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Metal Sludge Xtravaganza II – Midwest ’05


The World’s Worst Web site Presents…



Tuff, Billy Morris Band, Fastback & Sugar!

www.TuffCds.com | www.BillyMorris.net | www.Fastback19.com | www.SugarBand.net

Also appearing:


Featuring X-members of…

Warrant, Adler’s Appetite, Bang Tango, Sister Whiskey, Beautiful Creatures & Cherry Bomb jamming tunes from Motley Crue, AC/DC & more!

* Special Guests in select cities will also show up, get up, & jam! Don’t miss it!

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Hey Sludgeaholics & Sludgettes, well guess what? It’s hot, it’s summer, and it’s time to play some rock n’ roll, Sludge style. It’s time for the MSX-II tour to roll on into the Midwest, and it’s going to invade Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and maybe even your home town. Where are you going to be come August 10th thru the 20th? There are only 10 dates on this leg, so make plans now or be left out like a nerd at the beach! The Metal Sludge Xtravaganza – II West Coast run will be scheduled in the early fall, so keep your panties and jock straps on if you live on the West Siiiiiiiiide!!

Just like the Vans Warped tour the MSX-II tour will have the opening bands rotate 1st, 2nd & 3rd slots at each gig. You never know who goes on when, and we’re not telling, so to ensure seeing your favorite band, and hearing your favorite songs, we advise getting to the venues by 9:00 p.m. or earlier!

Note: The Motley Crue/Sum 41 concert @ Marcus Amphitheatre in Milwaukee, WI starts around 7:PM on Wednesday August 10th and the "Un-official After Party" will kick off the MSX-II Midwest tour ‘5’ minutes down the street @ "V’Nuks" be there or you suck!


Wed. August 10th "V’nuks" Cudahy, WI (Milwaukee)

Tuff, Bellevue Suite & Fastback only

5036 S. Packard Ave. Cudahy, WI

Info: (414) 481-1655 |

Thur. August 11th “C&R” Aurora, WI (Iron Mt. MI)

Tuff, Fastback, Roadhead & Money Shot only

County Trunk N, Aurora, WI 54151

Info: (715) 589-3296 |

Fri. August 12th "I-Rock" Detroit, MI

16350 Harper, Detroit, MI

Info: (313) 881-ROCK (7625) |

Sat. August 13th "Al Rosa Villa" Columbus, OH

w/ special guest Ron Keel!

5055 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

Info: (614) 885-2588 |

Sun. August 14th "The Cove" Lake Geneva, OH

PO Box 636 Lake Rd. Geneva on the Lake, OH 44041

Mon. August 15th "TBA"

Tues. August 16th "House of Blues" Cleveland, OH

308 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114

Info: (216) 523-BLUE (2583) |

Weds. August 17th "Dingbatz" Clifton, NJ

620 Van Houten Ave. Clifton, NJ 07013

Info: (973) 471-1145 |

Thur. August 18th “Sherlock’s" Erie, PA

508 State St. Erie, PA 16501

Info: 1-813-453-7760

Fri. August 19th "Vile Fest" Circleville, OH


415 Lancaster Pike, Circleville, OH


Sat. August 20th "Mr. Kelly’s Music Box" Chicago Heights., IL

150 West Joe Orr Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Info: c/o “JJ Kelly’s” 1-708-474-9977

Who’s playing, and who’s not? What bands, what songs, and what reasons? The answer is your momma! Who is gonna have a good fucking time is more like what you should be asking? We will have a great time along with whoever shows the fuck up. Speaking of good times, who’s playing and who’s not…Van Halen still doesn’t have their lead singer, and neither does Skid Row, Ratt, Enuff Z’nuff, or Warrant for that matter. Come to think of it, KISS doesn’t have Ace Frehley, LA Guns don’t have Tracii Guns, and Axl has no Guns at all. Just his own played out Plastic Surgery n’ Rose’s cover band, I guess that’s why tribute bands are slowly ruling the planet.

