until everyone there had there stuff signed. It was great. And Jani not being there just meant that everyone else played longer. Thanks for the cool site and look for some pics from Iraq soon. -Nate
And by theway, I don’t give a crap what anyone says, Don Dokken still rocks, he’s still cool and he and Pearcy kicked ass!!!!!


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Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 12:49 PM
Subject: Jani Lane info in NC

Some info about Jani Lane in NC.. he pulls a no show once again.. but manages to make it to the strip bar that night..
This was taken from one of the forum I post on…
Here’s some funny shit!!! Jani Lane of Warrent fame showed up at my club Secrets Cabaret last night. I guess he was in town playing on base with that VH1 Unplugged Tour. I really did’nt hear nothing about them being in town but anyway……He was really nice when I spoke to him briefly, but MAN…he looked like shit and proceeded to get drunk as hell in our Voyuer Lounge. And yes….HE PUKED ALL OVER THE BATHROOM!!! So he’s NOT "Clean & Sober" by any means!!! It was bad enough to see him on Celebrity Fit Club. But to see him slurring his speech of "don’t you know who I am" to strippers who had’nt even been born yet when he was famous and staggering around the club was pretty SAD!!! I played Cherry Pie and Down Boys to stroke his ego…he had a great time and left!!! Talk about The Surreal Life..
That’s some funny shit! For those of you who didn’t know, there was a free show at the Ft Bragg North PX last night that he was supposed to perform at along with Kip Winger, Firehouse, Steven Pearcy w/ members of his new band, and Don Dokken. I say supposed to because he didn’t and we were kinda wondering why. To tell you the truth I was greatful for being spared the agony. It was a decent show. They’re on the road pimping the VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Vol. II Cd.

I got to meet Don Dokken which truly fuckin kicked ass! Unfortunately George Lynch was not in the house Crying or Very sad Alone Again unplugged just wasn’t the same.


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Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 8:25 PM
Subject: Jani Lane

He’s not lost, he is at a strip club in Fayetteville NC called Secrets Cabaret now (11/14/05). We will have pictures to back this up!!


Jani had his Priest from a Los Angeles church fly out to help him thru the weekend. The Priest left and Jani fell apart within a day. This is not funny, it’s very serious. Someone needs to slap his face silly and have him committed ASAP. Hey Management, family, or whoever…you need to do something NOW.

Jani Lane needs serious help now, not a VH1 "Hey I’m a fuck up but I’m getting paid to be one" TV show.

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Updated: 11-11-2005

Jani Lane is NOW officially missing in action. This e-mail just came in and Metal Sludge has also confirmed that this information is indeed true.

So I attended the Metal Mania taping @ the Sirius Studios in NYC…and surprise, surprise…Jani Lane was a no show…Apparently he called in "sick".  Can anyone say….RELAPSE?

And for the guy that said Don Dokken was a jerk…I must say…he was really friendly and sounded GREAT!  (I know…I wasn’t expecting that either…!)

And yes…his wig did make an appearance….

Thanks, J10G

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Well that didn’t take long. It seems that fans are talking about a Jani Lane melt down on stage in Baltimore. The VH1 Metal stripped tour is only days old and it seems there are some issues developing already. Jani Lane is on this tour with Michael Raphael as his guitar player. Michael is a former member of Jailhouse and NEVE. He also did a 20 Questions with Metal Sludge within the last year.

Below are some posts from the fans who attended the show and a few e-mails we received about it as well.

There should be a story soon on the SLudge front page

Metal Stripped Tour was in Balt. on Wednesday Nite. Fans werent to happy with Lane.

I’ll let the others go into more detail……….


i left 10 minutes into that debacle. i felt so badly for him, and it was embarassing to watch. i was really hoping he would have it together, and i have no idea what was going on with him last night. if he was high, if he was just having technical difficulties, no idea. it was a trainwreck and i didn’t stick around to count the corpses. so i missed the end of all of that. shame, really.

Posted By: SugarMama

House of Rock overcharges fuckers for show….$25 bucks to see that show?….geez, i almost stayed home..but to see Jani act like that kinda bothered me, because basically i was also there to see him and Don…

Posted By: Devour

We’re guessing this post below tells the story of what went on from a fans point of view.

Went to the Vh1 show last night at House of Rock. Overall the show was ok.The club was about half full (abput 300 people,FAR from sold out). Kip and Reb kicked ass.Kips voice was awesome, although the mix was a bit tinny, without much low end at all.

