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Captures for October 2004



A rare capture with a few Sludgettes and myself, bastard boy floyd!


Time once again to update our Sludge Captures gallery! And if you don’t know what Sludge Captures are, well, today’s your lucky day because I’m about to repeat myself yet again! Sludge Captures are where Sludgeaholics all over the world put on one of our many available items of Metal Sludge apparel, stalk various rock stars, celebrities, and other pseudo-famous people, and get a picture taken with them. Neat!

Let’s get this month’s update underway with captures sent in by my newly close and intimate friends, none other than Allison and Suzie, last month’s reigning capture Queen!

Allison with Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree, Chris Worley the drummer guy, and some other chick attempting to block the Sludge shirt with her monsterous rack… much to Chris’ appeciation..

Suzie with that Lennon Murphy chick

Suzie with Tony C and the Truth (apparently flashing the dreaded

"half-shocker"), whoever they are.


Next up is the long-awaited return of our 2002 Sludgette of the Year Amanda Moeckel together with 2-time former Warrant drummer Mike Fasano! Amanda spent some time on the road with The Sack this summer. Lucky her! Here is Amanda’s report to tell you all about it:


Here’s a capture of Fasano (now playing with Tiger Army). We bro’d down the whole tour. He was like my big brother, giving me boy advice and trying to set me up with his friends. It was a blast, I miss seeing that guy every day. One day, I had just come out of the shower, had a towel wrapped around my head and all, and he made me sit down with him for at least an hour and read his whole 3-wind word-for-word. When I didn’t get a joke, he would point it out, explain, and be like "Come on! That one’s funny!!!" Mike is a gem.


your metal kid sister,


If you can’t tell, Amanda is actually resting on Mike’s sack in this photo.

Speaking of Warrant, here’s some Warrant captures sent in by Crys, an aspiring Sludgette from North Dakota! Here’s her brief but informative report:

These pics were taken July 1, 2004 at Rockin the Hills outdoor festival in Bottineau North Dakota.

m/ Crys

Crys with Warrant

It looks like Jaimie St. James is trying to hide from the camera! Just because he’s in Warrant now doesn’t mean he has to be all bashful. Come on, Jaimie, give us a big smile!

That’s better.

Here’s another photo of Jaimie with Crys and Crys’ friend Heather, who obviously hasn’t yet learned the power of Sludgendise.

Even though Heather isn’t wearing our swag, we’re posting this anyway purely because of Joey Allen’s expression. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Joey either looks appalled at the fact that he’s playing in Warrant again, or that someone caught him wearing a Killer Dwarfs shirt. Frankly, we’re not sure which is more embarassing.

Enough of chicks not wearing Sludgendise and getting their picture posted anyway. It’s Crys again with L.A. Guns’ Adam Hamilton.

Here’s Crys with that new guitar player Stacey Blades. Isn’t she cute?! That Crys chick isn’t too bad either.

Phil Lewis looks like he’s digging on Crys in a big way, though she’s just a tad older than the chicks Phil usually scams on. (Ooops, did we say that?)

Here’s another capture of Phil Lewis, this time sent in by a Sludgeaholic known around the world as Metal Rob. Here’s what he had to say:

Heya Metal Sludge…. Just wanted to send a great pic of Me (Metal Rob) & Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns from there show in Vancouver, CAN. Sept. 10th at The Buffalo Club. Great show, the guys rocked…. Local Bands "State of Shock" And "Crystal Pistol" kicked major ass too… Cheers, Metal Rob

Phil looks like he couldn’t be happier about getting captured.

