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Captures for February 2005



A rare capture of Enuff Z’Nuff’s Johnny Monaco with myself, bastard boy floyd!


Time once again to update our Sludge Captures gallery. Since we haven’t done this since last December, we’ve stockpiled a shitload to post this month. Let’s get right to it!

First up are some killer captures from the U.K. of the one and only Hanoi Rocks! Here’s Sludgette Eleni with her report.

Hey Sludge!

Enclosed are captures of myself with practically all the guys from Hanoi Rocks – Michael Monroe, Andy McCoy, Conny Bloom and Andy Christell.

Unfortunately Lacu was nowhere to be found, but considering Conny and Andy were formerly in the Electric Boys, it’s like 2 Sludge Captures in 1!

These are from the recent gig of Hanoi with Adam Bomb in Camden, London UK (outstanding gig by the way!) – my boyfriend managed to get captures with Hanoi, Adam Bomb and opening band Freewheeler, though he’s a cheapskate and hasn’t got a Sludge shirt, so I guess those don’t qualify (so sadly no Adam Bomb then).


Eleni (aka. Metal Mistress)

Eleni with Michael Monroe!

with Conny and Andy

How cool is that? But is it just me, or is there a picture missing from that batch? Well, those are the only two that we got, so if Eleni forgot to include any, we hope that she’ll send them in so we can post them next month!

Next up is another truly awesome capture. This one actually wasn’t sent to us, but it was posted on another Web site! We got no less than 413 e-mails just like these:


I was checking out another music website (I know, I must be punished for my betrayal) and came across a blurb about former Journey singer Steve

Perry. The site had posted Steve’s annual birthday message that he writes on one of his fan sites, http://www.fanasylum.com/steveperry/index.shtml.

Steve talks about Journey getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and how he ended up attending the ceremony. He says he went back

to check out the star again the day after the ceremony. He saw two girls getting their picture taken next to the star, and he jumped in the pic.

Finally, I get to the point (Yay!). Check out the shirt the girl on the left is wearing!

I bet this is the first time someone has sent in a Metal Sludge capture not only featuring a picture they didn’t take, but also of a girl they don’t know!

"When the SLUDGE goes down in the city….and the SLUDGE is on the bay……"

I’m out like Steve Perry’s real hip (see, ’cause he had hip replacement surgery, and ……aw, never mind),

Ronnie Lee Schenker

Sludge Rules…. I found this on fanasylum.com. Steve Perry with some fan, a few days after he was presented a star on the walk of fame. Look at her shirt!!!!!!!. (I have no idea who she is, let’s call her Jane Doe. You saw it from me first…… Later

Mark…… Keep up the site you guys ROCK.


The Unknown Sludgette and friend with Steve Perry

Who is this mystery chick who captured Steve Perry? We can only hope that she’ll reveal herself to us so we can give her a prize or something. That capture rules.

Here’s another capture with a huge star! This time it’s former Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna, captured on his recent club tour by Sludgeaholic BadBrad. Here’s his detailed report:

The guy on the right is the bass player. Joey puts on a wicked show. Best I’ve seen in a long time.

BadBrad with Joey Belladonna and some bass player guy

Next up is Sludgette Beth, whom we haven’t seen for a few months, but she’s back with a vengeance! This time she’s sent in captures with Papa Roach and a couple of bands we’ve never heard of. Here’s the details she sent to us:

Whats up Sludge!

I have a few captures that I forgot to send to you guys…I"m such a slacker!!

I caught the Papa Roach Show at the Cats Cradle in Carborro, NC. They were touring with Trust Company and Chronic Future (signed to Interscope). I saw them back in November…

The first pic is me with Papa Roach… They were all really nice guys… and they kicked major ass at the show!

The second pic is me with Trust Company.. It was my first time seeing them… I thought they were pretty good….