Get a pen, some paper, and let’s start writing down the reasons why you should come to the MSX-II tour Midwest leg. First reason, there are hot chicks in the band SUGAR…if you have a cock and balls, you will dig them! If you don’t dig them, then you will probably wanna fag-off at home listening to Cutting Crew & WHAM! The.second reason…Billy Morris is gonna sing some Warrant songs in the jam session, third reason, slutty hot chicks who wear Metal Slut tops will be there looking to get drunk, and get laid. We can’t bang them all guys, so come help out please. Fourth reason, drunk dudes wearing Metal Sludge shirts who talk shit on the Gossip Boards will buy any girl a drink who even smiles at them. These guys are looking to be used by scantly clad women, if you have tits – they can be conned into anything. Fifth reason, all the bands will rock, and you’ll go ape shit when the Metal Sludge All-Stars play Motley Crue, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Judas Priest and more.

And a few other reasons are…


TUFF will be hitting the Midwest for the first time in nearly 5 years and the only their 2nd time in a solid decade. You’ll be sure to hear all your favorites like that #3 MTV Video "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye", the 90s metal anthem "The All New Generation", the ever friendly XM Radio spin "Dear Jani Lane" and of course the recent Y2K1 smash hit "American Hair Band." The TUFF line up is fronted by Stevie Rachelle, along with Jack Aurora former axe slinger for Sister Whiskey (Warner Bros. Produced by: Dana Strum), drummer Tod "T" Burr (Ex. Substance D) and bassist Paul Jaeger who did a short stint with the Joey Vera Band (Armored Saint). Now you really care right?

Billy Morris!

BILLY MORRIS and his solo band are no strangers to the road. Billy has spent years touring with Warrant in support of Poison, Whitesnake, Dokken & Ratt. In addition he has played Japan, Korea, Spain, & Hawaii. Now he can support TUFF, what an accomplishment to add to the list (sarcasm mode turned off). A lead guitarist and also a vocalist, Billy released his self titled debut solo CD in 2004. The 12 track offering has had XM Radios spins, along with support from local and regional outlets that have helped to spread the word on Cleveland Ohio’s bad boy of metal – Billy Morris. Billy recently played Jacobs Field after the Indians game in front of roughly 20,000 fans. A 20+ year veteran, he has also opened shows for solo artists Bret Michaels, Jani Lane, Donnie Vie (Enuff Z’nuff) and Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X). Billy also can tell you road stories about touring with Warrant….no wait…Metal Sludge does that anyway. Oh well another reason.


FASTBACK is a mini super group of sorts. Okay, so maybe not a super group, but they are super, and ready to rock! What is their sound? Well, if you take some old LA Guns, early Faster Pussycat, throw in some Shotgun Messiah, and add in a bit of newer edge, and you get FASTBACK. Their debut “The Pain of Beauty” has gotten killer reviews and has current spins on XM Radio. Founded & fronted by singer/guitarist Michael Thomas (Ex. Beautiful Creatures, Adler’s Appetite, Engines of Aggression) & Brian Saunders (Ex. Bang Tango, GIVE, Hair of the Dog) the band is virgin new to touring, but the players have already been to Japan, Europe and across America while playing rolls in a half dozen other National Recording acts. The band is rounded out with bassist Jamie Keane (NYC’s Vexy Strut, Tattooed Millionaires) and drummer Tod “T” Burr (Drum whore extraordinaire).


SUGAR is an all girl band who recently completed work on their debut "11 After" which was produced by none other than Mr. Jani Lane (Warrant). He even talks about them in his recent BACK-4-MORE with Metal Sludge. Their sound can be best described as Joan Jett meets Lita Ford, or Vixen meets a poppier Betty Blowtorch (RIP Bianca). A rockin’ in your face 80s sound with some bleach & tattoos to boot. A few of these girls made the rounds in the Midwest in the past as Cherry Bomb and all are seasoned pros who know their way around their instruments and the stage. The question is do they know their way around the… oops… sorry. with all respect we’re sure they know a lot of ways around. It’s up to you to come find out.

Be there. Bitches!!!

Metal Sludge

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