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MSEX WebCast


Live on the Web!

Stuck at home while the truly hardcore Sludgeaholics bash it up at MSEX in Cleveland this weekend?

Well, why sit there all by yourself when you can tune in on the Web and hear what you’re missing!

That’s right, our old pals Wendell Neeley and Chris Akin from The Classic Metal Show will be broadcasting live from MSEX all weekend! So tune in on the Web and check out American Dog, Donnie Vie, the Billy Morris Band and whoever else happens to show up to play.

How do you do it?

Click one of the links below! These are Internet broadcast sites that are carrying the MSEX audio streams. Check out their various pages for instructions on how to work this high-tech shit. Don’t fucking come crying to us if you can’t figure it out! We don’t have time for your silly games, skippy. So follow the links and figure it out yourself.

Here’s the links:

www.stickman-radio.com (Broadband or Dialup)

www.megarock-radio.com (Broadband or Dialup)

www.unitedrock.com (dialup connection, but either can listen to it)

Thanks to Officer Duncan, whoever that is, for pointing us to these links.

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