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Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9 Recap



What can we say, other than it was YOU, the Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes, that made our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9 a HUGE success!

We had a massive attendance and it seems as if everyone had a great time. There were over 1,000 free items given away at our party including CDs, stickers, DVDs, t-shirts, hats, condoms, panties, dildos, penis pumps, hand jobs and more.

The week started early for some and Metal Skool at the Roxy was invaded last Monday night, Thursday was Tuff at Club Vodka, and Friday was a Sludge-a-Palooza at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. This of course was capped off with the MSE9 event at Paladinos on Saturday.

We’d like to extend a huge Metal Sludge thanks to Metal Skool, WWIII, Killingbird, National Dust, and Madison Page for taking the stage and performing for all the Sludgeaholics. We’d also like to thank our official Host & Hostess — The Blue Meanie and Miss Jasmin St Claire; the entire staff at Paladinos; and of course, Jimmy D. Presents for helping organize a killer event.

Much Sludge Luv to the one and only DJ Will of KNAC.com for spinning the audio between bands, Monster Energy for the shirts, hats, condoms and more. Equal props go out to Capitol Records and Liquor & Poker Music for the CDs & swag, along with 3PW, and, of course, to ourselves for all the shit we gave away too.

The list of attendees is miles long, so if we miss someone, please forgive us. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail and tell us, "Hey! I was there too, and I’m so ‘n so from such ‘n such!" and we’ll try to work you in.

A shout out to Mr. Fred Coury of Cinderella who jammed with Metal Skool, Bruce Kulick, John "Crabby" Corabi, and Stewart Smith who also jammed some AC/DC with Metal Skool. Other Sludgeworthy celebrities who came out to MSE9 include Nadir D’ Priest, Joel Ellis, Tripp Eisen, Adam G, Michael Thomas, Tod "T" Burr, and Brian Saunders.

Special thanks to Chantel Covino (January 2001 Sludgette of the Month) & Jeffrey "Skinwalker" Easton (Metal-Exiles.Com & August 2001 Sludgeaholic of the Month) for working the merch booth and lending a hand in the Sludgendise department.

Locals who showed were Junkman (KNAC.com) who brought Vince Neil Junior with him, Brian Perrera (President of Deadline Cleopatra Records), the always evil EvelDick, Charee (September 2004 Sludgette of the Month), Nav (old skooler from WAY back), Sherry "Rockphoto" Globman (October 2003 Sludgette) — thanks for the pictures! — and Debra Stocker (Editor All Access magazine).

Others who came from out of town (some even logging major miles to attend!) were none other than Wendell Neeley (Classic Metal Show — home of the Metal Sludge Song of the Week), the notorious Ette (our January 2002 Sludgette of the Month), January 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Month Arkansas Cracker, April 2004 SOTM Nate S. Axel, June 2004 SOTM JJ Brooks, frequent Gossip Board board posters Xtine666 and TheMetalChick, Stalker Jr. (our 2003 Sludgette of the Year), Jim Bob "The Legend" Dwarf (2001 Sludgeaholic of the Year), and those 12 people from Florida.

Here’s a report from our co-host Jasmin St. Claire:

Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9 was beyond awesome!

I first want to thank the crew at Metal Sludge for having me host the party,and most importantly, for keeping heavy metal alive!

I had a great time seeing all of my friends from Sludge. Friday night me & Meanie met up with Nate, Ette, Ten, Arkansas Cracker ,Jim Bob, Stevie, Sheri, Tod & the rest of the whole Sludge gang at the Rainbow. It was alot of fun starting foodfights(yes, even I function on the mentality of a 16 year old on my best day),laughing, getting slighty tipsy & seeing everyone.

Saturday I was still in the middle of a big move & I was more concerned about getting ready for the party since I always look foward to seeing Metal Skool (I love their original song Big Boobs-they need to start playing that live) and meeting fellow metalheads.

We got to Paladino’s at around 7:30. I met up with the camera guy who is shooting a documentary I am hosting called "Hollywood Rocks". I was interviewing fans before the show on what their thoughts were on metal & the whole 80’s hairmetal scene (thanks everyone).

