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The Most Prestigious Links In All Of Rock!!

Ok, maybe not, but it sounded good when we wrote it.  But these are the only links you really need to know!

So would you like your site to be linked at Metal Sludge? I bet you would you greedy little bastard. What you need to do is get off your lazy ass and send us your link. However, we’re not going to put up every jabroni’s site who sends us an address. Only real Sludgeaholic sites need apply.

So what we did is break out links down into 3 sections: Bands That Are Down With Metal Sludge, Sites We’ve Influenced, and Sludge Friendly Sites. Originally we had a section called Bands That Suck, but we got rid of that because those bands didn’t deserve to be linked. So fuck them. The only way they’ll get linked now is if they are down with us.

If any of these links don’t work, you are SOL.  But email us and let us know what’s not working, and maybe we’ll fix it.



These are bands that are down with Metal Sludge. Buy their shit and tell them you appreciate them visiting Metal Sludge.  Visit their sites once a day and increase their popularity.  However, don’t think that by being a Sludge friendly site that any of these bands won’t get shit on! Also, if any of you Sludgeaholics hear any of these bands or sites talking smack about us, let us know and they will be dealt with accordingly.

Andrew W.K.

Party Hard with Andrew. He did a whacky 20 Questions in December 2002.

Michael Angelo

Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo is a big Sludgeaholic who gave us a great 20 Questions in March 2003.


Anthrax are hardcore Sludgeaholics! A great site that’s frequently updated. We’ve almost interviewed everybody ever associated with Anthrax and we’re frequently mentioned on their site.

Fun Fact: Their webmaster Brent was the first person to ever purchase a Metal Sludge shirt!


Alex Kane did a great 20 Questions in December 2002 that caused some controversy over his answer of question 18.

DJ Ashba

Home of the "guitar-god" who’s close to being in "label-land." DJ finally broke down and did 20 Questions with us in October 2002 after we goofed on his press release. At least he was smart enough to get out of Beautiful Creatures.

Atomic Punks

This is the home of the best Van Halen tribute band in the World! Ralph Saenz does a better David Lee Roth than David Lee Roth! It also lists all of Ralph’s gigs he has, including Metal Shop and the Atomic Punks!


Tom Morello came to us and did 20 Questions with us in July 2002.

Black Label Society.net

This isn’t the official site, but it might as well be! Lots of quality info on BLS. Includes a section on bootlegs too.

Bloodhound Gang Online

This site is run by Lupus, who did the first Metal Sludge 20 questions with us. A very cool and humorous page.

The Blue Meanie

This is Wrestling Superstar and 20 Questions victim The Blue Meanie’s website.  He has a bunch of pictures and frequently updates it.  He’s a huge Sludgeaholic (as in a big fan, not a fat fan, because he’s lost a lot of weight!)  Plus his girlfriend is Jasmin St. Claire.

Lizzy Borden

Lizzy did 20 Questions with us in April 2001.

Bowling For Soup

Singer Jaret Von Erich did 20 Questions with us in October 2002.

Brand New Sin

Guitarist Slider did 20 Questions with us in July 2002.

Breaking Point

Jody & Justin from Breaking Point did an audio interview for us in August 2002.

Brides Of Destruction

This is Nikki Sixx’s and Tracii Guns’ band. We did 20 Questions with singer London.

Britny Fox

This is Britny Fox’s site.  They are re-releasing some of their old shit, so if you want news on that or link to other BF sites, this is the place to go.

Captain Jank

Captain Janks is the dude who calls into news stations whenever something bad happens, gets on the air and mentions Howard Stern.  The guy is great.  He’s pissed off a ton of people, so we can appreciate that.  He did 20 Questions with us, so go buy his crank phone call CDs.

John Christ

John is Danzig’s former guitarist and did a pretty good 20 Questions with us. 


We did 20 Questions with singer Deron Miller while they were opening for Guns N’ Roses. The drummer Jess is the brother to Jackass’ Bam Margera.


Cinderella’s Official Site. Fred Coury and Eric Brittingham both did interviews with us, so go visit Cinderella and say hi.

Josh Cohen Photo

This is Warrant’s 1st guitarist, Josh Lewis’ site. He does photo now, so if you need some pictures taken, talk to Josh.

Alice Cooper’s Show

What needs to be said about Alice Cooper? He’s a legend who also did 20 Questions and a Rewind with us!