Speaking of happy captures, here’s our 2002 Sludgeaholic of the Year Soichi Masuda with some captures from the Land of the Rising Sun, wherever that is. Perhaps he meant Burbank. Anyhow, here’s Soichi’s report:

I don’t think I need any explanations who he is. This is their 1st time they played near my hometown Fukuoka. I sent him an email I wanted to visit him. I doubted he replied,but he sent me back an email in a day. So I drove 120 miles/hr to arrive in time. Seemed like I was the only guy who was allowed to take a picture with him because he told their management he knew and remembered me. Their show was great! Mr.Ian can jump really good even he is as old as I am. It was terribly raining outside but he autographed me many times for some of my friends in USA and Japan. (Well I am arrogant and mean, I did not care because the rain did not damage him at all for some reason.) He was waving hands saying goodbye to me from the van at the last moment he was leaving. Cool rocker. Their vocal guy John Bush (?) shouted at me ‘Hey you are from Metal Sludge??’ I just said ‘Hell yeah.’ I forgot to say him ‘Armored Saint rules’. Sorry dude, maybe you can take a picture with me next time, because my hair was wet terribly.

Soichi-san does his best to hide his jealousy of Scott’s facial hair-growing ability.

We were about to ask Soichi-san what the hell he was doing trying to pass this off as a Sludge Capture, but we know better than to question Soichi’s cunning and ancient Ninja-like methods. You see, Soichi knows that chicks dig that Hello Kitty shit. That’s why Soichi gets all the pussy.

Here’s yet another capture from Soichi-san.

With Archie Gamble of Helix drummer when I was at Sludge in Vegas. He gave me a bunch of Helix CDs autographed by Brian Vollmer. I hope I am not wearing their ‘Rock You’ T-shirt for my next Sludge capture.

Archie-san and Soichi-san share an international bonding moment

Speaking of Helix, here’s another capture with Helix frontman / 20 Questions survivor Brian Vollmer! Here’s one of our hoser Sludgeaholics from the Great White North with the details.

Hey man, I checked out the sludge capture and I wasn’t there! I sent myself and Brian Vollmer from June 2004. C’mon man, get it on the go, here it is again!

Easternmost Sludge (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Shawn Fulford

Sludge You!

Gimme an ‘S’ !!!

We’ve got even more former Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes of the Month coming out of the woodwork this time! Here’s none other than June 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month, Mr. JJ Brooks! Here’s JJ’s intricately detailed report:

This is at a local restaurant right after WWE Monday Night Raw with Raw diva Molly Holly (yum)

Thanks, enjoy, blah blah… Viva La Sludge!!

JJ Brooks

"Hi, I’m Molly, your hostess. Our soups this evening are minestrone and potato leek. Your server tonight will be JJ, and he’ll be by in just a few minutes to take your order!"

Yeah, we know that was lame. Fuck off.

Anyway, time now for more wrestling-related captures! Here’s the long-awaited return of September 2002 Sludgeaholic of the Month Tony the Toker.

Here’s a picture of me with AWA Pro Wrestling Legends "Playboy" Buddy Rose & Col. DeBeers. This was taken on Sunday, September 12th in Portland at the WWE pay-per-view.

Primal Concrete Sludge

Tony The Toker

We almost thought that was Jani Lane there on the left! Good thing Tony cleared that up for us.

Here’s the return of Beth, who sent us some Ozzfest captures which we posted last month. Well, here’s another one from the same batch. We believe we overlooked this one so here it is!

With God Forbid singer Byron Davis

Now this is cool. Beth also sent us some captures with Rock On the Decline band Drill 187, who just happen to appear on our "Hey! Now That’s What I Call Sludge Vol. I" CD.

The first pic is me with Jason L. from Drill 187 and Tom Taylor, the owner of Edge Magazine and The Brewery in Raleigh, NC (insert plug here –> www.edgemagazineonline.com <–famous for page 5 girl..check it out online…Edge also covers the music scene local and national in NC and surrounding areas …and www.brewerync.com world famous music venue on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh, NC.

Apparently Drill 187 also has a new lineup, as the rest of Beth’s e-mail indicates:

Drill 187’s new line up… Well what can I say about those guys..except..why aren’t they signed yet??? oh yeah thats right… you gotta suck to get signed now..(see Apartment 26) lol

Other than that Jason L. guy, we don’t actually know who’s who in Drill 187. Well, here they are. You know they’ve made the big time when they appear in a Sludge Capture post!