The third pic is me with Chronic Future… the were sorta emo-rock.. Not really my type of music…but they didn’t suck…lol

The last pic is me with Dave the drummer from Papa Roach.. he told me to tell Donna Anderson that he had a ummm….huge cock that was 15 inches and could last all night..regardless of what she might had heard…

The show was killer, and the guys in Papa Roach were nice…. Jacoby (papa roachs singer) saw my shirt, and said "oh no… you are one of those sludge people" .. lol… that was kinda funny..lol

until next time…


Beth with Papa Roach

A solo capture of Beth with Dave the drummer guy from Papa Roach

Beth & Trust Company

Beth & some band called Chronic Future

Speaking of people we haven’t heard from in awhile, here’s May 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month Mike Nickas with a buttload of captures he’s been saving up! Here’s Mike to tell us about it:

Hey hey Sludge,

Here’s a few captures that I’ve got lying around from the last few years. The timeliness may not be good, but there’s a few good shots in here.

First up, some of the members of Morbid Angel from May of 2002. I’ve got to plead ignorance on their names. Sorry about that, maybe Lord Satyr Filth could identify them or something.

with Morbid Angel’s drummer Pete Sandoval

with guitarist Trey

with guitarist Erik Rutan (who has since quit the band)

Your guess is as good as ours with this one. Filthy? Anyone?

UPDATED: We got an e-mail that we *think* identifies the mystery Morbid Angel man! Here it is below:

I think that’s Jared Anderson, who played with Rutan in Hate Eternal and filled in for Steve Tucker on Morbid Angel’s tour for Gateways. He also did a killer solo project that I can’t remember the name of…

I saw them in Chicago on that tour and was bitching on some forum about how Jared sucked live blah blah blah, and then someone who knew the guy informed me that he was sick as a dog the night I saw him. Doing anything with a sore throat is bad, but singing death metal for an hour under hot lights must be absolute torture. Needless to say, that shut me up in a hurry about Jared. Then I heard his solo album and was blown away. Talented guy…

Thanks to Jason Muxlow for pointing that out to us! We’re sending him some sort of… prize. *ahem.*

Back to Mike’s captures…

Here’s part two of a series of captures that I’ve damn near forgotten about. Here is a capture of John & Clint from Sevendust from December of 2003 from when I won a contest and got to host a four hour radio show on local rock station KBER 101.

Mike with John & Clint from Sevendust

Here are a few more various captures from the last few years. First up a picture with the other two guys Evan and Dylan from Jason Newstead’s Echobrain project. Newstead hightailed it out of there right after the show, but these kids were pretty cool. That’s from May of 2002. Also from that month, a couple obligatory Faster Pussycat pics with Brent and Xristian. The Xristian picture gives me a chuckle for some reason. That dude needs some sun! And wrapping up this series is a capture with the Motherfuckin’ Supersuckers motherfuckin bassist/frontman Motherfuckin’ Eddie Motherfuckin’ Spaghetti. On their Motherfuckers Be Trippin’ tour in October of 2003. That was the last show ever held at Salt Lake’s best live music club, The Zephyr. It closed down the next day so it went out with a bang.

Mike with those other guys in Echobrain

with Brent Muscat!

with Xtian

with motherfuckin’ Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers!

Here are a few more captures from October of 2003. Ratt, the cheesecake version, played a benefit show in Ogden for a children’s shelter charity. Stupid story: they apparently only had two guys in their crew trying to load everything out after the show. I felt bad watching them struggle so I gave them a hand which probably makes me the first golf professional/roadie. Anyway, here they are!

Jizzy looks happy as shit to be getting captured

with Robbie Crane. By the way, you can send back your Rewind any time you’re ready, Robbie! It’s been like 9 months already!

