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13-Wind with God of Ghoul Wednesday 13


Wednesday 13 giving us the business in this pic with his crew of goblins!


1. Plug your ghoul, goblin, and glam/goth existence, in other words what’s news?



We just returned from Australia and Japan and we leave in a week to embark on a quick west coast US run doing 3 headline gigs and 3 support slots with the godfather of shock Alice Cooper.

10/25/05 LOS ANGELES, CA @ WHISKY A GO-GO headline

10/26/05 CONCORD, CA @ BOURBON STREET headline


10/28/05 CHILLIWACK, BC @PROSPERA CENTER w/ Alice Cooper

10/29/05 TACOMA, WA @HELL’S KITCHEN headline

10/31/05 ANAHEIM, CA @THE GROVE w/ Alice Cooper


Then, we head off to Europe for the Tour from the Crypt that’s takes us all over Europe. All dates and venue info van be found at Wednesday13.com. We are also completing the editing on a video for the song Bad Things that will hopefully start spinning right around Halloween on video stations worldwide. The video is live and backstage footage with us being idiots all over the world.


How many body parts can you count in this photo?

2. What led to the solo project of Wednesday 13 after Murderdolls?


 Just the fear of sitting on my ass doing nothing and waiting for people to forget who I am definitely sparked the idea. No one really knew how long Murderdolls would be on hiatus, but I knew it would be a while so I started putting the songs and the idea for this together. Even though it’s called Wednesday 13 I really have made this out to be a band and not just me. All though the thought of being a goth Ricky Martin solo guy sounds cool, I like the band vibe better, and that really is apparent with the live show.


3. Pre Murderdolls you were doing Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

So essentially this whole image, sound and lifestyle is not something new
or even
kind of new for you, yet rather your history? Tell about the history of you…


 Pull up a chair, this could take a while.


In 1993 seventeen year old me started a band called Maniac Spider Trash, a glam metal shock rock band. That band existed up until 1996 when it broke a part and basically turned into Frankenstein Drag Queens. FDQ released our first record on our own in 1996 and released 3 more albums and numerous 7" singles between 96-2002. We released all of the albums independently and then got a euro record deal that got our stuff all over Europe. We terrorized every red neck dump within our reach for years and went thru a number of different members and looks. The Murderdolls thing came into play right before we released our last FDQ album in 2001. A guy named Dizzy Reject (who is quite possibly more knowledged on hair bands than me) from a band in Des Moines called The Rejects had copies of the albums and was a fan, who then turned his guitarist Joey Jordison on to FDQ. I got a call from the guys and they asked me to join the Rejects as a bass player. I was excited about being considered, not exactly excited about being a bassist but excited in the fact that a new door opened for me. I came on board and did 2 shows with The Rejects at the end of 2001 on bass and then Joey went on tour with Slipknot for a few months. He came back home and offered me the lead singer position in The Rejects. As much of a dick as I felt about replacing Dizzy, a guy who basically introduced me to the whole thing, I just couldn’t say no. Dizzy and I are friends now and he was unbelievably cool about the whole situation, and I really owe that guy. The Murderdolls came out and I just disbanded FDQ and jumped into the whole thing face first. Murderdolls toured for a year and then went on hiatus, and the rest of the story can be read one question above this one. That’s the short story version anyway.


Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. What the fuck? These guys look

like the Peppermint Creeps got fucked in the ass by Insane Clown Posse and the results are 3 retarded step children.


4. There were some underground rumblings that some members of Murderdolls were upset that you went solo, released a CD and so on. Is there any truth to this and if so what all went down?


Yeah, there was some tensions then and still some now, but not really any actual face to face confrontations on the subject with each other. It has all been a lot of "I heard blah, blah, blah and he said this and that etc. I stayed in touch with Acey and he seemed supportive of it, he even started his own band Trash Light Vision and has been just as busy as me. I spoke to Joey for the first time this past June when we played some festivals with Slipknot. That was the first time we had spoke since Jan 2004. I had some issues with some stuff, and he had some issues with my issues, and I had issues with him

having issues with my issues, and so on, and so on. Basically our manager

was speaking for both of us and the communication line got twisted into a big fucking mess and we just stopped talking. We are cool now, we buried all the shit and discussed the idea of a new Murderdolls album. We both agreed that we are really happy at the place we are at now after Murderdolls. We basically left the door open and said whenever it happens, it will happen, no plans, no rush, just the idea that it could happen???


 As far as Ben and Eric, the communication line is still a big twisted mess, and

I wish it wasn’t. Hopefully we can bury all the drama  and move on as well. I just done what I thought was right by moving on and releasing an album. I didn’t wait on something that was uncertain, and honestly would never be a

full time band as long as Slipknot exists anyway. Yeah, the image and sound

is similar, but fuck, what was I supposed to do?? Grow a beard and be something I’m not?? I’ve always played this style of music. I play a few songs live from both FDQ and Murderdolls, because that’s my history and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’ll sum it up in a Paul Stanley style quote,

"I just do what I know, and I know what I do"….whatever the hell that means???