Alice Cooper’s Town

Hungry? Sure you are. So if you are in Phoenix or Cleveland, stop by Alice’s restaurant Cooperstown.

Fred Coury

Fred’s been a big supporter of Metal Sludge.

Danger Danger

Bruno Ravel and Steve West both did 20 Questions with us, and they seemed to have a good sense of humor.

Dangerous Toys

Singer Jason McMaster did 20 Questions with us in November 1999.

DC 4 Online

No, it’s not about planes. It’s Jeff Duncan’s band, who is in Armored Saint and was also in Odin!


Jeff Pilson, Don Dokken and "Wild" Mick Brown all did 20 Questions with us and went into depth on several of our questions.  Though Don hates us now, so fuck him and his wig.

The Donnas

This is the home of The Donnas. We did 20 Questions with Donna C and Donna F.

Dream Theater

Drummer Mike Portnoy’s 20 Question pissed off a few people, but was loved by many.  We even got linked up by the Official Site!

Enuff Z Nuff

The Official website for Enuff Z Nuff.  Chip, Donnie, Ricky, and Johnny Monaco all did 20 Questions with us as well Chip & Donnie doing great Rewinds. Enuff Z’Nuff was also part of our MSX 2002 Tour!

Jackie Enx

Jackie is the first trans-genered person we’ve ever interviewed. In other words, he used to be a dude, but now he’s a lady! She’s also the drummer for Rhino Bucket and gave us a very eye opening 20 Questions in March of 2002.

Every Mother’s Nightmare

Lead singer Rick Ruhl did 20 Questions with us in October 2001.

Mike Fasano

Mike’s website is Total Poser.com. How fitting. Fuckazo has taken a lot of abuse between us and Rikki Rockett’s Tour Diary, and he’s been able to hang. Plus he has huge nuts. Literally. His site features the Rock Star Shoe Chart, a parody of Donna’s Penis Chart.

Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat was the headliner for our MSX 2002 Tour and Taime & Brent both back the page.


Bill Leverty, Perry Richardson, Michael Foster, and CJ Snare all did 20 Questions with us and even talked smack. Their site is updated quite a bit and has a message board.

40 Ft. Ringo

This is Steve Brown’s & P.J. Farley’s band. They’ve been good to us and even paid for a banner on our site as well as doing an MSX Show, so go check them out and buy their new CD!


This is the website of the Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard! Metal Sludge is glad that Fozzy finally returned to the US! Moongoose McQueen even did 20 Questions and a Rewind with us as well. 

Victoria Fuller

Playboy Playmate Victoria Fuller not only appeared in David Lee Roth’s "No-Holds Bar-B-Q" video but did 20 Questions with us in September 2002.

Jim Gillette

We did 20 Questions with former Nitro singer Jim Gillette in June of 2001. He has a new band called Organ Donor. He’s also married to Lita Ford, but we still haven’t gotten her to do 20 Questions yet.

Graham-Burger Goat Farms

In case you are wondering why we have a link to a Goat Farm, we have 2 reasons.  The first reason is it’s Russ Dwarf’s goat farm.  Second, they name the goats after rock stars, and there is nothing funnier than goats named Ozzy, Lita, and Sebastian!  If you need any goat milk, this is your number one source!

Wolf Hoffmann

We did 20 Questions with the guitarist for Accept in May of 2003.

Jason Hook

Jason is the guitarist for the BulletBoys and Mandy Moore! He did 20 Questions with us in December of 2000 and is a big Sludgeaholic. He also does web design at www.shotputmedia.com


We did a very long 20 Questions with Jesse James Dupree in April of 2002.

Steevi Jaimz

The singer for Tigertailz emailed us about doing 20 Questions and ended up giving us some good stories.

Jenna Jameson

This will take you to Club Jenna, which is run by Jenna herself. It’s without a doubt the best pornstar website! This site has everything from news & stock information to hardcore photos & videos. Jenna also sent us a picture of her wearing one of our Metal Sludge Baby Dolls and hooked us up with doing 20 Questions with the Wolfpac.

Jenteal’s Secret Spot

This is Jenteal’s Official site which she runs herself.  We did 20 Questions with her in November of 2000.

Chris Jericho

Chris is a metalhead and was the first wrestler we interviewed.  This page is one of the best wrestling pages around, with a bunch of pictures and Chris’ commentary.

