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Sludge Scans For October 2000


I’m back!  Thanks for all your cards and letters that I received while I recovered from my panic attack.  Things are back to normal now because I’m on a variety of medication, so unless I snap again, I’ll be updating this a little more often now.  

As Of October 24, 2000

Sebastian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 13,166
Bar 7 "The World Is A Freak" 3,836
Candlebox 3,844,596
Candlebox "Lucy" 466,059
Candlebox "Happy Pills" 224,492
Disturbed "The Sickness" 612,375
Hair Of The Dog "Rise" 3,583
Halford "Resurrection" 35,520
Mars Electric "Beautiful Something"  4,005
Marvelous 3 "Hey Album" 95,159
Marvelous 3 "Ready, Sex, Go" 14,514
Methods Of Mayhem 410,907
Motley Crue "New Tattoo" 116,332
Poison "Greatest Hits" 839,258
Poison "Crack A Smile" 58,440
Poison "Power To The People" 44,866
Samantha 7 4,469
Saigon Kick "Greatest Hits Live" 243
Skid Row "Forty Seasons" 97,660
Super Transatlantic "Shuttlecock" 2,505


The Marvelous 3’s "Ready, Sex, Go" has been out a month and sold 14,514, which is more than Sebitchian has sold in a year.  14,514 is a pretty poor number for a band on a major label like Electra, but compared to any band on Spitfire, that’s a huge total!

Poison’s "Greatest Hits" continues to perform with almost 840,000 units sold!

Disturbed is headed to Platinum status within the next few months.

As of October 30, 2000

Enuff Znuff "10" 955
Limp Bizkit "Chocolate Starfish and The Hotdog Flavored Water" 1,055,256
Stephen Pearcy "Before And Laughter" 989
Samantha 7 4,589
Dee Snider "Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down" 3,825


Samantha 7’s totals from the last few weeks:

This week = 122

Last week = 143

3 weeks ago = 202

4 weeks ago = 115

From the early numbers I’ve seen so far from individual accounts it looks like Limp Bizkit is going to take a nice drop on Wednesday…let’s hope so.

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