5. Rate Ghouls and Goth Gods 1-10, and tell us why. You know how this works?

Gene Simmons = As much shit as he gets these days I can’t speak badly

about him. Everytime I see old Kiss footage I’m a little kid again, so…. 10.

Alice Cooper = He started it all and no one will ever top his stage show and antics. He’s the reason I do what I do, and I still think he doesn’t get the

credit he deserves. 10


Wednesday 13 and some fan named Alice.


Al Jorgensen = Never been a big Ministry fan either, but he is a cool guy and has a really interesting rock roll debauchery history so I give him an 8.


Peter Steele = Type O is one of my faves, and I think Pete is a genius. The

last time I saw him I was really drunk and he was too, he pushed me in the forehead into the couch on his bus and said in his very Peter Steele Brooklyn accent ‘Outta my way Stoopid."  10

Blackie Lawless = Anyone who wears a saw blade between there legs has to get a 10.

Marilyn Manson =  I think Manson was the last rock star to really shake things up since Cooper did in the 70’s. When nothing seemed shocking anymore, he came out and basically said "I’m Satan, what are you gonna do about it."

That made rock n roll feel dangerous again. Parents were scared, the police were scared, the church, everyone took notice and made him a celebrity. 10

Trent Reznor = I took me a while to get into NIN, but after seeing them live

on the Downward Spiral tour, I was hooked and reeled in. 10
Glen Danzig =Took me a while to finally get into Danzig but I finally became

a believer about 5 years ago. The first 4 Danzig records are amazing and I would take them any day over the Misfits albums.10
Rob Zombie = White Zombie was a huge influence on me and Rob has just developed into a mastermind from music to movies. He’s great and is a

really cool down to earth guy.

Robert Smith = Never cared for the Cure, but he gets a 3 for wearing red lipstick.

6.  You’re hitting the West coast and playing Halloween night in support of

Alice Cooper.
Is this your biggest dream, oops, we mean nightmare come

true? How did these dates come
about, and how do you feel about this only being a week away?

I’m beyond words nad i can’t wait. Also, it being Halloween week just makes it even better. It’s like getting to ride on Santa Clauses sleigh on Christmas. I’ve been poking my head around the Alice camp for a while now, I met him with Murderdolls in 2003, and then I was a guest on his radio show earlier this year. I’ve been trying to organize some dates with him for a while now, but it just never worked out at the time. I went to see him in Atlanta this past

August and met him again, I mentioned again to him and his manager about doing some shows in the future. Two weeks later they called and asked for us.

I was shocked but completely honored. This could be the coolest thing to happen for me personally so far.

7. Dig Up and Fuck, Dig up & merry, dig up and re-burry.  (Marilyn Monroe,

Left Eye, Nicole Simpson)

I would Dig up Left eye and fuck her in her left eye.
I would dig up and marry Marilyn Monroe because she probably has the

most money.
I would dig up and re-burry Nichole Simpson but I would wear an OJ mask

when I did it, just because I have class.

8. Have you ever walked in a room and told Joey to stand up and then

realized he was?

No, he’s not a short as people think, the guys in Slipknot are big and they

make him look short. In Murderdolls having a drummer thats almost 7 ft

tall didn’t help either, we kinda all looked like dwarves.

9. What new music or new band has got you off lately? Who’s worth a fuck today in the eyes of W13?

Not a lot of new stuff. The new Alice Cooper and BIlly Idol records are great. I’ve been discovering some bands that have been around for some time

but are new to me. Hardcore Superstar, The Lee Harvey Oswald band, Supersuckers. The only thing new is Banjo and Sullivan, the guys from

the Devils Rejects movie. It’s really funny country music.

10. Pick your Poison…

Slip Knot or Slippery When Wet = Nothing against Slipknot, but Slippery when wet, great album reminds me of 6th grade.

Trick or Treat = Treat. I would treat my self to another viewing of Trick or Treat with the almighty Sammi Curr.

Big Soft Boobs or Small Firm Titties = I like to keep it interesting and have a small one on the left and the big one on the right.
Down Syndrome or System of a Down = both are interesting, but not as interesting as a person with down syndrome listening to System of a Down.
Baseball Bats or Fruit Bats = I prefer hitting fruit bats with baseball bats, but that would be cruel and un-goth of me.

Boys in Drag or Girls who are Fags = is there really a difference???

Sleeping late or Not sleeping at all = no sleep…up all night, up all day.
Coffin full of Blood or Coughing up blood = both are cool, but coughing up blood sounds like a good time. I should hit that point if all goes well by next Thursday.

