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Sludge Scan For May 2000


As Of May 3, 2000

Sebitchian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 10,025
Black Label Society "Stronger Than Death"  5,717
BulletBoys "Burning Cats And Amputees" 340
Creed "Human Clay" 3,156,072
Hair Of The Dog "Rise" 1,310
Kittie "Spit" 236,473
Love/Hate "Latest & Greatest" 108
Pantera "Reinventing The Steel" 340,720
Poison "Crack A Smile And More…" 35,009
Sevendust "Home" 386,157
Slaughter "Back To Reality" 19,237
Union "The Blue Room" 7,187
W.A.S.P. "Best Of The Beast 1984-2000" 4,039


It took Sebitchian exactly 6 months to sell 10,000 CDs!!  Zakk Wylde has sold half of that within 2 weeks.

Black Label Society is down from down from 3,533 to 2,122.

BulletBoys are Up from 91 to 118.

Pantera are down from 28,326 to 18,698

Hair Of The Dog are down from 315 to 297

Poison are down from 3,077 to 2,474

Union are down from 391 to 295

Kittie are down from 19,942 to 14,002

Slaughter are up from 94 to 110!!!!


Sebitchian finally breaks 10,000 units scanned!  Could it have been the possible role in Broadway’s Jeckyl

and Hide that drove sales?  BulletBoys and Pantera have scanned the same number of units…oh wait, BulletBoys have scanned 340 and Pantera 340,000. Sorry, my mistake.  Hair Of The Dog’s "Rise" lasted one week as sales drop from 315 to 297.  Slaughter’s "Back To Reality" is UP in sales!!??  I can’t believe that 100 different people are buying this each week, I think there are 5,000 Slaughter fans out there with 4 copies each.  Love/Hate’s "Lamest & Greatest" debuts with 108 while the BulletBoys debuted with 101 a few weeks back.  Love/Hate doesn’t even exist, BulletBoys are ON TOUR and Love/Hate outscans them…How great is that?  Must be the Sludge stories that keep Jizzy in the public eye.  You just know that the 7 more CDs they sold than the BulletBoys were bought by Sludgeaholics!!

Now, here’s a special treat, Soundscan numbers for the Enuff Z’Nuff Spitfire re-issues.  The number reflects total sales since the 3/7/00 release date for each title, enjoy:

Enuff Z Nuff 1985 196
Enuff Z Nuff Live 100
Enuff Z Nuff Tweaked 95
Enuff Z Nuff Peachfuzz 155
Enuff Z Nuff Seven 120

As Of May 8, 2000

Cry Of Love "Diamonds & Debris" 13,096
Cry Of Love "Brother" 219,282
Destiny’s End "Breathe Deep The Dark" 2,606
DoubleDrive "100,000 Yard Stare" 14,042
Extreme "The Best Of.."  3,218
Guns N’ Roses "Illusion I"  5,150,831
Guns N’ Roses "Illusion II" 5,250,069
Hurricane "Slave To The Thrill"  6,143 *
Kik Tracee "No Rules"  63,275 *
Kik Tracee "Field Trip" 10,429
Lillian Axe "S/T"  2,491 *
Lillian Axe "Love & War"  5,194 *
Lillian Axe "Psychoschizophrenia" 39,329
Mars Electric 2,205
Mr. Big "Get Over It" 4,042
Paradise Lost "Draconian Times"  19,316
Scorpions "Live Bites" 71,615
Scorpions "Pure Instinct" 93,917
Scorpions "Face The Heat" 311,268
Scorpions "Eye II Eye" 62,522
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve & Other Stories"  635,183
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "The Christmas Attic"  255,016
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Beethoven’s Last Night"  18,621
Trouble Tribe "S/T" 10,439 *
W.A.S.P. "K.F.D." 



Since Robert Mason in the new RATT vocalist, I thought I’d do some comparisons.  Both of the previous "major" bands has been in released semi-successful debut albums before he came aboard to record the follow-ups.

Lynch Mob

Debut album was released 10/23/90 and has scanned 181,086 units to date.  Soundscan began in 1991, so the actual over the counter sales for this release are unknown.  I think it’s safe to assume that we can add an additional 20,000 to 30,000 copies to this total.  It was 1990 and there was still interest in George Lynch and Dokken, so I believe that the first couple weeks of release were pretty strong.  So, let’s keep it low and go with 20,000 units, that puts the record at 201,086 units scanned.  Robert Mason joins up for the second record, simply titled "Lynch Mob", which goes on to sell 173,589 copies.  This represents a drop in sales of 14%.  On to his next project…


Cry Of Love

Debut album was "Brother" which scanned a very respectable 219,282 copies.  Robert Mason joins the band for the follow-up "Diamonds & Debris" which goes on to sell 13,096 copies.  This is a 94% drop in sales!  It’s safe to assume there will be no third major label release from Cry Of Love.  In fact, guitarist Audley Freed has moved on to greener pastures with The Black Crowes.