Judas Priest

Ripper Owens was the first person to write down his answers for 20 Questions and send them into us through the mail! He’s also a fan of our site and has been seen wearing a Metal Sludge shirt! Too bad he’s no longer in Judas Priest.


Charlee from Halfcocked is a huge Sludgeaholic and writes in from time to time. They are also played our 4th Metal Sludge Extravaganza! Their band is in limbo right now.

Handsome Devil World

The official site of Handsome Devil, who played our 5th Metal Sludge Extravaganza!


Helix singer Brian Vollmer did 20 Questions with us in February 2003.

Terry Ilous

The singer for XYZ did 20 Questions in November 2002.


Lead singer Danny did 20 Questions with us and their debut CD was produced by Butch Walker.

Iron Maiden

Nicko McBrain did 20 Questions with us, so for the latest on Maiden, this is where to go.

John Kalodner: John Kalodner:

For those of you who don’t know, John Kalodner is a pretty big name in the music business. He’s worked with basically everyone at one time or another and is probably most known for his work with Aerosmith. He’s also the guy who founded Portrait Records. He rarely gives interviews but
for some reason he wanted to do 20 Questions with us, so we talked to him on June 12, 2001.

Keri Kelli

This is home to Keri Kelli, who’s played with Pretty Boy Floyd, Ratt, Warrant, Slash’s Snakepit, Suki Jones, Angel City Outlaws, Dad’s Porno Mag, Back In Black, L.A. Guns, Tuff, and any other 80s band known to man.

Killer Dwarfs

Home for all the info on the Killer Dwarfs.  Russ Dwarf did 20 Questions with us and their webmaster is none other than Jim-Bob Dwarf!

L.A. Guns

This is their Official site. We’ve practically interviewed every past and current member of L.A. Guns, so we thank them for being able to provide us with so much entertainment.

Tracii Guns

Tracii’s Official site.  Tracii was our first Metal Sludge Rewind victim and he did a great interview with us.  Tracii is a long time Slugeaholic.

Bill Leverty

This is Bill’s Official site, not to be confused with all the unofficial Bill Leverty sites.

Lorraine Lewis

The ex-singer of Femme Fatale did 20 Questions with us in April of 2002.

Lillian Axe

Steve Blaze did 20 Questions with us in February 2003.

Lit Lounge

Jeremy Popoff did 20 Questions with us in January of 2002. One of Donna’s favorite bands.

The Little Kingz

The world’s first all dwarf rock band! Scotty F Word did 20 Questions with us and also did fairly well on our Sludgevivor 3. These guys rule!

Ray Luzier

Ray is the drummer for not only Metal Shop, but David Lee Roth too! Check out his site for where you can see Ray beat the hell out of his drums

George Lynch

George did 20 Questions and currently has a band with Jeff Pilson.

Samantha Maloney

Samantha was the drummer for Hole and the touring drummer for Motley Crue back in 2000. She did 20 Questions and annoyed Nikki Sixx.

Heidi Mark Land

Model, actress, and Vince Neil’s ex-wife Heidi Mark did a great 20 Questions in February 2002 that earned her a Super Balls Award!

Mars Electric

Singer Jacob Bunton did 20 Questions with us, so if you are looking for Mars Electric info, this is the place to go.

Eric Martin

The ex-Mr. Big singer did 20 Questions with us in January 2003.

Chris McLernon

Chris was once in Ferrari, Cold Sweat, Cold Gin and Saigon Kick. He got around. He has this site as well as www.bigmick.com and www.ColdSweat.com.


Home of Dave Mustaine and Megadeth! Dave did a Tour Diary for us as well as a classic 20 Questions.

Nick Menza

Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza’s website.

Metal Method

Home of Doug Marks and his Metal Method tapes! Learn how to be a virtuoso over night!

Darrell Millar

Who knew that Darrell Millar had an website? Come to think of it, who even knows Darrell Millar? Well in case you’re in the majority who don’t, he’s the drummer for the Killer Dwarfs and Laidlaw!

Johnny Monaco

The new singer of Enuff Z’Nuff finally came around and gave us an entertaining 20 Questions.

Brent Muscat

Brent did one of the best Tour Diaries we’ve ever had on our page and also won a Super Balls Award for it. He has a book coming out so be sure to check it out!

