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Metal Sludge Extravaganza 11 Recap! 5/18/05



Metal Sludge Extravaganza Recap

Wow! What a weekend it was. It’s been a couple of weeks since the big MSE-XI events in Los Angeles and they all went off with great success. We’ve now received several reports and this is what we now have learned.

Thursday April 28th kicked off the first ever Metal Slut night at the Pink Pussycat/Club Vodka venue. The event had musical performances by Motley Priest, Mandy Lion & WWIII, The All-Female AC/DC tribute Whole Lotta Rosies, 286, Love Child and Miwa. Thanks to all for the great tunes. In addition the Pink Pussycat always features hot topless dancers, Mr. 80s Julian Douglas as the front club house DJ, and the back room tune supplier is always DJ Will. A few of the rock celebrities spotted where Phil Lewis & Stacey Blades from LA Guns, Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.), George Dolvio from Rhino Bucket, the always lurking Jizzy Pearl from Love/Hate, and everyone’s favorite, Anthony Focx of Beautiful Creatures.

Metal Slut Night with 2002 Sludgette of the Year Amanda Moeckel and our twin 2004 Sludgettes of the Year Tamar & Sharon!

ex-Pretty Boy Floyd bassist Lesli Sanders, Stevie Rachelle, and Phil Lewis and some new guy from LA Guns

The night was packed considering the Foo Fighters announced a surprise show in the valley that afternoon. Adult film legend Taylor Wane (www.TaylorWane.com) arrived with several hundred free DVDs of her work. The guys loved it, free porn for everyone. Taylor Kennedy (www.TaylorKennedy.com) the all natural Playboy model also showed up along with Sludgettes, Amanda Moeckel, Sherry Globman (SherryGlobman.com), and the twin 2004 Sludgettes of the year Tamar & Sharon Kohl. All the girls helped to hand out hundreds of free porn DVDs, CDs, T-shirts, and other various goodies. Some of the celebs and Sludgettes posed in the super cool Archies Ice Cream truck. Thanks to Shant for stopping by and supplying free ice cream to all.

Here is your Hollywood history lesson for the day. The venue at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. is the same location where the World Famous Bordello was held every Thursday night back in the hey-day. Of course this was the second club made hip by Riki Rachtman, the first being Cathouse everyday Tuesday at another location over on Highland near Fountain.

Motley Priest

Motley Priest at Club Vodka

More Motley Priest photos at http://www.sherryglobman.com/motleypriest.html

Back to the update…

Metal Sludge Extravaganza Eleven was Saturday night at Paladinos for the ump-teenth time. The night was packed as well despite head-on competition with another 80s show at the HOB in Hollywood. The Sludge faithful are strong supporters and we appreciate it. Headliners Children of the Beast are an early era tribute to Motley Crue and they are dead ringers for the 1983/84 years no doubt. The look, the sound and stage show was pure Shout at the Devil. A few other tribute acts played as well. The always popular Bon Fire a tribute to the Bon Scott era of AC/DC along with a great Iron Maiden set from Aces High. Former Anthrax front man Neil Turbin played a short set despite having a small drummer issue. He (the drummer) was no where to be found until the bands set time was 5 minutes out. This problem had already come up earlier in the day and like a pro, Neil found a replacement and the show went off without much of a hitch. Huge props to Neil and the band. The evening’s opener was about as whacky as you can get. In typical Sludge fashion there is always something odd in store. Heavy Metal Happy Hour is a great solo vocalist who plays piano like Liberace’s bastard nephew! All this painted in ICP meets KISS meets The Crow style make-up while a couple of hot female contortionists dance, bend, almost break and expose the majority of their bodies. The best part is probably the girls, but the fact that you’re hearing near lounge versions of Guns n’ Roses, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and just about every Metal band on the planet sung in a clear voice backed only by piano is very interesting. Very whacky, but cool whacky, and really well done whacky. You have to see this performance to appreciate it.

