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Metal Sludge Mail Bag with bastard boy floyd.


Woooooooohooooooo. Lots of mail. Lots of complantes about speling and at the sametime telling us how much we rool. That’s cool, we’ll take the good with the bad. Also someone claiming Dee Snider is a complainer, and some other useless crap.

Great work, guys! Love your website, both for the info and the humor.

However, it should be Dee Snider gets SCARY nor SCARRY, no?

Just curious…

You’re not so sure yourself now are you there fruitcake?


Run spell check ferfucksake

Thanks for the reminder.


WAAAAAAAAAAAH…  Alice Cooper’s people treat him like a god. WAAAAAAAH…  Mark "The fat ass animal" Mendoza can’t use Alice’s stairs.  WAAAAAAAAAH… Lemmy got kicked off the stage while Alice was performing. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dee complains that Alice’s "people" treat him as if he were a "deity," well, isn’t Dee himself acting like a deity by requesting to see Alice from the side of the stage?  Why doesn’t he walk his lazy ass out into the audience and watch from there?  Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Brian Warner, Rob Zombie and a TON of other (and bigger) celebrities have done that.  Is Dee better than them?

And would you really want Mark’s huge ass walking on your stairs?  I thought not.

Dee, take your Super Balls and shove them down your throught.  Then maybe Alice would put you on stage with him…  maybe.


Did you mean balls down your throat? Really, please tell us how you really feel. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


i saw mick mars sharing a little conversation and a man-hug backstage at the hollywood bowl last week with gavin i dont wanna be’ degraw at the sheryl crow show that gavin was opening.
mick looked horrible. really bad. really really bad. he had a big bodyguard and publicist looking guy with him – one on either side, kinda just in case he tipped over. he and gavin talked for a little while and gavin seemed happy to see him. i was just staring at mick the whole time thinking ‘holy shit. how does this guy still play shows?’ and hoping gavin wouldn’t kill him when he hugged him.
this sighting comes almost 20 years to the month that my brother and i had the shit scared out of us as children when we were waiting for an elevator in baltimore when the door opened and and mick was lurking inside. my blood ran cold then and it runs cold again now.
vanderhoof van arb

Two Mick Mars sightings in two decades, on two different sides of the Nation. Wow, what are the odds? Maybe you should play the lotto. As for his look, it’s Halloween silly. He was probably in costume as the guy from Weekend at Bernies.

Hey! I heard about this web site from VH1, WOW what a list. But that’s all the dirt on Nikki Sixx? I love him… he is so awesome great musician, looks like great husband and father. Hopefully someday I will meet a guy like him.
Would have loved to be one of those groupies!


Thanks Nichole, VH1 has been great to Metal Sludge and so has Nikki. We’ll tell him to call you when he gets divorced. As for more dirt on Nikki, maybe you should look into the Motley Crue book The Dirt. Mmmkay.

Hey dudes,
I was just wondering how come I banned!  I hardly post anymore!  What did I say!

Dear Matt, no one is or was banned. Unless of course they were posting stupid shit. You just don’t know how to use your computer yet. Let’s start easy. Go to the Sludgendise store, buy several items, fill in all the blanks for your information and of course your credit card. When your done wait by the mail box, put on your Sludge swag and you’ll start getting pussy by the truck loads.


Mother Fuckers.


Bas has just landed the gig as the fucking fourth lead singer for the mighty Van Halen


Due to the fact that I am, Sebastian Van Hagar and used to play in Pretty Boy Floyd Canada, eh’ …I want a job as your Canadian Correspondent. Imagine that. I challenged CRISPY CRACK MAJORS to fist fight and he didn’t come out of the bus eh’ at Club Soda in Vancouver….


On top of this I went to MIT during the 82-85 periods. I used get rock for my good bud Randy O. and Jack R. Oh’ the good old Rough Cutt parties at Wendy Dio’s house. The


Well maybe Bas is not the new singer. There is always Rock Star Van Halen with Dave Navarro.


I’m out like Poundcake, SVH



Sounds like you need to put down the pipe buddy. Take off hoser, ey.



Wanted to find out if you guys had a chance to listen to our cd yet?  First major reviewer has chimed in:

"One listen, and one quickly comes to the conclusion that Fast Chester are veterans with an encyclopedic knowledge of classic heaviness. Accessible, sturdy of song, insanely groovy and above all confident through maturity, this is hard rock with immense swagger." Martin Popoff, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Pretty cool.

We "swagger." ")




I would appreciate the removal of my private picture as posted by Fat-Fat-Fat!.
 I do not post on your board, I have never posted on Sludge, nor do I wish to.
Thanks, TSD

Sure. Unless you’re hot, than we’ll leave it up, cause everyone likes hot chicks. Or if you’re an ugly mess then it will be good to laugh at. And by the way, if you never post, how in the fucks sake do you even know it’s there?


I am a 39 year old male and in good health and fairly fit, but realized a while back that sometimes I had a hard time maintaining an erection. I am single, but I do date a lot and I believe many times the problem was due to anxiety and pressure to perform with someone new.

Please help.

Stevie is that you?


Whatever happend to the Sludgescans my fellow metal heads…can you do

one on Kiss including sales of remasters…

Sure no problem. Please forward a cashiers check for the $15k annual membership fee and we’ll run all the numbers every week.



fuckin love ur site……its so fucking funny…….n im just gona ask u a laim as question so u can take the piss more……bwahah ahah aaha……cause its so boss. ur sites boss……keep rockin dudes!!!! / dont take it seriously……i no u hail saiten like the rest of us! do you believe in god?


Do we believe in God? Do you mean Lemmy? Of course we do.

I took killer shots of the Misfits from the stage Saturday in Hollywood. The shots are all high resolution digital photos. Are you interested in buying

some for Metal Sludge?


Sure. But we’ll only pay you $ 500.00 per photo, and we like to buy them in a bakers dozen. Please send 13 shots and a $ 6,000.00 invoice ASAP!
Someone get me a beer, my pumpkin and a flashlight.

bastard boy floyd

ready to trick or treat

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