I saw Fred Coury in the crowd, Tripp Eisen & my friends from Cleopatra Records. It was fun giving stuff away,but it was more fun seeing how many people love heavy metal & are still keeping it going to this day. There were plenty of hot babes in the crowd; I am still convinced that the only place you will see large numbers of hot babes is at a metal show!

Any female that likes metal,and is not a poser, is hot!

I was so tired by the end of the night. We went out with Tripp Eisen & some friends to eat-I was too tired for a foodfight.

The next day Nate Axel came over & spent another cpl of days in LA. He helped me do some last miunte moving on Sunday. He helped me catch my cats. I was surprised to see how mature he is-lol!

We went to Metal Skool. they were great,but they need to play "Big Boobs". It would be an awesome video-I would sign up for that!

Before we went to the Roxy, we ate at the Rainbow. I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy Lion. I had always seen him around, but was a bit scared to talk to him. He is actually a very cool, interesting & rocking guy! I think I scared him with my knowledge of metal! I cannot wait to listen to his cd.

It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed seeing how many people still love heavy metal. This will sound kind of weird, but, my ultimate dream is to host an 80’s heavy metal music show for the younger generation could actually listen to the best music ever and so that I could also bring back memories to those who lived the era,were a part of it, or are just avid fans such as myself.

Keep on rocking !



Here’s a retrospective review from our other co-host, the one and only Blue Meanie!

Well what a good friggin time MSE 9 weekend was! Well from what I remember of it lol. It was a much-needed time as Jasmin and I are moving from one place in the apartment complex we’re in to another. There are new owners and they wanna redo the whole place and ours was on the list to be done. So after a week of moving shit from one place to another and having my back and knees killing me there was only ONE thing I needed…..MORE COWBELL!!!….OOOOPS!….wrong rant…….Let me start over……. So after a week of moving shit from one place to another and having my back and knees killing me there was only ONE thing I needed…BEER!

After doing some grunt work with the move Jas and I made ourselves presentable and made our way to the Rainbow where Nate Axel and the Sludge crew were gathered on the outside area. Some of the Sludgers I remember off the top of my scrambled head are Arkansas Cracker, Jim Bob Dwarf, Nickas, Xtine, Ette, Victoria (who looks like Marcia Brady but hotter lol), Tenn, Trashy/Garbageman, Lilimae and a non-Sludge friend, Killingbird (Christian, Skyla, Gaz, Marc "Booger" August), Allan (Cracker’s friend) Lars McBrain (Tod) and Rockphoto (Sherry). Stevie Rachelle who hung for the rest of night also joined us.

If Leonardo da Vinci were there he could have made a masterpiece titled ‘The Retarded Rock and Roll Supper’ because the shenanigans were on between Nate slipping foreign objects in people’s drinks, to an impromptu food fight lol. Now I can take a ribbing BUT I can also give one back. All night Nate was putting anything from French fries to pieces of Napkins in people’s drinks. So as the night went on Nate made the cardinal mistake of ribbing by going to the bathroom and leaving his drink unattended at the table! WEEEEEEEEEEEE! So when I had realized this was prime opportunity for giving Nate a receipt I found the nearest saltshaker and dumped half that sumbitch…ok I’m lying…….I dumped the WHOLE sumbitch into Nate’s beer!!!

So me, Cracker and Tod are waiting for Nate to come and guzzle his pucker inducing brew with childhood glee. So Nate comes back and sits down in his seat. Cracker and I are doing our best to not laugh and give it away. So as casually as we can we try to do a toast and get him to drink up. So we do the ‘CHEERS!’ and drink our drinks but Nate puts his down without drinking it. Hmmmmmm! I didn’t want to say anything like ‘oh come on man!!! You TOO good to drink a toast with us!!!?!?’ because I would be afraid he’d get smart to the rib. Out of the corner of my eye I see Nate quickly lift his drink up too look at the bottom of his bottle to see if anyone put any food in there. So when I see this I give Cracker the nudge to look at Nate because the punch line is coming any second now and Crack is trying NOT to laugh. So Nate gives it another peek thru the top of his bottle and goes for the swig!!! No more than 2 seconds after he took in a mouthful of his salty suds his face convulsed and he spit into the nearest ashtray!! LOL! Cracker, Tod and I got a huge laugh out of it and Nate was a good sport about it..not like he had a choice in the matter after killing 4 of my beers lol.