Mike and the one and only Warren DeMartini

Mike Nickas

Nickas In Salt Lick

SOTM May 2004

Well those were some nice Ratt captures. Speaking of Ratt, here’s another one, captured by frequent gossip board contributor Lars McBrain (Tod in real life). Lars and our October 2003 Sludgette of the Month, Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman both went to NAMM a few weeks ago and sent in some captures they got ther.e Here’s Sherry’s report about it:

Hey Sludge! We got some awesome captures at NAMM this past weekend..! Tod wore his Sludge shirt Saturday at theconvention and it was perfect! Too bad Sebastian Bach wasn’t there, haha! I would have worn my sludge shirt also, but I figured that might be overkill, lol. Here are some pictures that you can use if ya like… Tod with Bobby Blotzer, Me with Rikki Rocket, Tod with Rikki Rocket, Tod with Junkman from KNAC and Mike Wengren from Disturbed (the drummer) and Tod with Nico McBrain. All of the photos plus more from the weekend are on my website here: http://www.sherrysphotos.com/namm.


Bobby Blotzer and Lars McBrain

Poison’s Rikki Rockett and Lars!

Sherry hands over the camera to get a picture with Rikki. Nice Sludge shirt! Hrmph.

KNAC’s Junkman, Lars, and that drummer person from Disturbed

Lars McBrain meets his namesake, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain. Now that’s a capture!

Next up are a few more heavy-duty captures, this time sent to us from a Sludgeaholic named Ashy Larry. Here’s what he had to tell us about them.

I’ve been meaning to send these pics in for a long ass time but never got around to it until just now. The first one is with Slayer. The second one is with possibly a celebrity bigger than anyone you’ve had in Sludge Captures with the exception of Frank Bello. It’s a pic of me with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hows that for a capture? The third one is with The Hurricane and his tag team parner, who happens to have the most menacing name in wrestling, Rosey.


Stone Cold Steve Austin!

with Hurricane and Rosey


Here’s a repeat capture, but it’s here for old time’s sake because Dave in Quincy wants to prove a point. Here it is.

Hey just wanted to let the guy know who sent in his capture that he is NOT the only person to have sent in a capture in the rare white Sludge shirt, back in October 2002 I sent in my capture of George Lynch, which was posted the following month! BTW, I have talked to Lynch several times about doing a rewind. He has always said he is up for it but has never heard from you guys about doing it. I think with all the Don/George shit slinging that has been going on in the last 6 months it would be a great opportunity for fresh Sludge!!

Dave/Quincy, IL

George and Dave

By the way, we’re down for a Rewind any time George is ready to do it! Somebody have his people contact our people and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

Here’s another capture with… someone.

My first capture with my new Sludge hoodie. My capture is of Joey Cape from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. He’s also in Lagwagon. The photo was taken on their tour bus after their Washington DC show.

Anthony Caroto


Origivation Magazine


Joey Cape (who?) and Anthony


Hey Sludge,

Find attached a couple of captures that I was able to obtain in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada at a Kiss convention that was held in November of 2003. I know it’s been well over a year for the captures but better late than never. One is with Brent Fitz and the other is with Bruce Kulick. I got the captures the same day that you guys posted the 20 Questions you did with Bruce. Bruce was all cool with the Sludge. Brent sort of gave me the oh, oh comment when he saw me wearing the Metal-Sludge shirt. Brent was very cool and had no problems with having his picture taken with me. Stand up guy.

So it looks like I got my picture with two members of Union including the original drummer. That must be good for a prize!

Let’s hope my picture with Larry Gillstrom from Kick Axe turns out.

I’ve signed up with Sludge under Dennyhawk25. So far have just been reading the boards. Keep up the good work!

Dennis "Dennyhawk25"

Dennyhawk25 with Bruce Kulick…

… and with Brent Fitz.

Dennyhawk kept good on his promise to capture semi-recent 20 Questions victim Larry Gillstrom from Kick Axe, but it didn’t quite come through right. You’ll see what I mean.

