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Sludge Scans For April 2001


Sorry it’s been so long since my last SludgeScan Update.  I’ve been following Lizzy Borden around on tour, but since it’s been cancelled here are some scans.



As Of April 27, 2001

Aerosmith "Just Push Play" 692,273
Buckethead "Monsters & Robots" 38,539
Buckethead "Colma" 19,148
Buckethead "Giant Robot" 7,844
Disturbed "The Sickness" 1,243,996
The Donnas "Turn 21" 22,112
Linkin Park "Hybrid Theory" 1,542,600
Saliva "Every Six Seconds" 81,034
Slash’s Snakepit "Ain’t Life Grand" 27,891
Union Underground "Education In Rebellion" 269,480


Buckethead’s last CD sold more than Slash’s last CD. No wonder he’s in GNR!

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