Candy Corn or Corn on the Cob = both are tasty, one is dinner and the other is dessert…what about Children of the Corn???

Count Chocula or Boo Berry = Boo Berry is gay, Count all the way.


11. Rate these 80/90s bands. First on their names alone, then their image, and finally an overall rating for the group as a whole. Of course on a scale of 1-10. Again, you know the gobly gook on this…but incase you don’t the first is a sample.

Poison = 8 for the name, 9.5 for the look, overall a 7 cause they’re kind of musically lite.

D’molls = 1 on the name, I’m still not sure what the fuck it means. 5 on the look, I thought they looked cool but nothing great. 6 on the group, they were a really different band, the first album was really stripped down and I can’t really say they were like a lot of the bands at that point. The Warped record was cool too but more current with what was going on then. Top 3 songs of mine Backstage Bombers, A-C-T-I-O-N, Down T Nuthin.

Overkill = Never liked them, can’t even judge em fairly so overall 0. 

Tigertailz = 3 on the name, sounds like a children’s TV show back in the 80’s always has. 9 on the look, these guys Degrassied it, and  by that I mean "they went there." Pink and blue streaks in their super high teased up hair was a nice touch. Overall a 10 on Tigertailz. Loved both eras of this band Stevie and Kim were both great. Fave songs, Living without You, I Can fight Dirty Too, Sick Sex.
Jet Boy = 5 on the name, taken from the New York Dolls song I assume. 10 on the look, you gotta give Mickey Finn some credit on the blonde Mohawk and blue leather pants on Feel The Shake, I actually copied his side burns/shaved head do in the Murderdolls. 8 on the band. Feel The Shake was a cool record Damned Nation was okay and had it’s moments. Fave songs, Make Some Noise, Hard Climb, Heavy Chevy

Damn Yankees = O on the name, because it sucks. Negative 10 on the look, because they look like your friends dads weekend jam band from down the street?? 0 on the band, because they sucked thru the first 2 categories so why stop now??? Fave songs, all of them … on mute.
Roxx Gang = 8 on the name, the logo was pretty bad ass too. 10 on the look, these guys were one of my faves. Kevin Steele was so different from all the other frontmen visually and vocally. 10 on the band, only judging this from the first album, I don’t know much after that.Fave songs, Red Rose, Live Fast Die Young, Fastest Gun in Town.
Green Jelly = 0 on the name, because they changed it from Green Jello to that, something better could have been thought of. 1 on the look because I’m still confused on what they were. The video was clay-mation and the one pic I saw of em, I thought it was GWARs retarded children. 2 on the band and I say this only because they had Rambo in their video, and Rambo is cool.
Black Eyed Susan = 4 on the name. Sounds like a sex slang term, example… "Hey bitch, you wanna get donkey punched or do you wanna black eyed Susan?" 1 on the look, nothing much going on there. 5 on the band, the album is pretty good and that saves on their boring look. Fave song None of It Matters, Satisfaction, She’s So Fine. 

Jackyl = 2 on the name. I was never a big fan of Jackyl but they did use a power tool in a song so that’s kinda cool. 1 on the look, flannels was already old before it was new to me, c’mon I live in North Carolina. 4 on the band, they had a shirt that said Jackyl Me Off, and that alone gets points.

Slave Raider = 2 on the name, never sounded cool to me, it actually sounds like an old Atari game, they could have been called Yars Revenge and it would have been the same to me. 5 on the look, very Escape from New York, and Chainsaw Kane kinda had the Snake Pliskin look happening. 10 on the band, I loved them. I actually heard that Chainsaw was really missing an eye??? How can you go wrong with the lyrics, "one eyed, open wide, my lips are painted and my hair is dyed," they kept it real…G.  Fave songs, Long Way From Home, What Do Yo you Know About RnR, Take the world by Storm.


12. What was the largest crowd Murderdolls played for, and what was the smallest crowd Wed. 13 played in front of?

(Where, when, etc…)
Murderdolls: 80,000 in Italy 2003. They threw so much shit at us because we were opening for Iron Maiden on this huge metal fest. We really did not belong there and I knew we were doomed from scratch. It was a sea of incoming garbage coming at us. I saw every type, brand, and size of batteries, bags of piss and shit and I saved the best for last…. a full un-opened can of Tuna. Smallest crowd, several of the American dates were between 50 and a 100 people.
W13: Biggest 40,000 at Rock Am Ring this past Summer. Smallest crowd for W13 was a club show in Pennsylvania, about 75 people, counting the band and crew.

Look Mom, 40,000 Portugese fans cheering for my half o’ manikin covered in blood! In return I told them all to fuck off and they still bought T-shirts!

