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Inside Bobby Blotzers crazy mind!

10/9 Inside Bobby Blotzers crazy mind!

We recently ran across an interview that reaks of crazy ass thoughts, opinions and comparisons. The interview is with none other than the infamous Bobby Blotzer of Ratt who seems to be dreaming of a big pay day. "Du Blotz" as Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot likes to call him, should probably take note that talking about the money Motley Crue is making is really not his business. How would he like it if Tommy Lee talked about Bob living in an apartment in the valley and playing for a grand a night in his cover band Angel City Outlaws?

Here are some of "Du Blotz’s" crazy ass comments.

Gerry Gittelson of the L.A. Daily News recently conducted an interview with RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer. Several excerpts from the chat follow:

On the possibility of a RATT reunion tour with the group’s original singer Stephen Pearcy, who quit five years ago in an ugly split:

"We’re trying to come to terms with Stephen, and we’re very close. The guys in MÖTLEY CRÜE are going to make $10 million each this year. We’ve always been a little under them as far as touring — but not very far behind."

On a new VH1 "Behind the Music" special on RATT that’s scheduled to air early next year:

"I think the ‘Behind the Music’ thing really opened up the channels of communication again, and it’s long overdue because RATT was a huge band and we deserve the acknowledgment."

On the fact that the legal hassles between Pearcy and RATT have been solved:

"Now it’s just a matter of settling some issues at hand. We’re negotiating, and that’s a step in the right direction because a year ago, (guitarist) Warren DiMartini wouldn’t have even discussed it."

On the fact that RATT’s ride has continued all these years:

"In the days when we first started, the average band’s life span was 10 years. Even THE BEATLES lasted less than 10 years.

"For us, it’s been 23 years, and we just finished a 64-date tour and the demographics of the crowds were great. It’s really been an unbelievable ride."

On today’s music scene:

"Today’s music scene? I’m disgusted because all this hip-hop music is like a plague. I just don’t understand how they can glamorize this prison mentality. When we were on the charts, rock bands glamorized cars and girls and fun — not guns and all this shoot-‘em-up stuff."

On the fact the RATT bandmembers could soon be as popular as ever if things go their way:

"We’re like old dogs. You look at bands like the STONES and AEROSMITH, and they’re becoming stronger every year. There’s a lot of power behind hard rock.

Here is what the world famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board fans are saying about this along with a new comment from Duh Blotz himself.

Comparing Ratt to the Stones and Aerosmith? The cheesecake’s going to your head as well as your gut Blobby you fat fuck!

Posted by:

That bobby needs to shut the fuck up. I hate it when people think today’s music is shit but say it about hip hop. It’s that fucking emo shit.

Posted by:

DELUSIONNAL. A Ratt reunion the best they could do is headline something like rock never stops they could never headline arena like the Crue

Posted by:

Why does this Jizzy dude still hang around knowing the a reunion is eventually gonna happen? Also, the Motley Crue comment Blotzer made was hilarious when he says "We’ve always been a little under them as far as touring — but not very far behind." , somebody needs to tell ol boy that is is 2005, not 1985, i mean if Ratt reunites they’ll only be able to play small clubs. I like Ratt, but the Crue passed them by a long time ago.

Posted by:

Ugh. I like Ratt with Jizzy better. Pearcy sucks live.

Posted by:

who gives a fuck? ratt was always shitty, and i can’t imagine they’d be any better now.

Posted by:

Does he really think that a "Ratt Reunion" could even be a fraction of successful as Motley? Who’s baking those fuckin cheesecakes!? C.C. Deville?

Posted by:

without Juan, the reunion is pointless & will only draw bars again. With him & done correctly, they could be a Rock Never Stops type tour headliner (1500-3000K) or open on a Crue/Aero/BJovi type tour. Was also told last yr that Pearcy was very close

Posted by:

The interview thats out is not accurate. There was a moment there but it came and went. Old news old interview.

Posted by:
Bobby Blotzer on the Ratt message board on Sunday October 9th 2005

A little bit under Motley Crue? Hey Bob, Motley Crue is a MUCH bigger band than Ratt ever was, or ever will be. The Crue have also outsold Ratt by roughly 10 times or more. The fact that you make reference to the Beatles and Ratt and their respective life spans is absurd. And to top it off you mention the Rolling Stones as well, this is mind boggling to even the dumbest music fan. Let’s be honest here, Ratt had some great songs, some great success and everyone loves Round N’ Round to this day, but time to quit sipping on the fantasy cocktails. The closest Ratt will ever get to the Rolling Stones is your CD being stocked in an "R" bin at a music chain.

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