Jasmin and I had a great time playing musical chairs and shooting the shit with everyone. I met some of the guys from Killingbird that night. What a cool bunch of dudes those guys are. I LOVE their track on the Sludge disc and I got to hear some more of their own cd from Nate over the weekend. Cracker and I talked about wrestling for a while which was refreshing. What was refreshing was instead of the ‘Do you know Steve Austin?!?!? Do you know the Rock!?!?’ type conversations, I got to talk about some old school stuff. Cracker knows his wrestling so I felt comfortable to put my guard down and shoot the shit.

The next night Jas and I got to Paladinos about 7:30ish right before Madison Paige. While Madison Paige played I got all the giveaways together while Jas did her interviews for ‘Hollywood Rocks’. Madison Paige did a great job kicking things off. People were still coming in around time National Dust took the stage. National Dust is more of a bare bones type of rock. Straight up and too the point and I really dug them.

After National Dust, Jasmin and I took the stage for the first time of the night. We did a few giveaways and gave the crowd the heads up for the night’s festivities. DJ Will spun some tunes as well and did an awesome job as well. Will is a good dude and I’m glad Sludge got him on board for MSE 9.

We were hanging with Ette, Xtine, Victoria, Nate, Cracker, Nickas, Tenn X, and Jim Bob. Also, our friends Jeremy, Rich, Ernesto and Chris came too making this their first MSE. Killingbird was up next. I got to talk to Christian before their set. We were talking about having Killingbird on the next 3PW dvd. During the set he sent out ‘Beat The Bullet’ too me which was awesome!

During the WWIII set I ran into Tripp Eisen, Fred Coury and Brian Perrara from Cleopatra records in the crowd. I hear John Corabi was there too but I didn’t see him. I had met him way back in the day at the old Cell Block night club in Philly. Mandy Lion is one larger than life figure on stage. I had always seen him around and it’s hard NOT to notice the guy and it carries over to the stage very well. The music and the vocals were right on.

After WWIII we had another contest for some prizes. We did the ‘Best Thong’ contest to see some ass but most of the girls didn’t do too far. By this time I was had a nice buzz going. The beer of choice this night was Sam Adam’s, which was a notch down from doing Guinness all night Friday. I LOVE Guinness but considering I had to get up early Saturday morning, Guinness kicked my ass lol.

Jas and I had another contest of ‘Miss Rock Video’ where we get the chick on stage and have them dance like they’re in a rock video. The girls in this one did great. What took the cake was Ette and making out with Victoria and Sherry (rockphoto)!!!! This easily made them the winners by a bulge..I mean..this easily made them the winners hands down my pants..I MEAN hands down!! NOTTAFINGA!!!!

And onto the main event in Metal Skool……….

It was a change seeing them out of the Roxy. I’ve seen them at Paladinos before but I have become accustomed to seeing them at the Roxy. The sound was a little off at the beginning which the band joked on. Especially, with the feedback. My friends Rich, Jeremy and Ernesto who hadn’t seen Metal Skool loved their show and the night as a whole. Fred Coury’s jam with Metal Skool of Motley Crue’s ‘Live Wire’ was awesome! As was Stuart Smith jamming AC/DC with the guys. The night as a whole was probably the best MSE I have been too for the overall atmosphere. I want to thank Metal Sludge, Jimmy D. and Paladinos for having Jasmin and I back as hosts. We would love to do it again down the line. And who knows? Maybe there will be an east coast MSE down the line J.

Viva La Sludge!!!


The Blue Meanie strikes a pose

Jasmin and Meanie conduct the ‘Best Thong’ contest!

Metal Skool

Metal Skool with Stevie Rachelle

Fred Coury joins Metal Skool


Mandy Lion and his #1 fan!

