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Sludge Scans For June 2000


As Of June 6, 2000

Iron Maiden "Brave New World" 37,618
Kid Rock "History Of Rock" 476,570
Samantha 7 749


Looks like C.C.’s decision to stick with Poison was the right one!  When Union’s Blue Room came out, it sold 2,103 the first week.  Warrant’s "Latest & Greatest" sold 820 their first week and Sebitchian sold 780!  Samantha 7 only sold 749 CDs and they are on Portrait, so that’s a pretty sad number.

But Portrait did do ok with Iron Maiden, who debuted at #39 on the Billboard Charts.

Kid Rock debuted at #2 on the Billboard Charts.

As Of June 9, 2000

At The Gates "Slaughter Of The Soul" 18,092
Death "Symbolic" 33,730
Dio "Magica" 24,602
Dissection "Storm Of The Light’s Bane" 8,939
Dokken "Erase The Slate" 39,490
Filter "Title Of Record" 748,608
Lita Ford "Greatest Hits Live" 678
Mike Hartman "Black Glue" 707
Haste "Pursuit In The Face Of Consequence" 1,472
Iced Earth "Burnt Offerings" 13,067
King’s X "Please Come Home…Mr. Bulbous" 7,022
Korn "Follow The Leader" 3,123,411
Korn "Issues" 2,610,873
Krisiun "Conquerors Of Armageddon" 2,643
Misfits "American Psycho" 99,134
Misfits "Famous Monsters" 49,328
Moonspell "The Butterfly Effect" 3,750
Pantera "Reinventing The Steel" 394,129
Queensryche "Q2K" 132,691
Rammstein "Sechnsucht" 797,352
Samael "Ceremony Of Opposites" 13,581
Samael "Passage" 11,788
Skinlab "Disembody:  The New Flesh" 23,500
Soil "Throttle Junkies" 804
Soil "El Chuppacabbra" 277
The Dillinger Escape Plan "Calculating Infinity" 12,290
Turmoil "The Process Of" 4,352
Rob Zombie "American Made Music To Strip By" 234,631

More on the way!

As of June 13, 2000

Each week, I’m going to try to do a different band’s SludgeScan for their entire catalog.  We’ll start this off with Cheap Trick.

These albums are listed in alphabetical order.

Cheap Trick Catalog as of June 13, 2000

"All Shook Up" 9,335* – Gold
"At Budokan: Complete Concert" 33,797
"Budokan II" 18,145
"S/T" 4/29/97 55,208
"S/T, In Color, Heaven Tonight (All 3)" 6,456
"S/T (remix)" 11,733
"Cheap Trick" – 3/25/97 17,022
"Don’t Be Cruel" 8,377
"Doctor" 4,014*
"Dream Police" 66,802* – Platinum
"Greatest Hits" 784,532 – Platinum
"Heaven Tonight" 30,500* – Platinum
"Heaven Tonight (remix)" 12,718
"I Want You To Want Me" 7,433
"In Color" 40,041* – Gold
"In Color (remix)" 16,351
"Lap Of Luxury" 56,935* – Platinum
"Live At Budokan" 144,152* – 3X Platinum
"Music For Hangovers" 22,368
"Next Position Please" 5,518*
"One On One" 18,245* – Gold
"Sex America Cheap Trick" 20,343
"Woke Up With A Monster" 58,673

Cheap Trick Total:  8.5 Million Records Sold In The U.S.

Time to answer some mail.


Yes, these sales do count, they are referred to as "venue sales".  The artist must request a venue sales form from SoundScan.  Sales for the evening are tallied, and then a representative from the venue has to sign the form to verify that the sales occurred.  The form is then submitted to SoundScan.

As Of June 15, 2000

Sebastian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 11,067
Black Label Society "Stronger Than Death" 13,632
Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet" 6,373
Dokken "Live From The Sun" 7,583
Jesse James Dupree "Foot Fetish" 920
Hair Of The Dog "Rise" 2,472
Iron Maiden "Brave New World" 56,478
Bret Michaels "A Letter From Death Row" 10,765
Poison "Crack A Smile…& More" 44,625
Samantha 7 1,155
Union "The Blue Room" 8,155
Various Artists "Appetite For Deconstruction" 15,572
Various Artists "Covered Like A Hurricane" 411
Various Artists  "Leppardmania" 1,790
Warrant "Latest & Greatest" 8,190


Jesse James Dupree sold 920 CDs his first week, which is more than Warrant, Samantha 7, or Sebitchian did their first week.

Alice Cooper debuts at number 193 on the Billboard charts with 6,373 sales for his first week.