Pearcy was next, not bad,his voice was pretty good.Basically sounded like Pearcy. Next up was Firehouse.They are always good. I have seen them several times over the years, and they always sound great!! Harmonies were excellent as always.

Next was Jani. Now let me first of all say, I was most looking forward to seeing Jani.

I am a fan so to speak, so after hearing that he had gotten his shit together, I was looking forward to his performance. He comes out with a Diet Coke can, and starts mumbling in his Christopher Walken accent.I had seen that he had lost a lot of weight via this site and Celeb Fit, but he looked like an AIDS paitient with ostioperosis.

After a couple of seconds tuning and retuning Jani sits down and starts playing Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He keeps stopping playing and singing.His back up guitarist Mike looks at him kind of confused.The guitarist says in the mic "What are you doing?,SIng the them not to me." Jani says, .."but I love you,man." It was funny for a second,but he never finished the song. Then he says "Let’s play Heaven".He starts the song,the crowd is singing along,then he stops playing, puts down his guitar and starts to uncurl the mic from the stand,and gets up goes over to the guitartist, and starts singing to him.In the meantime he knocks over the guitar, knocks the can of Diet coke over, and the roadie replaces the guitar with another, and tries to wipe the spilled Coke off of the floor. They then stop playing Heaven, after the guitar player plays the solo without Jani.At this point the crowd starts screaming and booing.No one knew what the fuck was going on.Mike the guitarist was visably embarassed and confused as to what Jani was doing. Jani was acting as if the crowd wasn’t even there.

He them says "Ok,Cherry Pie".They start the song and play most of it again until the solo.Jani was having some real vocal problems and you could see he was struggling.They then start I Saw Red. He then gets up and goes over to the guitarists side of the stage and sits down next to him, almost out of the lighting. They again play most of it, then Jani says "That’s it", gets up off the stole and attempts to go back to the dressing room behind the stage.He takes a wrong turn, and the guys in Firehouse that were standing on the side of the stage, point at the dressing room door, and direct him to the dressing room. Mike was then looking around not knowing what was going on,looks at a roadie or a tour manager by the backstage door to see if Jani was coming back and the guy motions to Mike that Jani was through. EVERYONE was PISSED and started booing and yelling.

Don Dokken was next, and came out with a coonskin cap on his head that he tried to pass off as a wig.He comes out wearing his sunglasses,lit cigarette, and guitar.He tells the crowd he had just come in from LA, and had just woken up and was still asleep.

He did the noraml stuff Into The Fire, Dream Wariors (Reb sang all the high notes)Alone Again,and In My Dreams. Not bad but typical Dokken. He at least looked like he was glad to be there, and Reb Beach is a class act.

Now,when Dokken came on, I was standing beside the stage,and mIke the gutarist was talking to a girl,that I had been talking to through out the show. SHe told me earlier that she knew Mike. Anyway, they were talking and a couple of young emo looking kids were there talking to him as well. He was explaining to them what was going on with Jani. I couldn’t make out anything they were saying, except that when the music stopped I heard him say ,,,"Well I couldn’t tell anyone that he was fucked up"!

Jani was on something no doubt. He didn’t seem drunk but coked up to me.He played no more than 15 minutes, and it sucked!! I was in Jani’s corner hoping that he would get his shit together,and get himself back on track.After his bullshit, I was going to get his solo cd, but I figured that it was $12 better left in my pocket.

Someone needs to let Jani know that it’s 2005 and even with all of the "big names", they still only drew about 300 people if that.Wake up Jani. You BARELY have a career, and what few people that give a shit,were sadly disappointed with your performance, or lack there of.As far as I am concerned, Jani can go fuck himself!

Posted By: Michaell80s

Here are a couple of choice e-mails about Jani Lane in Baltimore.