Killingbird’s singer Christian points up at that pic of Mandy Lion

Here’s some more e-mails we got in from people in attendance.

From former Cats In Boots singer Joel Ellis:

Hey Sludgers, thanks for a fun night out at Paladino’s.

Nadir and I had a good time and got to reconnect with alot of old friends.

And what fukking treat it was to see WW3 play, Jimmy and Vinnie are pure excitement and Mandy’s show never lacks, I like the guy on guitar too, it was a great show… thanx!

What a great start to another long and wild night in L.A., we tore it up till sunrise thanks to you Metal Sludgers getting us out together.

Let us know when you have another party!!.


Joel Ellis

From former London singer Nadir D’Priest:

Thank You! guy’s for the hook up it has been a while since I’ve been out of my cage it was great we had lots of fun. Hope to do it again next time..


From opening band Madison Page’s drummer Richie Rivera:

Now that the last of our hangovers have subsided, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how honored we were to take part in MSE9. Not only did the band have an absolute blast on stage, but we made a TON of fantastic contacts throughout the night that have surely set us on the path to rock n’roll stardom! On behalf of Paul, Damon, Will, Jon & myself, we want to thank everyone who came early enough to catch us, as well as Jimmy D. for giving us the slot. Personally, I was blown away by how many people were coming up to me all night long with compliments on my 10 Questions. You’d think I had discovered a cure for cancer or something! If you ever need anything from us, don’t hesitate to let us know. I have included some pictures of Will Arkosy, our bass player, with Jasmine St. Clair & John Corabi taken that night for your viewing pleasure. Why can’t every night be a Sludge night?

Richie Rivera / MADISON PAIGE/ 10 Questions Victim

From Lance and Ben from Phoenix:

Super cool getting to meet all the Sludgeaholics last Saturday (9/18). My name is Lance and my friend Ben and I came out from Phx for the party and just had a killer time. I don’t remember much of the end of the night, but we ended up partying with some of the guys from Killingbird (who were my fav of the night). We will be there at all future Sludge events and will always spread the good word and throw up the horns.

Ben and I live for sludge and are glad you are still keeping it all alive!!!!


Lance Wilson

From Sherry, our October 2003 Sludgette of the Month:

Hey Sludge,

Metal Sludge Extravaganza Saturday night at Paladino’s was absolutely rockin! I had a blast! I caught Killingbird, World War III and Metal Skool who all put on a great show and were perfect for the night. But the best part is definitely seeing all the awesome sludgeaholics having a great time and partying together… sludgers rock! It was so great seeing friends from out of town.. Ette, Olivia, Tenniesha, Jim Bob, Nate and all the rest of ya who made this a great weekend. And ofcourse you can’t go wrong with Jasmin and the Blue Meanie as hosts! I don’t know what I’d do without Sludge.. always a guaranteed great time when you’re with Sludgers! I’m glad I got to take pictures of the bands and everyone having a great time.. I think we made some great memories!

Enjoy the photos and I can’t wait for the next MSE!

Sherry (rockphoto)


This is a long-assed recap from our April 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month, Mr. Nate S. Axel!