Hey Sludge,

Find attached a picture of Larry Gillstrom and myself. Other than myself looking pretty wired, the picture turned out pretty good. The capture was got in the middle of November of 2004 at a bar in Winnipeg. Thanks.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis "Dennyhawk25"

Well, Dennis, that would be all well and good, except something got all fucked up with the picture when it got sent! Here’s what we received on our end:

Dennyhawk25’s fucked-up capture of Larry Gillstrom from Kick Axe

Send it to us again and we’ll repost it!

Even though Dennyhawk25’s picture is all corrupted or something, at least he’s wearing a Metal Sludge shirt, unlike these next Sludgeaholics who forgot to wear Sludgendise:

i know myself nor the wife has a metalsludge shirt on, but we met kws and the lead singer at a preshow meet and greet in royal oak Michigan on Dec 2, 04, very nice guys and great to talk to

a Sludgendise-free capture of Kenny Wayne Shepherd

We wouldn’t have even posted that if we didn’t want to make an example of you. People, you have to be wearing Sludgendise in order for it to count as a Sludge capture! Don’t be afraid to whip out your plastic and grab some Metal Sludge swag before you head out to take Sludge captures.

And if you thought that was bad, wait to you check this out! The following attempts at captures were sent in by Lance, a Sludgeaholic from somewhere in Arizona. This guy got a shitload of what would be considered killer captures — if only he was wearing Sludgendise! Even Smilin’ Mike knew to wear Sludgendise for his Sludge captures! Check out how cool these captures would have been:

First off, Merry Christmas to all at Metal Sludge!!!!

Arizona’s top Sludgeaholics, Lance and Ben (the only two sludgeaholics from AZ to come out for MSE 9 in September), were caught tearing it up backstage and onstage at Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding on Saturday December 18th. The Pudding show is an annual benefit concert put on by Alice and his band and this year it included other artists such as Ted Nugent, Damn Yankees/Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger/Damn Yankees bassist Jack Blades, Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, The Gin Blossoms, Comedians like Sinbad and other AZ artists. Ben and I got to hang out with some of our favorite rock stars and the highlight of the night was ending up on stage singing Jingle Bells with the whole crew. Some great pix and video and we told them all that they may end up on Metal Sludge and got a smile from everyone.

My brother is the singer from the Gin Blossoms and my roommate is their drummer. Yes I know they are not Metal, but they made it big enough in the music industry to allow me access to lots of cool stuff and this night was in my top three rock star nights ever, if not number 1. The atmosphere backstage was really cool, like a rock and roll family reunion Christmas party.

Alice and his band rocked out classics like No More Mister Nice Guy, Schools Out, and Be My Lover. The Nuge busted out Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, and the Damn Yankees set was insane with Don’t Tread on Me and High Enough but the highlight for me was Cheap Tricks Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen playing with Alice’s Band and doing California Man, I Want You to Want Me, and Surrender.

Here are some pics from the night.

Not sure if you want to use any of these photos, but I thought they were sludge worthy. Wasn’t sporting my Sludge shirt, but look for some photos coming in March as Ben and I are going to Vegas for the Crue show at the Hard Rock.

Rock Hard, Ride Free!!!


with Alice Cooper

with Mr. & Mrs. Ted Nugent

with Jack Blades

with Tommy Shaw

with Rick Nielsen

with Robin Zander. Nice hat!

Ben and Lance with Michael Lardie

with the Gin Blossoms!

Now how cool would those captures have been if Lance was wearing a Sludge shirt? Lance fucked up by not wearing a Sludge shirt to the show. Had he have done that, he could have found himself being the next Sludgeaholic of the Month! But no cigar for poor Lance. We hope he remembers to wear some Sludgendise to the Crue show he’s planning on going to, because if Lance tries to pull some shit like that again with us, we’ll have to send a car out to pick him up and take him for a little… ride.

Don’t be like Lance! Go grab yourself some Metal Sludge Swag at our recently renovated Sludgendise Store, grab a camera, and go get some Sludge captures at the next show that passes through your town! We’ll post your picture and make you feel important for a month, because that’s what it’s all about.

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