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Captures for June 2005



(Actually captures from mid-February through the end of May, 2005. We’re slow.)


I know that picture above doesn’t count as a capture. So? I run this part of the site and I can do with it as I wish. Besides, sometimes the only way I can get chicks to talk to me is to tell them their picture will be posted on a big famous Web site. Too bad for them it’s only Metal Sludge!

So while that pic might not count as a capture, here’s a bunch that do! Let’s start with something heavy. It’s a full-band Crue capture!

Motley Crue Captured!

A $200 platinum-package Crue capture!

Here’s the e-mail we got to go along with it.

Hi Sludge,

I bought the Platinum package for the Crue show in Washington, DC. I’ve been a Sludgeaholic forever, even won the first capture contest. It was with Dana Strum. Blas Elias was a dick and refused to take a picture with me wearing the shirt.

The Crue show was AMAZING. It was awesome to meet them and get a few minutes to say hi. Vince recognized me from his solo shows and was friendly. And Nikki remembered that I used to IM him on AOL. I totally forgot that Mick was standing next to me! I was too busy squeezing Vince to care about anything else.

Thanks to the Crue for making a fan’s dream come true! And thanks to Metal Sludge for being idiots and making me laugh.


Now that was huge! And if you thought that was a big-time capture, wait til you see these next few! These are the captures everyone’s been waiting to see. These were snapped at a rare chance encounter between former Warrant singer Jani Lane and Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle! These guys went at it a few months ago, slagging each other a bit right here on Metal Sludge. But on May 14th, 2005 at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood, Jani and Stevie kissed and made up. Literally! Check it out:

Jani ignore’s the Rainbow’s unspoken rule about not displaying affection publicly. Or perhaps Jani noticed some A-1 steak sauce on the side of Stevie’s face and couldn’t resist.

Some chick named Stephanie jumps in. Jani looks like he wants these two to sit on his lap!

Here’s the return of Allison and Suzie from Michigan. This time they’ve managed to capture Europe! No, not the continent, dumb-ass. The band from Sweden! Here’s everything Suzie had to say about these captures:


Europe Captured

Allison with Joey Tempest and that Mick guy from Europe

Joey Tempest, Suzie the capture chick, and some dude’s bald spot

The Final Sludgedown! Suzie and John Levin

Next up are some Anthrax captures from Sludgeaholic Raphael, who comes from way down in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil! He ventured out of the rainforest just to get these captures, so here they are! Raphael details how this all came about:

Hi all!

After my last captures (the not so happy Richie Kotzen, and Phil Soussan) I had to buy another sludge shirt because mine was too old, so here you have more captures from Brazil, and this time the victims are Anthrax. Ok, thats nothing new for you all to have Anthrax being captured by a sludgeaholic,

but the difference is that they were in South America this time, and now I´m wearing the red logo shirt that I dont remember the name (I think its Motley Crue something shirt…).

I went to both shows (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), and both were amazing, the crowd had so much fun, and the band seemed really impressed by the way Brazilian people sing all the lyrics and the guitar solos.

I met the band at the hotel in Rio de Janeiro (I live in São Paulo) and the first one that I met was John Bush, and the first thing he noticed was my sludge shirt, he said:"Wow, Metal Sludge shirt!", then I asked for the picture, and he pointed to my shirt at the time the picture was taken, then he asked me about the concert and about my trip (Rio is something like 270 miles away from Sao Paulo), he was really

cool to talk to!

Then I met the other guys at the Hotel´s Restaurant, Charlie this time was the one that didn´t look so happy to take pictures, but he did it anyway, Rob Caggiano was really cool, and pointed my way during the show and we had some drinks later that night.

Scott at first refused when I asked him the capture, he said he was late to the venue, and asked me to take it afershow, I tought I would never meet him again and not have the capture, but the first thing he did when he met me at the hotel after the show was ask me about the picture: "Hey, lets take that picture now" he said..

Thats it, sorry the English mistakes, but I´m fuckin´ Brazilian

Keep on Rockin´



Rapahel and John Bush

Raphael and Charlie Benante

Raphael and "The Man" Scott Ian!

Rapahel and Rob Caggiano

Here’s someone else from another part of the globe. This is an e-mail and some captures from AliceVincePiglet, a Sludgeaholic in Germany.

I’ve took those Sludge Captures on the "Frankfurt Musikmesse" on Saturday (09.04.2005). It’s something like the NAMM, not that big, but big enough.

Jim Marshall rocked!! He has been very kind to me and I thanked him for everything he had done for OUR Rock’n’Roll. He smiled and said "you’re welcome".