Ahh, and the fun ends until next time…

What a fucking blast! I have no idea why I waited so long to decide if I was going to go or not. I learned my lesson! Originally, I was planning to stay with Soichi and we had all the details worked out (hotels, transportation, etc), but then he couldn’t make it with work and all, so I just thought I’d be missing out on this one. Others came through for me though, so I went (although I’d have saved $130 if I bought my airline ticket two days earlier… oh well). I got there "early" (Thursday afternoon) to see the Tuff show at Club Vodka and "warm up" for the weekend. I took a shuttle to the Holiday Inn near LAX to meet up with CinnamonGhoul, and we went out to dinner after she got off work. We went to Magic Johnson’s Fridays and waited forever to be served, but filled my stomach when we were! After we left, to tell the difference between L.A. weather and Minneapolis weather, she said that she was cold and was going to put on a sweatshirt or jacket, and I told her I was getting hot and was thinking of taking my shirt off! Joking of course, since I didn’t want to embarrass anybody with my massive frame, but when I left 60-degrees-and-raining weather in Minneapolis and arrived in 85-degrees-and-sunny weather in L.A., it was a big difference. I crashed once again at "Jesus’" place (not Jesus Christ, Jesus from Sludge/Myspace/KNAC) through Sunday, so needless to say I appreciated that very much. We headed out for the Tuff show a little later and got there right before the band before Tuff went on. We hung around outside and I met Sharree (Citygirl). I think I saw Jizzy Pearl walking out too, but I’m not sure. It took us awhile to go on, because we were hanging out and chatting with people, so once we did, it was almost time for Tuff to go on stage. We went back in the "VIP" room, and I met Trashy/Garbageman, Mike (Mullet67), DJ Will, Sherry (Rockphoto), Tod (Lars McBrain) and Stevie. Later on, I’d meet Janilanemichaels and his beautiful wife, as well as Mike Nickas (NickasInSaltLick on the boards). They were all very cool, and Will was taking our requests for tunes before Tuff went on ("Slave To The Grind" for me). Tuff went on, and I thought they did well. It was Jamie’s last show. He’s moving back to Wisconsin, so maybe C.C. Deville will be the new Tuff guitarist since Bret is a country "star" now. Or not. My night would end with a nice lap dance and getting the stripper’s telephone number (and address) after the show. Unfortunately, it got lost in my wallet and I just found it when I got home. Well, at least she didn’t take my wallet. I have that going for me!

Friday came and slowly, all of the other Sludgers rolled into town for the weekend. I called Cracker and headed over to his place to meet up with him, his friend Allan from Arkansas (with an Australian accent), Trashy, Stew, and a Yankees- loving woman from New York who doesn’t post much (yet) and whose name I forgot. We watched Orlando Hernandez get rocked by Johnny Damon and eventually headed over to the Rainbow. On the way there, Cracker got a call from JR Stinkfish, who wasn’t too far behind us. So we waited at the street corner like some ugly-looking prostitutes for him. Slowly, this big fat guy with a pink tanktop, glass eye and wooden leg came up to us and introduced himself as JR Stinkfish. HA! Just kidding. He wasn’t wearing a pink tanktop (at least when we met him), nor was he fat with a wooden leg. He COULD have a glass eye though. I cannot confirm nor deny that. After warming up with a few drinks along the way (and sharing text messages from Kristi/RPB, who did not realize we were sitting at the same table), we hit the Rainbow, sat down at our table, and ordered drinks and pizza. August from Killingbird was the first person to show up, and the rest of the band would follow shortly after. I hadn’t met him before, because when Killingbird played Vegas earlier this year, he didn’t make it (Ponch/Roadhead filled in for him). He was a very cool, intelligent guy. As time rolled on, Ette, Tenn, Victoria, Lilimae and friend, Nickas, Jim Bob Dwarf, JJ Brooks, Xtine, Meanie and Jasmin would arrive, and the fun began (I saw Julie Fitzwater walk by afterwards and have to say she is absolutely gorgeous in person!). After all the hugs and introductions, our table finally filled up. There were a few others that would come by and ended up having to stand (so I don’t even remember everybody that was there), but Metal Sludge packed the place. A food fight would ensue, and some guys would end up having food put in their drinks *cough*CrackerAndMeanie*cough* and some girls ended up with ice down their pants *cough*Ette*cough* by some guy with a bunch of silly tattoos! Much have been that Skyla from Killingbird!