Monster’s Making Music

This is BulletBoys guitarist Mick Sweda’s Official Site.  He did a hilarious 20 Questions with us.  Go buy some CDs from him so he can feed his cat.

Motley Crue

This is Motley’s site. This site has the infamous Shout Message Board where everybody sucks Motley’s dicks 24 hours a day. It also features a diary by Nikki Sixx.


Lemmy took a few minutes away from his time at the Rainbow to do 20 Questions with us. 


Lead singer Wednesday 13 is a Sludgeaholics who did 20 Questions with us in September 2002. He’s very up on his 80s rock and even did a Tour Diary for us. Joey Jordison also did 20 Questions with us.

The Nelson Brothers

Matthew Nelson did an entertaining 20 Questions with us, at least we think it was Matthew. It could have been Gunnar, how would we know, they both look the same.

Ted Nugent

Feel like killing some things? Or maybe just ordering some beef jerky? This is the place! Ted did 20 Questions with us in December of 2001 and his management sent us all sorts of shit! Thanks to Chris and Doug and Madhouse Management for the hookups!

Marty O’Brien

Marty is the bass player for Methods of Mayhem, and has also played bass with Disturbed and Static-X. He’s like a modern day Keri Kelli.

Eddie Ojeda

Eddie originally did 20 Questions with us way back in the day, and they sucked. But then he redeemed himself with his Rewind and now everything is cool with Eddie. This is his website which also sells some stuff.

Jizzy Pearl

This is Jizzy Pearl’s Official Site. It has a message board, pictures, and Jizzy’s thoughts on all sorts of things.  Jizzy also contributes to Metal Sludge from time to time. Check out his site if you want to buy one of his books.

Jeff Pilson

This is Jeff’s Official website and we are one of his favorite pages!  He even has a Metal Sludge Fancy Ass shirt.


A fancy ass site with all sorts of bells & whistles. All sorts of shit over there talks and makes noise. They have a bulletin board as well.

Todd Poole

Todd used to be the singer for Roxy Blue!! Now he’s got a band called Rail along with one of the guys in Tora Tora.

Mike Portnoy

This is Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy’s site.  Mike did 20 Questions with us and caused quite a stir and even got mentioned on Much Music!

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was also one of the bands on our MSX 2002 Tour and Steve "Sex" Summers did 20 Questions with us.

Quiet Riot

Kevin DuBrow, Frankie Banali, and Rudy Sarzo did great 20 Questions with us and Kevin has even been seen wearing a Fancy Ass Metal Sludge shirt! Frankie also did a very popular Tour Diary for us. These guys are big Sludgeaholics so go buy their CDs!

Riki Rachtman

This is Riki’s site.  It has all sorts of shit, and you can even buy old ass skateboards.  A variety of stuff to look at to waste your time.

Rage Against The Machine

RATM guitarist Tom Morello did a controversial 20 Questions with us in July of 2002.

Raging Slab

Lead singer Greg Strzempka did 20 Questions with us in September 2001.


Jizzy Pearl did a Ratt Tour Diary for us and most of the band has done 20 Questions or a Rewind at one point or another. A very Sludge friendly band.

Rhino Buckett

Singer Georg and drummer Jackie (Liam) both did 20 Questions with us. The webmaster is also Jim Bob Dwarf!

Rikki Rockett

This is Rikki’s website. You’ll also find links for Dr. Rockett


Chris Caffery gave us a very long and detailed 20 Questions.


Porn star Serenity did 20 Questions with us in March 2003.


Alexx Michael did 20 Questions with us in October 2002.

Billy Sheehan

Billy gave us a cool interview and seems fly for an old guy, so check out Billy site.  He has a ton of pictures and a bunch of info on his projects.

Paul Shortino

The former singer of Quiet Riot did 20 Questions with us in September 2002.

Skid Row

Snake, Scotti, Phil and Johnny have all shown Sludge Luv at one time or another.


Joey from Slipknot did 20 Questions with us in April 2003.


Guitarist Tripp Eisen did 20 Questions with March 2003 and likes to write in from time to time.

Stuart Smith

This is Stuart’s website.  He gave us a very entertaining 20 Questions and also sent us some pictures of him with his sister-in-law Heather Locklear. 


Soil guitarist Shaun Glass did 20 Questions in November 2002.


SR-71 singer Mitch Allan did 20 Questions and a Rewind with us
and is a frequent visitor to Metal Sludge.

