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Sludge Scan for September 8, 1999


As of October 4, 1999

AEROSMITH "Get A Grip" 4,531,239
AEROSMITH "Nine Lives" 1,926,317
AEROSMITH "A Little South Of Sanity" 490,698
ARCADE 103,639
ARCADE "A2" 20,284
BABYLON A.D. 29,690 *
BABYLON A.D. "Nothing Sacred" 35,788
BON JOVI "Keep The Faith" 1,527,662
CATHEDRAL "Caravan Beyond Redemption" 1,946
DEF LEPPARD "Adrenalize" 3,434,058
DEF LEPPARD "Vault" 2,002,997
DEF LEPPARD "Euphoria" 407,194
EXTREME 145,995 *
EXTREME "Pornograffitti" 2,142,260 *
EXTREME "III To Every Story" 528,676
KYUSS "Blues For The Rising Sun" 38,016
KYUSS "Welcome To The Sky Valley" 30,704
LOVERBOY "Big Ones" 227,531 *
METALLICA "Load" 4,312,950
METALLICA "Reload" 3,116,359
METALLICA "Garage Days Revisited" 2,183,085
MORBID ANGEL "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh" 33,993
NAPALM DEATH "Words From The Exit Wound" 6,102
NELSON "After The Rain" 747,168 *
NELSON "Because They Can" 19,741
NELSON "Imaginator" 3,326
PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell" 1,139,971 *
PANTERA "Vulgar Display Of Power" 1,565,741
PANTERA "Far Beyond Driven" 1,188,317
PANTERA "The Great Southern Trendkill" 682,501
PANTERA "Official Live:  101 Proof" 452,832
SHOTGUN MESSIAH "Second Coming" 145,264
SHOTGUN MESSIAH "I Want More" EP 13,016
SHOTGUN MESSIAH "Violent New Breed" 33,370
SLAUGHTER "Back To Reality" 14,009
JOE STUMP "Night Of The Living Shred" 2,003
MIKE TRAMP "Capricorn" 5,199
TRIPLE FAST ACTION "Broadcaster" 6,317
TRIPLE FAST ACTION "Cattlemen Don’t" 1,623
KIP WINGER "This Conversation Seems Like A Dream" 8,219
WINGER 155,524 *
WINGER "In The Heart Of The Young" 282,216
WINGER "Pull" 118,193

As of October 13, 1999

ANAL CUNT "I Like It When You Die" 6,427
BLOODHOUND GANG "One Fierce Beer Coaster" 539,542
DIRTY LOOKS "Cool From The Wire" 26,406 *
DIRTY LOOKS "Turn Of The Screw" 4,345 *
DIRTY LOOKS "Bootlegs" 7,914 *
DIRTY LOOKS "5 Easy Pieces" 17,275
DIRTY LOOKS "Chewing On The Bit" 9,405
DIRTY LOOKS "Rip It Out" 1,203
DIRTY LOOKS "Slave To The Machine" 1,286
ENUFF Z NUFF "Paraphernalia" 4,063
L.A. GUNS "Shrinking Violet" 2,559
L.A. GUNS "Greatest Hits and Black Beauties" 5,200
LOVE/HATE "Blackout In The Red Room" 41,993 *
LOVE/HATE "Wasted In America" 36,948
LOVE/HATE "Let’s Rumble" 19,157
LOVE/HATE "Let’s Eat" 342
MARVELOUS 3 "Hey Album" 85,203
MOTLEY CRUE "Supersonic and Demonic Relics" 30,099
WARRANT "Latest and Greatest" 820
WARRIOR SOUL "Drugs, God, And The New Republic" 45,127 *
WARRIOR SOUL "Last Decade Dead Century" 19,998 *
WARRIOR SOUL "Salutations From The Ghetto" 26,494
WARRIOR SOUL "Chill Pill" 13,676
WARRIOR SOUL "Space Age Playboys" 3,463
WARRIOR SOUL "Odds & Ends" 2,460
ROB ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe" 2,045,415

Notes Of Interest:

Last week Rob Zombie sold 9,361 copies of Hellbilly Deluxe, and it’s been out for over a year.

Warrant’s new album came out on October 5th and sold a huge 59 copies the first day!!  They are now up to 820.  Another 999,180 copies to sell before they are platinum!

There were suppose to be more Sludge Scans, but some shit got messed up, so if you don’t see your request, be patient.  They’ll be another update in a day or so.  Also, for those that requested Stuart Smith, The Dogtown Balladers, and The Loveless, you’re out of luck.  They aren’t on Sludge Scan.

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