The ‘Bow was a blast, the pizza was great, and it wasn’t even Saturday yet! Once Saturday rolled around, a few of us decided that a rematch against one Arkansas Cracker at Universal Studios for the NASCAR Simulation Race was in order, so I piled into Trashy’s car with Cracker, Allan, and Nickas and we headed over there. We bought some things we didn’t need, played virtual bowling (because we were drinking and didn’t realize they had real bowling upstairs), and hit the game. Of us Sludgers, Allan took the race and I came in 2nd. Cracker took the defeat like a man and started to cry and pout the rest of the time. BWAHAHA! Just kidding again. He didn’t, at least not in front of us. He could have when he went to the bathroom or when he changed before the show later. Still, it was a great day aside from the fact that I left without my digital camera! We figured that it ended up stolen, because I was pretty sure I left it in the video game place when we were "bowling" and when I went back later for it, it wasn’t there and the staff didn’t find it. So, whoever stole my camera….. gets to keep it. Yeah. That’s it. BASTARDS!!! I can buy a new camera, but I had a few pictures from the Rainbow the night before on it. Of course, they were all G-rated since all Sludgers are extremely well-behaved individuals, so no worries there. While we were leaving, JR Stinkfish finally arrived from San Diego with a very small girl named Amy (better known as Stalker Jr). After a nice hard slap on her ass and making sure that the wind wouldn’t blow her away, we headed to Paladino’s (once we spent 30 minutes remembering where Trashy parked his car).

We were pretty much the first ones at Paladino’s and got there before Madison Paige took the stage. DJ Will was spinning the tunes and the mood was set. I started doing shots a little too early, and by Killingbird’s set, I was pretty close to being plastered. But Madison Paige started and we showed them Sludge Luv. I thought they were better than expected and sounded pretty cool live. Of course, once they "came down a little bit" to do a ballad, I thought it was funny since their music wasn’t that hard to begin with! Still, they were an entertaining opener, and the drummer was wearing a Metal Sludge shirt, so props for that. I was in and out during National Dust (since Stalker Jr doesn’t turn 21 until January and a lot of people were still outside), so I don’t remember a thing about them. They could have had a hermaphrodite singing for them and a purple elephant playing drums as far as I know. Or Axl Rose and Tommy Lee could have made an appearance, but I didn’t hear anybody screaming, so I doubt that happened. Next up was Killingbird, and I made fucking sure I was inside for them. When they played Vegas earlier this year, Polexxia and Crabby Ass’ woman took me to get some burgers and when I got back, they smashed their instruments, so this was the first time I saw them live, even though I’ve played their CDs like a madman. They kicked ass live, and "Beat The Bullet" was just insane. I printed out the Killingbird flyer and was wearing the nametag during the show, but they didn’t kick my ass like the nametag said they would. I should ask for my money back! By this time, the crowd was really warming up to them and starting to get crazy! WWIII was next and again, I was in and out this time, but from what I saw and heard, I thought they were pretty bad- ass. As for Metal Skool, what hasn’t been said about them? My only complaint was that the sound sucked for awhile during their set. Then again, it could have been my ears and the effect of excessive alcohol consumption on me. Still, I think they sound a lot better at The Roxy. Still, they totally kicked ass and that fellow from Motley Priest (W Axl Halford) went up on stage to sing one with them! He looks just like Stevie Rachelle. Hmm, I’ll be damned! Fred Coury from Cinderella and Stuart Smith from Sweet played a couple with them, and people really dug that too. They ended their set with "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and the crowd went insane. I didn’t hear the exact attendance, but some estimated it between 40-50,000. It was moved outdoors again due to the demand. And there was still a line stretching for a half mile! A lot of stuff was handed out during the show by the excellent hosts, Jasmin St Claire and the Blue Meanie. Chicks were making out (in the crowd and on stage) and merch was thrown everywhere. By the end of the night, I ended up with a 3PW shirt and cap, some videos, CDs, stickers, and all that shit. Actually, I took some of it from the box before the show started. Regardless, after the show was over, pretty much everybody was there. EvelDick made it, and Grayantimatter and Gray’s bitch from Vegas showed up too! Everybody took pictures with everybody, and there were even a couple that are suitable to be posted! It was a great time, and I didn’t want it to end. We hung out in the parking lot just like we would at the Rainbow until they said the police eventually come by, so me, Ette, Victoria, Tenn, JJ, Jim Bob, and The Metal Chick hit some diner on Sunset, ate, drank, and said other things that we probably don’t remember.