The Saturday night Extravaganza was again in full swing with all of the aforementioned hotties (above) in tow. Add in Ms. Malorie Gruver & Adult Super Star Jesse Jane (www.JesseJane.com) all handing out well over 500 free items ranging from Porn DVDs, to autographed CDs to penis pumps and you have a helluva night. Yes, we gave away penis pumps, nipple enhancers, hand held sucking devices, motion lotion, and a ton of Monster condoms too boot. Between Thursday and Saturday Metal Sludge, Rock Confidential and a host of other companies (listed below) gave away over 1000 free items. The retail value of these freebies was upwards of $ 5,000.00. All free to the Sludge faithful. You rock, you rule and thanks for your support.

Taylor Wayne with our 2004 twin Sludgettes of the Year Sharon & Tamar, 2002 Sludgette of the Year Amanda Moeckel, and October 2003 Sludgette of the Month Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman

More twins with Taylor Wayne

Stevie checks to make sure Amanda is sporting some Sludgendise

Taylor Wayne and Taylor Kennedy show the Sludgeaholics who sat at home exactly what they missed.

Well it’s now Sunday and a good chunk of the Sludge faithful made a trip down to the Los Angeles Convention center for Adultcon. This is a porn meet n’ greet of sorts. Basically there was upwards of 100 adult stars in attendance, and thousands more standing around with hot pants taking pictures with them. It was very interesting and somewhat disturbing indeed. Something about a 42” plasma screen showing loads of cum being gargled, spit and re-gargled kind of throws you off when walking from booth to booth. A lot of the “talent” would stand on their tables, bare almost all, and start to mimic orgasm into their microphones thru a PA system. This being done to draw in the fans and then they’d throw out panties and DVDs.

Britney Rears models our Metal Slut tank top!

(photo by Bill Field)

That Stevie guy with 19-year old adult sensation Catalina

(photo by Bill Field)

Tera Patrick seemed to be the hot ticket at this event for the guys and Mr. Marcus was for the girls. I guess he has a 14” dong and chicks dig that kind of shit. The new hot name in porn is Britney Rears and she turned up wearing SLUDGENDISE. She’s a parody of Ms. Spears and it seems to be taking off. What a sham huh, a parody of something. This event drew some perverts from the board including EvelDick and Lars McBrain, along with Julian “Mr. 80s” Douglas, DJ Will and a host of other longhairs who seemed to find a home at the Metal Sludge/Rock Confidential booth. What a bunch of fucking sickos!

A super huge thanks to all involved. Joe Sutton and Club Vodka along with Jimmy D. and Paladinos for hosting the events. Jesse Capps and RockConfidential.com for helping co-Sponsor this event along with Brent Hamilton and Monster Energy Drink. Thanks to Renaud and all of the staff at AdultCon as well. Ditto to Clint and all at Century Media along with Brandon at Liquor & Poker Music for the tour of their facilities and the several hundred FREEBIES they supplied for the weekend events. Other huge thanks to Db and all at Full On Clothing who also supplied a ton of swag for FREE. More thanks to Junkman & DJ Will from KNAC.com for coming down. More props to Shant from Archie’s Ice Cream who supplied free ice cream. Huh? WTF! Yes we just said free ice cream, and where was bastard boy floyd anyway? Thanks for the tunes to Julian “Mr. 80s” Douglas from Julian’s Hotspot along with Tony Sison & Bill Rowan c/o AllAccess Magazine. Even extra special thanks to Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman for the plethora of pictures! Lest we not forget the Sludgeaholics, Sludgettes, and all who showed great support to another great weekend of events.

Chris Holmes

ex-W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes

Stevie Rachelle in Archie’s Ice Cream Truck

It’s that Lesli guy again

Motley Priest at Club Vodka. Photos by
Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman

More of those Motley Priest characters

W. Axl Halford looks strikingly similar to the singer from Tuff

Heavy Metal Happy Hour with Jimmy D from Paladino’s!

Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman and DJ Will of KNAC.com!

Taylor Wayne with Junkman from KNAC.com

Sherry, LA Glamrocker, Garbageman, Tod and July 2004 Sludgette of the Month Polexxia

Tod aka "Lars McBrain" and Sherry!

The Taylors give one last show for the Sludgeaholics

See more pics at www.rockconfidential.com/Cali2005-1.html and www.sherrysphotos.com/msx0405/

We’ll add more pics if we get some good ones in. See you at the next party!

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