Michael Schenker is known for his diva-like behaviour and for the fact that he doesn’t sign older CD-s or anything else, except for the actual CD or merchandise. He was very kind though and signed my (older) shit. And hell yeah, he points to METAL SLUDGE!! How cool is that!!!

Nuno Bettencourt was VERY bored (or tired). Just look at his face! Maybe it’s the jetlag. I asked him I he knows METAL SLUDGE (stupid question!) and he agreed.

Alex Beyrodt is one of the best German guitarists. He plays in the band Silent Force along with the American Mega-Singer DC Cooper (ex-Royal

Hunt). I’m not sure if you know them, but they kick ass! They are on Sanctuary Records. He’s from the same town I live. He’s way cool.

Greetings (or should I say better SLUDGE UP YOUR ASS!!),


AliceVincePiglet and Jim Marshall!

with Michael Schenker! (who’s soon to be on the Pussy List unless he replies to our 20 Questions request!)

Nuno Bettencourt and AliceVanPiglet

with Alex Beyrodt

Here’s a few old-school captures. What does that mean? That means these taken long ago, but never made it onto the site. This is kind of cool in a way because one of them features someone who’s now deceased. Not that it’s cool that they’re deceased, but that they were actually captured and that we’re able to share it with you today. Here’s the scoop:

Well, I thought I would try this again. I had submitted these pics along time ago, but they never made it to the site. A little birdy told me I should try again. This is me with Drowning Pool about a week or two before Dave "Stage" Williams died on the bus at Ozzfest in Indy. Went to see them supporting Sevendust with Stereomud opening. Dave didn’t seem to be all into the meet and greet all that much that night, but it was still great to be there!! I loved the Theater of PAin shirt!!

Drowning Pool

BlackCrypt captures Drowning Pool!

Here’s some more from that show. The guys from Stereomud.

Well, thats all I can think of to say right now.


Thanks for sharing, BlackCrypt!

Here’s a new contributor losing her SludgeCapture virginity today. Let’s hear it for Sinderella!

Here is me (Sinderella) with Stephen Pearcy at his first tour stop on the west coast in Fife WA


Sinderella captures Stephen Pearcy!

Here’s one that should be fun for fans of the recent Zyris/Jester feud that went down right here at Metal Sludge. It’s a capture with (now former) Zyris Drummer Scott! Here’s the details you’re dying to know:

hey there! SOTM from November 2003/ winner of the MSX drum kit and all that. just writing in with a capture with Scott Skocypec, I was hanging with him friday night at the LA Guns show, him and one of the other guys from Zyris got me in free to a sold out show, unfortunately I got there after they already played so I didn’t get to see them (I got out of work and got there when they were supposed to go on, but something happened to move everyone up a slot) I’ve met him a couple times prior and he was incredibly nice, this time was no different. and the girl that said that he was supposed to get her into a show at the starland in 2002 is full of B.S., they didn’t start doing rock shows there until after Birch Hill closed in 2003 and it wasn’t even called the Starland, it was a dance club called Hunka Bunka. And besides, why would he put someone on the guest list that doesn’t even like the band? that makes a whole lot of sense now, doesn’t it?

I’m out like "Megan’s" crediblity


Mark and (ex-)Zyris drummer Scott!

Here’s another capture from out of the blue. This is from a Sludgette named Jennifer, and here’s what she had to say!

Hey Sludge, I went and saw Silvertide on February 25th in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and they put on a kick ass show. I got to hang with them alittle bit after the show and all 5 guys were extremely nice. I told them I would send in the pics to the site and for them to check it out. The drummer Kevin Frank said he would sometime.




Here’s an e-mail and some photos sent in by a Sludgeaholic named Scott.

What’s up. Didnt’ know if Gilby had been captured yet. Also got Chad the drummer, who is also in Faster Pussycat. Chad wants to do 20 questions. Hit him up!

Thanks for all the laughs over the years. I finally got a camera.

Sludgeaholic Scott with Gilby Clarke…

…and with that Chad guy from Faster Pussycat

Here’s some lovely captures sent in by June 2004 Sludgette of the Month, the one and only Marie "Polexxia" Braden!


Fascinating Sludgy day today as I was actually thrown out of a store today for wearing Sludge swag. Good times, huh? Basically, ya gotta remember I

live in the LDS bastion of Utah, and I had gone into a local Mormon bookstore to check out some new pages for my planner. Well, apparently the little old lady who was standing next to me took offense at the "Sludge, Sex, and Rock and Roll" slogan on the back of my shirt. She actually went and complained to the manager who asked me if I could put a jacket on. Of course, I said, "Don’t have one with me" even tho I did. And at that point, I was asked to leave. *shrug* THOUGHT about making a scene, but didn’t.

