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Captures for September 2004



Recent 20 Questions vicitm Billy McCarthy and myself, bastard boy floyd!

Whooooooooo! It’s been a long, long time since we’ve posted any Sludge captures, so let’s not fuck around. This is the part of the page where Sludgeaholics around the globe put on their Sludgendise and stalk various rock stars in the hopes of getting a picture with them. Let’s get started with a capture of Metal Sludge 20 Questions alumnus Ron Keel and his band Iron Horse! Here’s Sludgeaholic Chris Wicks with his extensive report:

This picture was taken at Cadillac Jack’s In Grove City/Columbus, Ohio on August 19, 2004.

Left to Right: Jay Rusnak-Guitar, Geno Arce-Bass, Gaetano Nicolosi-Drums, Chris Wicks-Metal Sludge Shirt, Dean Lehman-Keyboards and e.t.c. Kneeling In Front: Ron Keel-The Voice

Ron Keel wants YOU to send in Sludge captures!

Here’s Beth with a shitload of captures. This is what her e-mail had to say:

All the pics are from Ozzfest August 31, 2004 in Raleigh, NC. I was able to go backstage to the second stage and meet alot of peeps. It was hot as fuck all day!! The Flaw pic is from March when they were touring with Life of Agony and Apartment 26. Drill 187 opened the show and wiped the floor with Apartment 26 . It was fucking great!!!!

I’ve also enclosed a pic of the new Slavemachine line up. Ryan Taylor replaced his whole band and the are signed with Reality Entertainment now. The new Slavemachine cd will be released on September 21, 2004. The pic is from June 30, 2004 when they opened for Motograter at the Brewery in Raleigh, NC!

I also forgot to add this pic of me with Slipknot. I know I look like holy hell, but it was worth it!!

Beth, you should know that wearing a Metal Sludge shirt shows the world your inner beauty! Besides, people are generally overwhelmed by the power of the Metal Sludge logo. They’ll be blinded by its natural radiance, so they won’t give a fuck what you look like. When you wear a Metal Sludge shirt, you’ll always shine like a star.

Beth with Flaw

Beth with Slavemachine

With Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia

With Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta

With Dez Fafara from Coal Chamber

With one of those Slipknot guys. They changed their masks again for 2004, so who really knows who’s who in that band anymore. It could be Jamie Hunting behind that mask for all we know.

With Slipknot’s Corey Taylor! He looks a little different than he does in the videos.

Here’s the return of September 2002 Sludgeaholic of the Month Tony the Toker with captures of Slayer!

With Tom Araya

With Kerry King

Kerry looks like he’s going to kick Tony’s ass as soon as they’re done taking his picture.

Only at Metal Sludge can you go from looking at pictures of Slipknot and Slayer to looking at pictures of Poison and Shrinky Dinx… err… Sugar Ray. Here’s Rachel and her friend Nat with more captures!

Here are some captures from a Sugar Ray show at the 9:30 Club in DC from April and also a capture of Bobby Dall from the KISS/Poison show at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow VA on July 24. I’m the one with the long brown hair.

Stan Frazier and DJ Homicide were the nicest out of the Sugar Ray guys we met. Very talkative with the fans and happy to take pictures. Rodney wasn’t as social but as you can tell he looks pretty out of it. Pretty good show and I got quite a few comments on my shirt from other fans there.

The KISS/Poison show was a blast and we were lucky enough to be let back to meet some members of Poison after they went on. We met Rikki and Bobby and they were both very nice. Bobby asked if we were there working from your site but unfortunately we had to say no… He insisted that his son get in the picture with us…isn’t he cute? I’m a lurker on the gossip board and I’ve seen a lot of people say that Bobby is such a dickhead but he was extremely nice to us. Enjoy the pics…


Nat and Rachel with Bobby Dall

Nat seems to have lost her Metal Sludge shirt, but here she is with Rachel and Sugar Ray’s DJ Homicide

With Rodney

With Stan Frazier

As if that weren’t enough Sugar Ray captures, here’s hardcore Sludgette Suzie from Kalamazoo, Michigan with even more. And when we say Suzie’s hardcore, we mean HARDCORE! Suzie will stop at nothing to get Sludge Captures.