Samantha 7 is down from 749 to 390. 

Hair Of The Dog is UP, probably due to our 20 Questions with John Sepetys last week.  They went from 168 to 199!  Metal Sludge sells records!

Union is down from 116 to 94 units.

Iron Maiden’s "Brave New World" is down from 37,618 to 18,516.  But they still sold more records in 2 weeks than Ratt or Great White have in about a year.  They are #74 on the Billboard Charts.

Bret Michaels’ "A Letter From Death Row" is down from 20 to 11. 

Warrant’s "Lamest & Greatest" is down from 83 to 76 units sold.

The "Appetite For Deconstruction" Guns N Roses Tribute Remix CD sold 176 CDs last week.

The "Covered Like A Hurricane" Scorpions Tribute CD sold 165 CDs last week.

The "Lepardmania" Def Leppard Tribute CD sold 205 CDs last week.

As Of June 21, 2000

Bon Jovi "Crush" 115,407
Guns N Roses "Live Era 86-93" 443,807
Iron Maiden "Brave New World" 70,776
Methods Of Mayhem 373,734
Motley Crue "Greatest Hits" 549,463
Motley Crue "Live: Entertainment or Death" 129,968
Motley Crue "Shout At The Remix" 1,380
Poison "Power To The People" 9,225
Samantha 7 1,565


Bon Jovi’s "Crush" debuts at #9 on the Billboard Charts/

Poison’s "Power To The People" debuts at #166 on Billboard.

Samantha 7 is up from 390 to 410 this week.

Iron Maiden is down from 18,516 to 14,248 and they are currently at #110 on Billboard

Looks like Bon Jovi (the band) can thank Bon Jovi (the man) for his recent high profile movie appearance as "Crush" Debuts @ #9!!  It certainly couldn’t be that cheesy new song  "It’s My LIfe". If I’m not mistaken, don’t the lyrics mention "Tommy and Gina"?  That’s SOOOOOO 1986 or whenever "Slippery" came out. Actually, I don’t really mind the music, but Jon could

use some help in the lyrics department (not much growth over the past 16 years). 

Poison has a strong debut with over 9,000 units scanned.  Not bad for a double cd on their own label.  I’ve heard that they are selling it at venues, so I’m not sure if they are reporting those or not.  Another Poison note – Their catalog (including "Power") sold 16,704 copies this week.  Looks like Bret, Bobby, and Rikki had better call Tracii Guns…Samantha 7 scans jump 20 units from last week so C.C. may be entertaining some thoughts of jumping ship!

As Of June 28, 2000

Bon Jovi "Crush" 165,829
Bulletboys "S/T" 77,657*
Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet" 12,396
Cinderella "Greatest Hits Live" 11,091
Deftones "Around The Fur" 619,700
Deftones "White Pony" 177,830
Disturbed "The Sickness" 121,091
Dokken "Dysfunctional" 122,078
Dream Theater "Scenes From A Memory" 85,658
Enuff Z’nuff "Paraphernalia" 5,147
58 "Diet For A New America" 858
Great White "Greatest & Latest" 866
Mr. Big "Get Over It" 5,932
Nashville Pussy "High As Hell" 11,217
Poison "Power To The People" 14,401
Samantha 7 1,882
Super TransAtlantic "Shuttlecock" 1,853
Mike Tramp "Capricorn" 5,578
Mike Tramp "Remembering White Lion" 3,368
Warrant "Best Of" 138,293


Nikki Sixx’s 58 debuts with 858 CDs sold, which is just a few less than Great White’s "Latest & Greatest" sold.  By the way, it’s pretty lame that Portrait ripped off the "Latest & Greatest" name from Cleopatra.  How sad is it that Kalodner is borrowing from Cleopatra?

Samantha 7 scans drop from 410 to 317 (Krys, looks like the 3rd album of your THREE RECORD DEAL will not

be a greatest hits).  Bon Jovi drops from 115,249 to 50,421 in scans and from #9 to #29 on the Billboard Chart.  Nashville Pussy does not find themselves "High As Hell" on the charts as scans drop from 2,394 to 2,249 this week.

Mr. Big "Get Over It" scans drop from 219 to 148.  So far, "Get Over It" has proven to be the poorest selling record of Mr. Big’s career.  Wait a minute…wasn’t "Native Tongue" Poison’s worst selling record?  Hmmm, what could link "Get Over It" and "Native Tongue"?  I’ve got it!  Ritchie Kotzen!  Note to all bands looking for a guitar player:  If you want to keep your record deal, don’t hire Ritchie Kotzen.

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