Went to the mall, because I needed some sugar, and the new issue of SPIN. Kinda cool that both the woman taking my lunch order AND the clerk at Borders commented favourably on my shirt…. But what was even cooler is that as I walked past a cluster of teenagers, I overheard one say, "Check out her shirt! That’s that site I was telling you guys about." I should have turned around and made conversation, but I wasn’t really in the mood to evangelise.

So I wound up at Blue Boutique, which is a local "adult" store, altho they are really NOT that bad. Haha. Met the bass player for some punk band out of Cali that was playing tonight, but I didn’t get a capture, cuz he was busy trying to pick up on the chick working the counter. Please….buying Manic Panic bleach in UTAH? WHY would you BOTHER?

Then I made it to my gig, which is where I got the captures I’m enclosing. The blonde is Christy Kane, guitarist/vocalist from Hazard County Girls. The other chick is Sharon Heather, the HCG’s KICKASS drummer. And finally…..Hank Williams III himself! Now I know that folks who aren’t aware of him might be like "What?" But not only does he play with Superjoint Ritual AND have some AWESOME outlaw country tunes of his own, but he has a death metal band, Assjack. So he totally counts.

Anyways…. There ya have it :)

with Christy Kane

with Sharon Heather

with Hank III!

A bonus capture! It’s Polexxia with Sharon and Tamar (or is it Tamar and Sharon?), our twin 2004 Sludgettes of the Year! Speaking of which, why aren’t they sporting Sludgendise?

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen or heard from our 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Year, Smilin’ Mike! Let’s see what poignant and relevant capture he’s got for us this time.

Well I went to go see Black Label Society last night in Hartford, totally sold out show, they kicked ass, the opening band Meldrum I think their name was, they kinda sucked, but before them, this one guy came out onstage with a guitar and a keyboard/drum machine, and he talked about Dimebag and how to never forget him,etc and this guy did a "Pantera Instrumental" and he had the keyboard doing Vinnie Paul’s drums and it was all in perfect time, and it really kicked ass, the place went apeshit, it was really cool and really original I thought…The guy played really well, sounded just like Pantera…

Well like I said in my subject, I got a Sludge Capture! lol…This is one of the people from the WCCC Radio station in Hartford, just before BLS came onstage, some DJ came onstage, threw out T-Shirts,etc and after that, they came to the back of the club where we were near the bar, so I told my friend Beth to take a Sludge Capture of me and the old lady from WCCC, so I went over to her n asked her if I could get a picture with her and she was like "Oh sure, I’d love to", so I said well it may show up on Metal Sludge sometime and she said "Metal Sludge, whats that?", so I told her how it was the best rock website out on the Net and she was like "awesome, I am going on as soon as I get home,etc" lol, so here it goes, just your 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Year spreading the word of Sludge, one victum at a time hahaha…See ya

Smilin Mike

P.S. When this pic was being taken, I said to the old lady, let me see your devil horns baby! lol…This was taken during the BLS set, hope you enjoy…Plus I am also working on a little capture project that I got an idea of the other day, it just requires alittle work, but it should turn out cool…

Smilin Mike!

Smilin’ Mike and some equally-smiley lady from WCCC

Here’s a few more from Sludgeaholic Anthony, who’s sent in captures from time to time in the past. Nice to see him again! Even if he’s capturing bands that no one cares about.

I got 2 new captures here. I picked ‘em up while doing some interviews. Keep up the awesome work.

Anthony Caroto


Origivation Magazine


Anthony with Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller

Antony with Cory Brandan (vocals) and Scottie Henry (guitar) from some band called Norma Jean

It just doesn’t seem like a true SludgeCaptures post unless we have a few photos with world-famous Sludgette, Olivia "Ette" Daniel!! We haven’t seen her in awhile, so let’s catch up by checking out a bunch of captures featuring Ette, and even one that includes April 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month mOji!

Hey guys.. Here are some pics from when Adlers Appetite played the Pound in SF. Before anyone on the Gossip Board says that I look like a pile of shit. Fuck you. I know I look like a pile of shit in these pics and it’s because I was up all night wiggin out and on the phone with Chris about Dimebag. These pics were taken the night after his death. (RIP Dimes)

My buddies the Servants opened up for Adler and they were drunk in Dime’s honor by the time they got to the Pound. At the end of the set the Servants went into "Domination" total "Glamtera" style as only the Servants can do.. And towards the end I notice Chris full onTOTALY projectile vomiting.. fucking exorcist style.. the most impressive part was that he didn’t miss a beat the entire time. Love ya bro, Dime would have been proud.