Okay, Robert Mason has appeared on two major label releases.  With him in the line-up, the first band experienced a 14% sales decrease and the second band a 94% decrease.  That represents an average drop of 54% in sales with each band he joins. 

Robert has now joined RATT, and they plan on recording an album.  With the analysis above, we can make a SoundScan projection for their next release.  RATT’s last album has scanned 46,398 units, so they can expect to scan 21,343 units with Robert Mason handling the vocals…pretty depressing.

As Of May 10, 2000

AC/DC "Stiff Upper Lip"  440,141
Sebastian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive"  10,269
Bulletboys "Burning Cats And Amputees" 406
Eric Carr’s Rockology  2,006
Chlorine  5,348
Danger Danger "Return Of The Great Gildersleeves" 279
Hair Of the Dog "Rise"  1,561
Pete Loran "Be Of This Time"  119
Love/Hate "Latest And Greatest"  197
Lynch Mob "Smoke This"  10,639
Super TransAtlantic "Shuttlecock" 850
The Katies 2,952
Trixter "Hear"  88,808
Union "The Blue Room"  7,405


Union is down from 295 to 218

Hair Of The Dog are down from 297 to 251

As Of May 13, 2000

Metallica Catalog

Album Total Sales Sales For This Week
"Kill ‘Em All"  1,785,5073 * 2,423
"Ride The Lightning" 3,014,900 * 5,864
"Master Of Puppets" 2,961,729 * 4,637
"Garage Days Revisited" 2,613 *  this has been out of print for years
"And Justice…"  3,688,941 * 4,973
"Metallica"  11,949,243 12,074
"Live Shit: Binge & Purge"  457,436 254
"Load"  4,429,208 2,691
"Re-load"  3,276,890 3,666
"Garage Inc."  2,393,827 4,194
"S&M"  1,943,811 13,801

As Of May 17, 2000

Sebastian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive"  10,514
Bullet Boys "Burning Cats And Amputees"  508
Disturbed "The Sickness" 50,631
The Donnas "Get Skintight"  27,179
Hair Of The Dog "Rise" 1,744
In Flames "The Jester Race"  5,446
In Flames "Whoracle" 7,850
In Flames "Colony" 8,393
Kid Rock "Devil Without A Cause"  6,162,533
Love/Hate "Latest and Greatest"  234
Nevermore "S/T"  7,675
Nevermore "Politics Of Ecstasy" 9,648
Nevermore "In Memory" 4,948
Nevermore "Dreaming Neon Black" 12,816
Night Ranger "Neverland"  31,129
Overkill "Years Of Decay"  67,368
Overkill "I Hear Black"  70,761
Pearl Jam "Ten"  8,457,086
Pearl Jam "Vitalogy" 4,545,356
Pearl Jam "Yield" 1,481,417
Scorpions "Face The Heat"  311,302
Billy Squier "Creatures Of Habit"  84,041
Union "The Blue Room"  7,622


BulletBoys are UP from 65 to a huge 102 this week!

Hair Of The Dog are down from 251 to 183. 

Love/Hate is down 51 to 38.  I think 38 CDs sold in one week is the lowest in Sludge Scan history!  I’m not sure though.

Union is barely down form 219 to 217. 

As Of May 25, 2000

Bulletboys "Burning Cats And Amputees" 588
Dokken "Live From The Sun" 6,121
Gamma Ray "Power Plant"  3,194
King Diamond "Abigail" 47,049*
King Diamond "Them" 51,854*
King Diamond "The Eye" 54,793*
King Diamond "Voodoo" 30,424
Love/Hate "Latest & Greates" 277
Poison "Crack A Smile & More" 40,505


I didn’t have time to get to all your requests, but more will be coming soon.  

Love/Hate is up from 38 to 42. 

Dokken is down from 729 to 627.

A Recap:

Looks like the news that Love/Hate will reform with a revamped line-up including Jizzy, Chris Van Dahl and Johnny Crypt has gotten you lazy, glued to the computer screen Sludgeaholics off your rears and into the record stores as their "Latest and Greatest" jumps from 38 to 42 copies sold this week!  Poison continues to sell respectively without much going on.  In coming weeks, we’ll get to see what effect the tour has on sales.  Also, there will be the release of the Samantha 7 record as well as "Power To The People"…lots of Poison-related product in the marketplace.  Let’s see, Metal Sludge just reviewed Bulletboys and sales drop from 102 to 80…hmm, what does that mean?  Nothing, just that it’s a terrible record.

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