Here’s Metalgarth with still another 20 Questions alumnus, former Nitro guitar god Michael Angelo!

The victim is none other than Michael Angelo Batio formerly of Nitro. The event was a Dean Guitar clinic in Indianapolis, IN. (Sept 15th, 2004 7:00 PM)

The perpetrator would like to be identified as John St. Mark a/k/a Metalgarth

Sludging Mad because I’m Sludging Mad!!!!!!!!!!

That guitar is out of control! It’s too wild to even come up with a caption. Deal with it.

Here’s a few more international captures, coming to us from Rendes, a Sludgeaholic in Brazil! Here’s his word-laden report.

Richie Kotzen, not looking so happy and Phill Soussan in Brazil.

Keep on Rockin´

Rendes with the happy Phil Soussan…

… and the not-so-happy Richie Kotzen.

Lastly, here’s the return of Smilin’ Mike, who we slapped around a bit last month because he didn’t quite "get" what Sludge Captures were all about. Well, Smilin’ Mike still hasn’t quite got it down yet, but at least he’s actually IN all the pictures this time, so that’s an improvement. Let’s take a look at his new submissions.

Here’s Smilin’ Mike in front of some kind of illuminated glass sculpture. What the fuck!? Yeah, it’s all pretty and shit, but how is this a Sludge capture? Smilin’ Mike, we want captures of you with ‘rock stars,’ celebrities, and people like that. Let’s at least attempt to keep it rock and metal related as best we can, mkay?

This one’s a little better, but still doesn’t quite cut it. Here’s Smilin’ Mike in front of a display of gold records and shit like that. We were going to ask what the hell this had to do with anything, but then we noticed that one of those records back there has a picture of KISS with it. Better… but still doesn’t count. Next.

OK, Smilin’ Mike’s a little more on the right track, though a portrait of Elvis is about as Sludge-worthy a capture as standing in front of a television set with Sebastian Bach’s "Forever Wild" DVD playing on the screen. We want captures with living, breathing beings. Though if Smilin’ Mike had dug up Elvis’ grave and got a photo with whatever’s left of his corpse, it would have counted. Mostly because that’s so hard core, we wouldn’t be able to pass it up. But Smilin’ Mike still gets no cigar with this one. Next.

Noooooooooooooo, Smilin’ Mike! No! What are you doing? This came to us with no explanation except to say that this is "Roxy the Dog." Well, great. When we said we wanted captures with living, breating beings, we meant HUMAN beings. Dogs are cool and shit, but who the hell is Roxy? If Smilin’ Mike had’ve said that he’s hanging out on Steven Tyler’s back porch with one of Joe Perry’s dogs, we would’ve counted it, but we didn’t get any explanation of the sort. Try again, Smilin’ Mike.

Nooooooooooooo! Watch out, Smilin’ Mike, you’re about to get eaten! And not in a good way!

We’d like to take this opportunity to point out that in NO WAY should anyone EVER put their lives in jeopardy to get a Sludge Capture. This isn’t "Jackass" or "Fear Factor" or some shit like that. We’re fucking Metal Sludge. It’s supposed to be fun, but SAFE fun. Smilin’ Mike going out of his way to get a capture with a live bear is quite daring, but he won’t feel so Sludge-worthy as he’s being dismembered by Ursus Major there.

Why is there a black bear walking around the mall, anyway? That’s kind of weird.

Anyhow, that’s it for this month’s Sludge Captures. Want to join in the fun? You know what to do! Put on your Sludgendise, go get some photos with the personalities and icons of today’s pop culture, or yesterday’s pop culture, or… well, just keep them relevant. Oh yeah, and e-mail them to metalsludge@metalsludge.tv and be sure to include some information about who it is you captured, where the photo was taken, and any other pertinent information so we know what to do with it. Have fun, and don’t fucking get hurt!

bastard boy floyd

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