Jasmin St. Claire’s Asylum

Jasmin was the first celebrity to send in photo wearing our shirt!  She also did 20 Questions and sent us an autographed photo!  Check out this site for her latest appearances and what she is up to.

Jaime St. James

Jaime is the former singer of Black N Blue. He has a new band called…St. James! Get it?

Sugar Daddy Records

Home of the Wolfpac, who gave us a very controversial 20 Questions back in February 2001. If you are into dead bodies and wicked shit like this, you might want to check out the Wolfpac!

Suki Jones

This is Brent Muscat’s other band, which features Steven Adler, Jizzy Pearl, Robbie Crane, and Keri Kelli. Kind of an all-star Sludge lineup.

Sum 41

Dave Brownsound did 20 Questions with us in July of 2002 and did a good job.
He checks in with us from time to time.


Eddie Spaghetti did 20 Motherfucking Questions with us in August 2003. It was done in true Supersuckers fashion. This is the place to go for all your Supersuckers needs.


Jeff Keith did 20 Questions with us in April 2001.

Mike Tramp

This is former White Lion singer Mike Tramp’s Official site. He has a new solo CD he is selling through the site.


Stevie Rachelle did 20 Questions, a Rewind, and a 3-Wind and his Motley Priest played our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #5!

Neil Turbin

Home of Anthrax’s original singer! After 17 some years, he’s back from obscurity.

Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner did 20 Questions back in January 2000.

Type O Negative

These guys have had us linked for a long time. We did 20 Questions with drummer Johnny Kelly in August of 2001.

Twisted Sister

Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister did a really good Rewind with us on November 1, 2001

The Union Underground

UU singer Bryan Kelly did 20 Questions in April of 2001.

Danny Vaughn

This is the site of former Tyketto singer Danny Vaungh.

Butch Walker

Butch Walker did 20 Questions with us back in February of 2000, did a Rewind in June of 2001, and a 3-Wind in July of 2002. Donna Anderson wants to bear his children.

The Wildhearts

Ginger is the lead singer of The Wildhearts and a big fan of the site.

Steve Whiteman

The ex-Kix singer has a new band called Funny Money and did 20 Questions with us in December 2002.

Zakk Wylde

This is Zakk’s site you can go to find out about Black Label Society and beer.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Home of Chris Jericho.

Zloz’s Screamin’ Website

Legendary photographer Neil Zlozower did 20 Questions in March 2003. His website is filled with some of his classic shots of Van Halen, Motley Crue, Zakk Wylde, and pretty much everybody else under the sun.


This is porn star Zoe’s official site.  She is very hands on (no pun intended) with her website and if you are interested in buying her used birth control packages or maybe her pubic hair, this is your one stop shop!!  

Sites We’ve Influenced

Lots of sites have borrowed a thing or 20 from Metal Sludge, but they don’t want you to know it. These sites, however, are proud to say we’ve influenced them and wave the Metal Sludge flag!


Metal Sludge has gone Spanish! Well, not really, but check out this page. It’s a site like ours, with almost our exact same layout and even 20 Questions, but in Spanish. We have no clue what any of it says or if it’s any good, but they are Sludgeaholics. Maybe they can help set us up with 20 Questions with Shakira! We salute our Amigos in Sludge!

Cincy Metal

Another Metal Sludge influenced site, but on Cincinnati Metal! Now that’s a site that has been long overdue! (Sarcasm mode turned off) Actually, these guys talk about Ohio metal (if there is such a thing) and we’ve greatly influenced them, so they must be cool. Check it out.


These are also some sites that are down with Metal Sludge, or just sites we think you should waste some time at. 

A Guy Who Thinks He’s Peter Pan!

Seeing is believing.

The A List

All the Hollywood Gossip you can handle! Who’s gay, who smells, who’s an asshole, who’s feuding, who’s smoking crack, and everything else you needed to know. From Ben Afflect to Rob Zombie and everyone in between. Find out shit you probably didn’t want to know. A great list of celebrities and what really goes on.

Big Dark Cloud.com

A great site to waste some time at. Funny stuff from a Sludgeaholic.

C.C. Banana

If you don’t know who C.C. Banana is, then you shouldn’t be reading our page. C.C. Banana is a legend and an icon. Don’t be an asshole, go buy Backstage Banana right now or risk getting an F.U. Award!