It was a good end to the night until I ended up with the most incompetent taxi driver to take me back to Eagle Rock. $77 later after he stopped on every other back road to read which street he was on and stopping to check his map twice (when he could have used his navigation system), I finally found my way back. I took his ID number, wrote the time down, and if I feel vengeful this week, I hope to have him fired. Unfortunately, Jesus was asleep! And his daughter was over (for her birthday party). So I knocked and knocked, but there was no answer. I called his cell and the home number and heard the phones ring, but he didn’t pick up, so since he was out, I did the next best thing. I laid down in the grass in his front yard and fell asleep for an hour or two, hoping I wouldn’t end up arrested, robbed, raped, or killed, but too tired to care. I would wake up when the damn sprinklers came on! It was about 8 AM at this time, so I sent him a text message saying I was outside his front door and to let me in. I showered, changed clothes, and got ready to head over to Jasmin and Meanie’s place. Most people were leaving on Sunday, so Meanie invited me to stay with them at her place in Marina Del Rey. One final, semi-expensive taxi ride later, I arrived and I helped them move their things from their old suite to a temporary one (until they move into their brand new place in a couple of months). Meanie and I were able to get all the heavy items and boxes to their new place now, no problem. It was pretty funny seeing a tall, lanky, tattooed freak and a chubby guy with Wayne Static hair pushing shopping carts full of boxes back and forth across the lots. I’m surprised the police weren’t called on us. The final challenge before we were able to relax was getting their cats to their new place! They must have known what was up once they saw the cages come out, because they ran like they were possessed, hissing and scratching at us from their hiding spots, and their cat Toby must have been! She was the last cat to get, and Jas got scratched, and Meanie was holding the cage, so it was up to me to chase her around the room to get her into it. I’ve never seen a cat literally climb up a window or open a closet door itself to hide until Toby did it. I grabbed some chair leg to push her toward the cage and if she swiped at me instead of that chair leg, I’d probably be typing with a hook for a hand. After nearly 45 minutes, Toby was caged, calmed down, and taken to the new place with the other cats. It was Sunday afternoon and after we finished moving everything to the new place, we went shopping and eating on the Venice Boardwalk. I saw the ocean for the first times this weekend after CinnamonGhoul took me on Thursday night and then again when we went to Venice. I was mesmerized. The whole scene was perfect (the sights, smells, sounds, and everything) until some homeless guy started spouting off something about the end of the world. I hit the shops and bought more things I didn’t need and enjoyed hanging out with them. Later on, after all three of us were starving, they took me to their favorite restaurant (Buca Di Bepo) and we feasted on Italian food. I think Meanie and me single-handedly demolished a large order of spaghetti ourselves. After a few glasses of wine, Jasmin was testing the young waiter (an aspiring actor) by asking him if any guys had ever hit on him. The conversation veered into a wide range of different topics and would result in him wanting to know more about "this Metal Sludge thing". Another convert.

It looked like the last night for me (since I was scheduled to leave Monday around noon) until Jas convinced me that she could get my flight switched to Tuesday so we could see Metal Skool again. We probably listened to "Big Boobs" and "Stripper Girl" 61 times, so I agreed. She called NWA as my "mother" and said that my flight needed to be switched for a "medical emergency". I forget if it was an ear infection or a rear infection that she said. Needless to say, she was golden, and my flight was switched without costing me a penny more! This was great and meant that we had another day to chill. Jas did some errands around the place and had about 6,393 phone calls while Meanie and me downloaded some kickass CDs and watched DVDs all-day. He went to buy the "new" Van Halen DVD "Live Without A Net" and we watched that bitch. It fucking rocked and was weird seeing Eddie Van Halen looking so young and youthful. Finally, after sharing some cool heavy metal memories, and getting dressed up once more….. I mean, watching Jas get dressed up, it was time to hit the Rainbow before Metal Skool! We ended up getting a seat right across from Mandy Lion (from WWIII). I guess there was some annoying "groupie" he was talking to and he asked us if we were ever nice to somebody and regretted it. So we invited him over to our table and we talked about heavy metal and Sludge some more. He’s a very cool dude, and he’s down with old school heavy metal, so for that he got my respect. Between conversation, random former Playmates were coming up to the table to say "hi" to Jas, so just being in their presence (let alone being introduced) was pretty damn sweet. After awhile though, the guys were zoning out, right in time for METAL SKOOL!