Later that night Adlers Appetite played a killer set which included some new songs, Adler looked like a little kid in a Toys R’ Us playing Chris’s drums set. We snapped a few pics.

BTW, thanks again for giving me your burrito Jizzy!..

(Wait, that didn’t sound right)

First pic is Chris (Machine Head/The Servants) shortly after the "Spew"

Chris from Machine Head

Chris from The Servants and Ette

Second pic is Robbie and I, he actually asked for it because he said that he was down with the Sludge and wanted to let you guys know.

Ette and Robbie (where’s our Rewind?!) Crane

The third pic is Me Adler and mOji.. I think I was in mid-song when this pic was snapped.. I’m trying to remember what I could have been singing. Probably a show tune.


Ette and mOji make an Adler Sandwich!

Don’t know if I’ve ever sent this in or not but it’s a pic from WAAAAAY back from the Poison, Vince Neil and Skid Row tour. This was taken in Santa Clara, California. (This was before the Metal Sludge tour) Snake is to my left and Alan Vine is on my right.

I was pretty stoked that night because it’s the first night I ever met Snake and Rachel. Alan was super cool and gave me one of his shirts because I was freezing.. I haven’t given it back yet. I don’t know if I will because it’s actually pretty comfy. Thanks Alan!

Anyway here’s the pic.

Snake (where’s our Rewind?), Ette, and Alan Vine

This is a random picture of Victoria and I hanging out with Ashba at rehearsal the night before they played the Motley Afterparty at The Whiskey.. No, I’m not wearing a Sludge shirt and no one else is but if Smiling Mike can have his picture put up with a smiling fucking Rottweiler, then I can send in a picture of Ashba. (Nothin but love for ya Smilin Mike!)

Besides.. Dj and I were making jokes about "Label land" and his "Sexy raspy vocals" throughout the night so that’s Sludgeworthy.

Ashba in Labeland

Ette and Victoria in LabelLand

Ok, that’s it for me. Until next time America.

xoxo Olivia AKA "Ette"

Ette’s not the only one who tries to pull the "getting a capture with no Sludge shirt." Here’s another one, this time from a Sludgeaholic named Steve in the UK!

Did not have a clue who to mail to as there is not a captures email! (That would be SludgeCaptures@metalsludge.tv, but you can send it to any of us and it will get put in queue. Thanks for asking, though!)

but anyway i aint got a sludge t-shirt, but here is me and the god Andy McCoy in the holiday inn Camden London!

I see nobody else has a pic with andy, beat that!


Steve, UK

Andy McCoy

A Sludgendise-less capture with Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks!

But Steve from the UK isn’t the only one who sent in a Capture without Sludgendise! Here’s a capture that some guy who sings in some band from Toronto sent in. Who is this guy? Donna Anderson thought it looked like Geddy Lee, so that’s what we’re assuming. Anyhow, this is a pic with the singer from German heavy metal legends, Kreator! Or is it the singer from Kreator sending in a capture with Geddy Lee? It actually doesn’t matter, because neither of them are wearing any fucking Sludgendise!

Kreator’s Mille Petroza with Geddy Lee?!

At least we think it’s Geddy Lee in that last capture. We could be wrong. Regardless, Geddy should know that it doesn’t count as a Sludge Capture unless he’s wearing Sludgendise! To show him how it’s done, here’s another singer from the Great White North, Russ Dwarf from the Killer Dwarfs!

Russ Dwarf captures Anvil’s singer, a guy named Lips!

Now that’s how it’s done! Russ doesn’t need to waste his time sending in Sludge captures, but he put on the swag and got a capture with the singer from legendary Canadian metal band Anvil. He just had to set a good example so someone like Geddy Lee doesn’t go around misrepresenting Canada in the world of Metal Sludge.

And speaking of Canadian captures, we’ll wind this up with a repost of a capture sent in last time, but it came through corrupted! Anyhow, here’s a new version of a capture with Kick Axe guitarist and former 20 Questions victim Larry Gillstrom!

Larry Gillstrom

Larry looks elated to be captured by DennyHawk25

That’s it for now. But you don’t have to feel left out! Want to join in the fun? Fuck yes you do! Go grab yourself some Metal Sludge Swag at our world-famous Sludgendise Store, grab a camera, and go get some Sludge captures at the next show that passes through your town! We’ll post your picture and make you all famous and shit! And being famous leads to getting laid a lot more. And what can you say bad about that?

We’ll have more SludgeCaptures sooner than later, including a special White Lion / Enuff Z’Nuff Tour Captures post! Try to contain your excitement.

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