13. Your favorite number. Make up your own question and answer it here…
My own question. Should crematoriums give discounts for

those who died in fires? Yes, absolutely.
14. Did you see the Motley Re-union tour yet? If so, give us your thoughts?
I saw the festival version of the tour in Germany this past summer on the Rock Am Park festival. It was really surreal for me because Nikki let us on the stage right behind him as his guest and that was really cool. Also, just to the left of the stage across a small parking lot was the infamous Nuremberg podium where Hitler gave all of his speeches from. So to hear the band singing Shout at the devil, along with the roar of the audience and to look over and see that was really disturbing, but in a good way. So what I saw and felt during the show was probably different than seeing a set from the arena shows in the US. However, I loved it, and  I thought the band looked and sounded great.
15. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career to date?
High Points:
Getting a national record out with The Murderdolls and touring the world.
Getting my own record out nationally and touring the world.
Playing with Alice Cooper on Halloween this year.

Low points:
I’ve been pretty fortunate and I don’t have a lot to bitch about. I guess, just waiting for the big chance and struggling all those years going in debt time after time.
Coming off the road with Murderdolls in 2003 with not really a clue what to do. It was a little depressing so I sat around and watched TV and got fat. 
I really can’t think of another low point, but that’s a good thing. 


16.  You recently said this of your fans"We just returned from the Australia/Japan tours which were completely insane, thanks to all the fans for your undying support and we’ll see you again very soon…" Considering you’re a ghoul an all, shouldn’t that have read like this instead? "thanks to all the fans for your dying support" Anyway, tell us about your dying fans in Australia and Japan?
Yes, I should have wrote that instead. I guess my ghoul radar was not on due to the jet lag when I wrote that. The fans in Australia were insane, almost all of the shows were sold out and we had a blast. Japan was no different, the fans are so cool to us there. I got so many toys and gifts that I had to mail a giant box home because my luggage was full. Its pretty cool to travel to that side of the world and have fans lined up from 6am to get into your shows or waiting at the airport to see you. This past tour was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on tour to date.


Performing for dying fans somewhere on the other side of the planet!


17. Name something good, and something bad about the Internet?
Good: You can find anything and everything you want. Like I found a Roky Dennis (the guy from Mask with Cher) cut out paper mask that is amazing.
Bad: The liars and bullshit drama that gets created that have no form of truth at all.
18. What was your biggest ever musical related check for and what did you buy with it?
I hate to avoid a question but I don’t like to talk about money for several reasons. If I mention the amount of some of the checks I’ve gotten, I know within a day or so my Uncle Billy Bob will be at my house tomorrow with his 17 children asking for help on getting them all braces and ponies. I will say I have been fortunate enough to live pretty comfortably for a few years now.
19. Word Association with Monster Movie Ghouls, and Ghoul related Guitarists…Part 13….what comes to mind when you hear the following persons name…

Joey Jordison = Super talented on guitar and drums, the main reason people know who I am.

Bram Stoker = Dracula
John Christ = Great guitarist, and was a major part of the Danzig sound.

Lon Chaney = Lon Chaney, the man of a 1000 faces. Great actor

Kane Roberts = Rambo with a guitar…where were you when the monkey hit the fan???

Bela Lugosi = My all time favorite. The story on his life is amazing. He was buried in his Dracula outfit, that’s pretty cool.
Al Petrelli= He played with everyone from Coop to Snider, Amazing guitarist.

Ryan Roxie = Ryan is great, I loved the Electric Angels. I think he is the best  guitarist Alice Cooper has had since his original line up in the 70’s.

Max Schreck = The coolest and creepiest looking vampire in movie history.
Zim Zum = He fit the part when he joined Manson, decent guitarist.


20. The Very Last of W13………..
Last time you spoke to Joey Jordison = text message the other day.
Last fast food drive thru you hit = Bojangles, my favorite southern chicken joint.
Last Foreign country stamped on your passport = Tokyo Japan
Last time you had diarrhea (cha,cha,cha) = Tokyo Japan
Last rock star you talked to on the phone =  Jason McMasters from Dangerous Toys
Last time you laid out in the sun = Never. To quote Bill Hicks, "I’m so Pale if I take my shirt off in the sun I’m like a fucking prisim"

Last time your didn’t have dreads = 1998

Last band you thought rocked live = Dir En Grey, our friends from Japan, these guys are fucking sick.

Last time you worked out or jogged = I’ve been an exercise freak since the new year. I work out everyday and have shed almost 40 pounds since Christmas last year. I sculpt my guns here at the office…. better watch out, they’ll get ya Ron Burgundy.

Last Time you visited Metal Sludge = everyday


It’s great to see that even the Goth Goblins of the Ghoulish Glam side of the globe are giving great give a fucks about Mr. 13.  Happy scarry month to all the Dead kids, Red kids and supporters of this type of dark and bloody fun!


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