Classic Metal Show

This is a weekly radio show hosted by Sludgeaholic Wendell! Each week they have the Metal Sludge Song Of The Week. You can listen to Wendell’s show on the web so be sure you check it out every Saturday night.

Crack Whores.com

A site dedicated to our favorite past time. Crack whores!

The Cruemunity

This is another Motley site worth checking out.

The Darwin Awards

A hilarious site that shows how stupid people are. It will show you that a lot of people should be removed from the gene pool.  Probably half people this page talks about are Slaughter fans.

Dead Famous People’s Joke Page

This site has a shit load of jokes about dead
celebrities. Totally crude and morally wrong. In other words, it has some funny stuff!

Drill 187

The best band we ever reviewed for Rock On The Decline. These guys are close to getting a deal, so check them out.

Find A Death.Com

Looking for photos of dead celebrities like Chris Farley? Do you want to know how various people died? This is your source for the macabre, you sick bastard.

Hard Radio

Hard Radio is cool since they linked us. Plus, we steal all their news.

Heavy Metal At About.com

This is a site that has a ton of links to the best metal sites, and of course, we are listed. Props to them for recognizing our excellence!

Hollywood Roses

The Ultimate tribute to Guns N Roses. These guys are kind of what Atomic Punks are to Van Halen. The singer Colby sounds more like Axl Rose than Axl Rose! They also played our 3rd Metal Sludge Extravaganza.

King Of All Media

For all your latest Howard Stern news, check out the Original Howard Stern Superfan site!  Metal Sludge has occasionally been linked whenever our 20 Question victims have mentioned Howard.  Our interviews with Kendra Jade, Donnie Vie, and Captain Janks were all given mention by this site.

Mark’s Friggin’ Howard Stern Site

The best site for daily recaps about the Stern show.

Melodic Rock.Com

Another quality rock site from down under.

Metal Meltdown

This site is run by Dr. Metal, who also has a metal radio show who can listen to via Real Audio.  His page has reviews, pictures, chat conversations with metal bands, news, and shit like that.  He asked Sebastian some Metal Sludge type questions, so that was cool of him.

Music’s Bottom Line

This is the magazine that interviewed Metal Sludge a few months back so you know they are the shit!  The interview ended up getting posted on MTV Online.  To read it, click here!  To check out this very hip and cool site, click the link above!

The Official Ninja Web Site!

This site rules! Everything you ever wanted to know about being a ninja! This guy can’t stop thinking about ninjas, and remember, the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

Respect The Pussy

It ain’t what ya think. You have to see it to understand it. We’re down with Dusty The Fat Bitter Cat.

Slaughter Man’s Slaughter Page

This is a GAY Slaughter fan page.  Not gay as in lame.  But gay, as in…uh…gay.  You know, homosexuals, queens, queers, fags, crotch goblins, etc.  This dude has a page dedicated to Slaughter where him and his buddies discuss how hot Slaughter is.  They also have a gay message board which has some hilarious gay stuff on it.  You’ll have a gay old time!

The Smoking Gun

A truly great website that features Tour Riders from everybody to Britney Spears to Aerosmith, to Mug Shots and various other inside information that celebs really don’t want you to know. These guys know everything! Tons of great stuff to go through.

The Thirsty Whale Remembered

A tribute site for Chicagoland’s former premier rock club, The Thirsty Whale, which closed it doors in 1996.

The Touch Tone Terrorists & Junkyard Willie

This guy is a Sludgeaholic and has some hilarious prank phone call CDs.  He’s had a lot of his calls played on Howard Stern, so you might have heard them.  

White Trash Devil

This is from the creator of Wrestling Uncensored, which was an early inspiration for our page. This covers everything from music to TV to movies. Politically incorrect stuff you might enjoy. Jani Bon Neil did an interview with them in August 2002.

The Women Of Motley Crue

This is a page dedicated to Motley’s chicks.  They did a cool interview with Donna D’Errico where Donna talks more shit about Pam.  They also have info on any well known chick the Motley guys have banged, including Mick Mars!! 

The Worley Gig

This is a column written by Gail Worley.  She’s the one who reviewed us for Request Magazine, which can be found in all Sam Goody, Musiclands, and Media Plays.  We got 95 out of 100!!  That’s was the shit!  So you know Gail has good taste and everything she says is 100% accurate!

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