With Stan Frazier and another chick without Sludgendise

With Sugar Ray bassist Murphy Karges. Hopefully Murph’s hitting the BK Value menu by choice, not out of necessity.

Suzie and Anna the Queene with Mark McGrath in Flint, Michigan.

We were about to verbally scold Anna for not wearing Sludendise, that is, until we saw the panty shot. We’re down for panty shots any time! And YES, in case you were wondering, Metal Sludge panties ALWAYS count as a Sludge Capture! Let’s see more of Anna’s Sludge panties, shall we?

With Uncle Kracker

Suzie with Paul McCoy from 12 Stones

With Isaac Hanson from Hanson!

Allison borrows Suzie’s shirt for this capture with C&C Music Factory!

Suzie wasn’t content to simply capture people from bands. Here she is at some NASCAR event wearing Sludgendise.

With Ricky Craven, NASCAR Winston Cup Driver of the 32 Tide Chevrolet.

With NASCAR tire specialist Dave "Weazel" Gates

With James Dean!

With the Little Caesar guy

Perhaps you were expecting to see Ron Young from the band Little Caesar? Well, so were we. But just when we thought Suzie was going off the deep end with some of those captures, here she is at the Bad Boys of Metal show in Lemont, Illinois.

With Chuck Wright

With Joe LeSte and Jim Bob Dwarf!

Suzie with Steven Adler and Jim Bob

Steven actually looks like he’s the one helping someone stand up for a change!

Here’s a pic of Jani Lane and Jim Bob earlier that evening. This was just a few days before Jani got burnt out and quit the tour. We heard varying reports that these two were seen together that night doing shots of Crown Royal, so who knows? Maybe it’s all Jim Bob’s fault.

Not to be left out, here’s January 2002 Sludgette of the Month Ette with a few captures.

With Joe Satriani

With Billy Sheehan

With Andrew W.K.

Ette doesn’t seem too happy about Andrew’s sweat dripping all over the side of her head. Eww!

With ECWresting’s The Blue Meanie and Jasmin St. Claire, who just happen to be the co-hosts of our upcoming Metal Sludge Extravaganza #9!

Here’s Smilin’ Mike with a lesson for some of you newbie Sludgeaholics. These are NOT how we want Sludge Captures done!

1) Don’t use those cellphone capture thingamajigs. Look how tiny this pic is! This is Smilin’ Mike at Ozzfest in Hartford, Connecticut, with one of the Jagermeister girls. She looks like she’s got a nice smile, and she might have a nice rack, but you can’t see it because the picture’s too fucking small.

2) When you’re getting a Sludge capture, try to get one with a real human being in the photo. We want pictures of you wearing Sludgendise standing next to rock stars, celebrities, and other Sludge-worthy people like that. We don’t know what this capture is all about, but it certainly doesn’t count as a Sludge Capture. Although that might very well be Mick Mars, in which case, it totally counts.

And 3) When getting a Sludge capture, try to actually BE in the picture when its taken. See the capture above? Smilin’ Mike is nowhere to be found. We don’t know what the hell this is, but there’s tits, so we’re going to post it anyway.

But don’t think we’re picking on Smilin’ Mike just for the sake of picking on him. He seems like a cool guy, and if he plays his cards right and sends us actual captures with celebrities, he could wind up being a Sludgeaholic of the Month some day. Plus, Smilin’ Mike definitely knows that wearing a Metal Sludge shirt attracts all the ladies. Case in point:

WyldChyld from the Metal Sludge Gossip Boards can’t resist a guy in a Sludge shirt!

Well there you have it. Want chicks to tear off their shirts and throw themselves at you? Then go grab some Sludgendise, get some captures, and e-mail them to metalsludge@metalsludge.tv. Don’t be shy!! We’ll make you famous.

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