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Captures for December 2004





Believe it or not, it’s time again to update our Sludge Captures gallery! Actually, these are going up late this month, but there’s some cool captures we got in over the past few days, so it works out well. And if you didn’t know any better, or you’re just new to Metal Sludge, our Captures galleries are where we post photos each month of Sludgeaholics wearing Metal Sludge swag standing next to various rock stars and celebrities. Simple, right? Well, a lot of people forget about wearing Metal Sludge swag in their pictures, so those don’t count. But if you’re wearing a Metal Sludge shirt, hat, or even panties (chicks only), and get your picture taken with someone even remotely famous, send it to us and we’ll include it in an upcoming Sludge Captures post!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Sludge Captures of Anthrax, so let’s get it underway! Here’s Sludgeaholic Mark to get us started.

Here’s a pic with me and Charlie Benante and Frank Bello of Anthrax. The pic of me and Charlie was supposed to be put in Toyfare mag, but the douche bags never put it in. I was trading Charlie a Twilight Frodo for a pass and some Anthrax swag. Both great guys. But hey one question. Am I the only person on Earth with a White Sludge shirt? I’ve never seen another in my life. For some reason I catch alot of shit for this shirt at shows because its not ‘black’. hence not metal enough. Hell, you guys sold it to me. Wish you had more. Shit you should put my pics up for the White shirt alone. I’m a novelty.

Latah m/ Mark.

Frank Bello and Mark in his white Sludge shirt

Mark and Charlie Benante playing with toys and comic books

Here’s Sludgeaholic Steve with his capture with a true Metal legend. No, it’s not former Sweet F.A. drummer Tricky Lane. It’s the one and only Ronnie James Dio!

Dear Sludge-

Please find attached a capture of Ronnie James Dio, one of metal’s most enduring icons and a very nice guy to boot. I hope this exciting pic of Mr. Dio takes the place of the lame recent captures of fire hydrants, phone booths and family pets.

We met Dio at the Viper Room in LA. Despite some MAJOR security and a ban on cameras, me & my pal Phil pulled this off. Dio was extremely gracious, friendly and cool; I can’t say enough about how accomodating and genuine he was. What can you say when you meet a legend?

All best, and I hope Sludge kicks some major ass in 2005.

Metal never dies-


Ronnie James Dio captured

Steve towering over RJD

Next up is bonafide Sludge hottie Elise the Piece with some captures she got after a Monster Magnet show. Elise might be familiar to some of you who frequent our Metal Sludge Gossip Boards or who pop into Sludge Chat once in awhile. Here’s Elise’s long and detailed e-mails about the following photos.

Ok here is me and dave lead singer of monster magnet.


Elise the Piece with Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf

hey here is a capture of me and Jim Baglino of monster magnet! :)

Look how cute! We’re talking about Elise, not that bass player guy from Monster Magnet.

Next we have a capture sent in by our July 2003 Sludgette of the Month, Miss Static Beth! Static Beth is a legend in her own right, but who did she capture? Why, it’s with the stoned pimp himself, the one and only Kid Rock! Here’s her e-mail telling us all about it:


Here’s a capture of me with Kid Rock. Although he looks like he smelled bad, he really didn’t. He was sporting a nice fresh out of the shower odor. Anyway, he was really nice. I even slipped him my business card, but he has yet to call. He never heard of Sludge, so he says, but he liked checking out my boobies when I pointed out the Metal Slut shirt to him.

He’s one penis I would love to have on my website.

Love and Twinkies,

~Static Beth

Size Queen of the Stars


Kid Rock and Static Beth

Here’s some more captures from another one of our Sludgettes of the Month. This time it’s our June 2004 Sludgette of the Month Marie "Polexxia" Braden with some captures of Tesla and Slaughter!

Right, so…. I got all five members of Tesla. Which is cool, cuz, well… I tried this spring at a M&G, and they weren’t allowing photos.

So this time, when I was actually backstage, I managed it. Of course, the whiny bitch WITH ME was moaning cuz he didn’t get to meet the Scorpions, TOO…. needless to say, that’s the LAST time I share the wealth!

Polexxia with Jeff Keith

with Brian Wheat

with Troy Luccketta, who didn’t bother standing up for the capture

with Tommy Skeoch

Frank Hannon and Polexxia

Polexxia also sent us the following captures of Mark and Blando from Slaughter, though she didn’t include any information about when and where they were taken. But fuck it, it’s Slaughter, so we’re not really all that concerned about it. Here goes.

Mark Slaughter and Polexxia

Jeff Blando and Polexxia

Mark and Blando seem waaaaaaayyyy too happy in these captures, especially when you take into consideration that they’re getting their pictures taken with someone in a Metal Sludge shirt. Could it be that various members of Slaughter are finally ready to bury the hatchett with us? It’s impossible to predict what will happen in 2005. I wouldn’t bet my trailer on any "Metal Sludge-Slaughter unions," but stranger things have happened, so you just never know.