I’ve been a Warrant fan and a Jani Lane fan for a long time, despite all the things I’ve read about him on the site. I’ve probably seen Warrant live close to 15 times and I have to say I was never disappointed. Until tonight. I just got back from the VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Tour at the House of Rock in Baltimore, and I saw Jani suffer a meltdown with my own two eyes. I paid the $25 tonight just to see Jani Lane. I had nothing against the other bands, but I simply wouldn’t have bought the ticket if not for Jani. Anyway, Kip Winger, Stephen Pearcy and Firehouse all were better than I thought they’d be, and than Jani hit the stage. He looked good, but it quickly became obvious that he was in no shape to perform. He played for about 15 minutes, stumbling his way through 3 1/2 songs. He kept stopping and starting the songs and refused to look at the audience. He kept looking at his guitarist the entire time. The guitarist, whose name I don’t know (I think his first name was Mike), looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole. He implored Jani on several occasions to direct his attention to the audience, but he never did. Eventually, Jani just abruptly stopped playing and walked off the stage. I guess him cleaning up his act on Celebrity Fit Club was just that — an act. He really embarrassed himself and made a lot of people angry. If he has personal problems, than he should get off the road and get some help. Fans like myself who paid hard-earned money to see a good show deserve a lot better than what he delivered.

Sincerely, K.E.

Just wanted to let you know I just got home from the Vh1 Metal Mania stripped tour that was at the House of Rock tonight in Baltimore Maryland and it was quite an interesting evening. Kip Winger opened and sounded great. Stephen Pearcy played second and was also good. Then Firehouse really got the place going with a great set. Then comes the train wreck of the evening. Jani Lane came on and looked totally wasted. He was singing to the guy that played guitar for him and not the crowd. He played Purple Rain and only played bits and pieces of all his hits. His entire set was less then 10 minutes and when he walked off everyone just stood there in disbelief. It was really sad to see. I saw all this first hand. Im not sure if this is true but my friend that was by the stage was getting some stuff signed by CJ from Firehouse and said when Jani left CJ looked pissed and followed him outside. Almost like he was trying to hold things together and wasn’t very happy with Jani. I left right after since Don Dokken was up next. No reason to stay and see that moron. You may get some other emails on this. Looks like Jani and his sober days have hit a screeching hault. Im out like someone said Don Dokken was up next.
Peace Oz

Some more quality posts from the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip board.

If this is true, I hope it’s just a temporary slip for Jani – because if he goes back to where he was, he’s going to wind up in a box before long.

Posted By: ViolentNewBreed

I felt badly for Jani, but at the same time, I was kind of pissed. Jani was the one who I was most excited to see last night.

He played about 3/4 of "Uncle Tom’s Cabin," "Heaven," and "Cherry Pie." I think he managed to actually finish "I Saw Red" before he sat the mic down on the stool, said "thank you," and walked off. He also did a bit of "Purple Rain" in the middle of his set.

He was just weird. He wouldn’t even look at the crowd. He was singing to his guitarist, who was obviously embarassed. I thought his voice sounded decent, though.

Posted By: CampbellGirl

It was only a matter of time

Jani Lane does it again…..anybody surprised?

Posted By: TexAzHair

Sad. Not really surprised, but he’s moved up in my death pool now

Posted By: davidweaveroth

That’s a shame; hopefully it’ll be an isolated incident instead of a full-on dive back into the deep end. Any of us who have done drugs know you can quit, but you could always relapse. The difference is whether you completely fall back into the shit or you dust yoiurself off and get back on the wagon.

I guess time will tell which this is…

Posted By: lerxstcat

Is anybody really surprised? Come on…

I have no sympathy for idiots who has been given countless chances to get their shit together. If they want to fuck themselves up on their own time, I guess that’s their business. But when people pay hard earned cash to see you, they expect you to show up on time, play the songs(all the way through would be nice) and even if you don’t want to be there (there’s tens of thousands who will gladly take your place dude), at least ACT like you want to. Or if not, just get the fuck off the stage.

I feel sorry for people who shelled out money for this expecting Jani to have his act together. I also feel sorry for his kids. But I don’t feel sorry for Jani. He’s been given too many chances. He’s the Daryl Strawberry of Rock N’ Roll in my book.

Posted BY: FrehleysVomit

Gee, what can be said but someone should call the white coats. Jani really needs a 24/7 babysitter. Sure, now everyone will say speculation, allegedley, technical difficulties, blah, blah, blah…it’s all a bunch of shit. 

Jani like some others have had mancy chances, and still can’t seem to get his act straight. If Jani does not completely implode by years end, it will surely happen (again) sometime in 2006.

What a fucking waste. There are musicians and bands who would’ve given their left ball to be on that tour. Ten minutes? Three and a half songs? Not even looking at the crowd? What a fucking douche bag! Daryl Strawberry is a good comparison. We’d like to go out on a limb and say Jani Lane is the hair band rock n’ roll equal to Robert Downey Jr.

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