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Spend the night with C.C. Banana! 1/26/05



and some guy named Craig Gass too

By now, everyone knows who C.C. Banana is. Last year, the Sludgeaholics elected him as our 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Year. More recently, he was voted as "most fuckable male" in our 2004 Sludgeaholic Choice Awards, beating out runner-up Chris Jericho by just one vote!

It’s clear that people can’t get enough of Mr. Banana. Everyone seems to want to stroke his yellow skin and poke his squishy brown spots. But being the big celebrity that he is, C.C. Banana rarely comes out in public these days for fear of being mobbed, and that makes people sad.

However, since we’re Metal Sludge and we were pretty much the sole vehicle for C.C. Banana’s fast rise to fame, we just happen to have a direct line to the elusive Banana. With a minor amount of groveling, we were able to convince him to come out and make himself accessible to all his fans. So now, thanks to us (and someone named Craig Gass), everyone can now have the opportunity to spend the night with him!

Does this mean you get to take him home and peel him? No, you have to share him with everybody else. But have no fear… there’s enough of the Banana to go around for everyone.

Here’s what’s going on. C.C. Banana’s friend and mentor, comedian Craig Gass, will be in New York City on Thursday, January 27th as a guest on the Howard Stern show. That very same night, Craig will be performing at a comedy club in Manhattan, and he’s invited the reclusive Banana to appear on stage with him!

Who in the hell knows what these guys have planned. Knowing Banana, it’s sure to be weird. So expect an entertaining evening full of vague heavy metal references, bad fruit jokes, and mind-boggling absurdity. But the best part of all is that it’s FREE for all Sludgeaholics to attend. Well, aside from the 2-drink minimum. Details are as follows:


Thursday, January 27th 2005

@ Stand Up New York Comedy Club

236 West 78th Street (at Broadway)

New York, NY


Call (212) 595-0850 for reservations

Call the club in advance and mention Metal Sludge when making reservations. The show starts at 9 p.m. and lasts about 2 hours, which includes other random comics including Jim Florentine (the "yaaayyyyy" guy from Crank Yankers) and Nick DiPaolo of the Sopranos fame. Again, admission is free if you make reservations in advance (be sure to mention Metal Sludge). There is a 2-drink minimum, but most Sludgeaholics won’t have a big problem being forced to imbibe alcoholic beverages. Shit, what else is there to do on a Thursday night? So make your plans now to see what wackiness the Banana and Craig Gass have up their sleeves. (Or peel, in C.C.’s case.)

Fun fact: Craig Gass was also the host of the very last show on the 2003 MSX tour! At least no one beat him up like they did poor C.C. Banana.

Metal Sludge

2-Sludge Minimum Required

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