The show kicked ass and the highlights were Billy Idol’s son singing a song, some huge black biker dude who looked like SEAL singing "Sweet Child O’ Mine" (and doing a pretty good job at it), hanging out with Tripp Eisen from Static X, and meeting Brian Perarra from Cleopatra Records. The lowlight of the night was some jackass who spilled Jas drink on her and her friends. Whether it was accidental or intentional, he was acting like a fucking prick and starting to get rowdy, so before Meanie and me kicked some ass (or before Meanie punched his lights out and I watched), the security guards threw him the fuck out. After that, we were able to settle back in and enjoy the show, which happened to be the first Metal Skool show where I saw a girl on stage actually show BOOBIES, and I got the picture to prove it. The chick was some model too (like half the girls are in L.A./Hollywood), but I forgot her name. Who cares! The crowd goes insane, the band kicks ass, and everybody has a good time. This is a guarantee at a Metal Skool show! And now, they apparently have Metal Skool shirts and panties, which were modeled on stage. I should get some of those panties. Anyway, stuff to watch out for.

The night was over, and so was the fun-filled weekend. I slept until about 10 AM today (Tuesday) and Meanie took me to the airport and we said our good-byes until next time. I appreciated their hospitality and loved the Italian food! I never saw such a small cat become possessed by Satan like theirs did either. Regardless, the entire weekend was beyond a blast, and now I learned my lesson. Regardless of what’s going on, I don’t think I really need to decide if I’m going to go to a future show or not. It’s either "yes", "yes", or "hell yes". Every Sludge gathering has kicked some serious ass, and the Metal Sludge Extravaganza was no exception. So thank you to the bands and the fans and the Sludgers and the others for coming out. I’ve heard rumors of a wrestling/Sludge event in Philly that Meanie and Jas might put on later this year… otherwise there’s always Sludgin’ In Vegas next year. So save your money children! In the words of Soichi, "ohhhh ok now, bye bye now"!




Nate and Ette showing off their hats

From our June 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month, J.J. Brooks:

The show was a blast (from what I remember, anyways) with good tunes, good friends, and a LOT of booze. I haven’t even attempted to write an official ‘review’ because I was all over the place, and would end up leaving out entirely too much that’s worth mentioning.

Thanks for putting everything together and delivering a hell of a show – my first MSE experience, and hopefully the first of many more!

Photos – http://www.vividwhiteboy.com/html/mse9

Feel free to include any of them on MSE recap updates, if you wish.

Jeremy "JJ" Brooks


Mandy Lion and JJ

And of course, more pictures!

Metal Skool takes the stage!

The merch table is mobbed by the crowd at Paladino’s

Nate and JJ molest poor underaged Stalker Jr. in the parking lot!

JJ and DJ Will

DJ Will and TheMetalChick

TheMetalChick with WWIII’s Jimmy Bain…

… and Vinnie Appice!

With that Michael Thomas guy

Skinwalker the Merch-Boy tries to strangle TheMetalChick!

With 2001 Sludgeaholic of the Year, Jim Bob Dwarf!

JJ Brooks, TheMetalChick, and some other guy

We’re not too sure what Junkman is doing with that chicken, but hey, it’s yet another example of the quality enteratinment you’ll experience at a Metal Sludge Extravaganza. See? There’s something for everyone.

The motley crew of Sludgeaholics

DJ Will from KNAC and Chantel

Arkansas Cracker and MSE9 co-host Jasmin St. Claire

Evel Dick, Christian, and Nate S. Axel

Wendell Neeley attempts to molest our merch girl. Security!

Evel Dick and Cracker share a bonding moment

Meanie and the gang want YOU to send in your MSE9 pictures!

We’ll keep updating this page as more photos and recaps come in. Check back soon!

And a big special bowl of Sludge Luv for EVERYONE who wrote in a recap and/or sent in pictures. You rule, each and every one of you.

Oh, yeah. Rumor has it that there may be a Midwest and an East Coast Metal Sludge Extravaganza coming soon. Also stay tuned for the first ever "Metal Slut Night." This will include NUDITY! How cool is that?

Metal Sludge

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