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Riki Rachtman goes Country & Western?



Riki Rachtman is going, going, gone, Country?

Riki Ractman has told Metal Sludge that he will be appearing on a feature show on CMT (Country Music Television). He will be a host for the countdown of NASCAR’s Top 25 finishes. He also called in to tell us that he will be introducing and bringing on stage, the one and only Willie Nelson in the coming week.  We’re not sure where the gig is, but we’re guessing he is not opening for Disturbed or Motley Crue.

Willie has hung with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and even tried to bilk the govermnet for a few million. So, he might be Country, but he defnitely has some rock n’ roll bad boy in his blood. Now he ain’t no Axl Rose, but then again, Axl Rose ain’t even Axl Rose these days.

The following is posted on his Cathouse website.

“Earlier today I recorded an hour interview with NASCAR legend Donnie Allison. It was great so many cool stories. I’ll play most of the interview on my radio show during the off season."

Riki has been an avid race fan for many years. His syndicated radio show Racing Rocks is on nearly 100 stations Nationwide. As for his Country roots, well those can be traced to, ahh, hmmm, well…..members of Junkyard are from Texas, so we’re guessing that he likes both Country & Western.

To read more go visit CathouseHollywood.Com

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