Next up is a capture sent to us where everyone is wearing a Metal Sludge shirt — both the capturer and the capturees! (Are those even words? Fuck it.) Anyhow, Sludgette Tracy sent is the following e-mail and photo about a month ago. We’re just now getting around to putting this up, so her capture ‘last Monday’ is more like 6 Mondays ago. Oh well. Here’s her note:


This was a total coincidence at last Monday’s Metal Skool show – I was wearing my Metal Slut tank when I bumped into Static X’s Tripp Eisen and The Blue Meanie… also in Sludge wear. Does it count like a capture? I hope it does. Here it is:

The Blue Meanie, Tracy and Tripp in a triple-Sludge sandwich!

Here’s some more captures we’ve had lying around for several weeks. These come from Sludgeaholic Mike from Indy and feature some faces that are probably familiar to most of you by now! Mike explains all in the following e-mail:

Hey Sludge,

I am a little late with these pics but they are captures from the Atomic Punks show in Santa Barbara on Nov 12th. It was at SoHo Club on State Street. I have my swag on and was good and fucked up. Please update your sludge captures for November for me. I have been coming here for 5 years and would like my bitch friends to see me on your site.

I am also willing, just like every other fuck-wad that emails you, to be a Sludgeaholic of the month. I’m 31, live in Indianapolis and swing from the nuts of Metal Skool and Atomic Punks. I visited California three fuckin’ times this year to get my fill of Metal.

I love you guys, keep Metal alive!!!


with "David Lee Ralph" Saenz

with Russ Parrish…

Say, don’t Ralph and Russ look a lot like those guys from Metal Skool? The resemblence is uncanny.

with Atomic Punks’ bassist Joe

with Scott the drummer guy

Remember our post a few weeks back entitled "Sludgeaholics invade Ted Poley concert?" Well here’s a few more from that night, because it’s not every day we get captures sent in featuring two Sludgeaholics of the Year! Here’s a short note from 2001 Sludgeaholic of the Year Jim Bob Dwarf elaborating a bit on the subject.

These captures were taken at Double D’s in Morristown, New Jersey on November 27th ’04. Danger Danger singer Ted Poley was playing there that nigh. I was one town away visiting family for Thanksgiving, and believe me, by the time the 27th rolled around, I couldn’t wait to get the fuck away from relatives and leftover turkey. I got there as soon as the doors opened and tossed back some sorely needed brews in the presence of 2003’s Sludgeaholic of the Year, the one and only C.C. Banana! C.C. was emceeing the Ted Poley show, and I hadn’t seen him since the MSX show in Farmingdale, NY on the 4th of July, 2003, so it was a blast to drop in and surprise Mr. Banana out of the blue. Too bad Soichi Masuda wasn’t there!

A little known fact is that Double D’s is the place where Jani Lane performed with Warrant for the very last time, which was last New Years Eve ’03. It’s also where Ralph Sutton emceed the Vince Neil show in the episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" that featured Ralph’s makeover. So the place is rooted in history. It’s also attached to a strip club! Good times.

Oh yeah, Ted was cool too.

Happy Holidays,


Ted Poley, C.C. Banana and Jim Bob Dwarf

Jim Bob looks a little, uh, excitedto see his old pal C.C. Banana!

Jim Bob acts a little calmer after being scolded by Ted for jumping all over the poor helpless Banana.

Rumors that C.C. Banana and Jim Bob were seen hanging out in the strip club together after the Ted Poley show cannot be confirmed or denied at this time.

It just wouldn’t seem like a Captures post without Smilin’ Mike, our December 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month. The Saga of Smilin’ Mike ended late last month when he sent in a capture of Tommy Lee, but here it is again for old time’s sake.

Smilin’ Mike and Tommy Lee at a book store somewhere in Connecticut

Believe it or not, this is actually the only picture of Smilin’ Mike we have where he’s actually not smiling in the photo!

Unfortunatley, that’s all the Sludge Captures we have for December 2004, but we’ll be back in 2005 with even more! Well, as long as someone sends in some pictures, that is.

Get in on the action yourself by wearing some Metal Sludge swag and getting your photo taken with the stars of the world! It can be a rock star, athelete, politician, actor, television personality, or some kind of celebrity, no matter how big or small. There isn’t much that we wouldn’t accept for a Sludge capture. Just ask Smilin’ Mike! E-mail your photos to metalsludge@metalsludge.tv and we’ll see if we can’t give you at least a few seconds of fame.

The only caveat is that you’re wearing some kind of Sludgendise, and if you don’t own any Sludgendise, what are you waiting for? Buy some for yourself this Christmas and have at it.

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