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LIFE SEX & DEATH “Silent Majority” (1992)


LIFE SEX & DEATH "Silent Majority" (1992)

by Jani Bon Neil

Before Slipknot’s masks, Mudvayne’s makeup, and Marilyn Manson, there was Stanley. He was the lead singer for Life, Sex, & Death and his gimmick was that he was a bum. He dressed in tattered clothes and walked around hunched over and all fucked up. He didn’t really care about anything. Plus he NEVER bathed. Seriously. He smelled worse than the front row at a Slaughter show and rumors have it he actually got tapeworm as a result of him never washing. He really lived his gimmick. I just thought I’d say that before my review so you understand what the fuck I’m about to talk about.

Cover: 8 Bums out of 10.

The cover shows a woman with her hands over her head with an american flag blindfold and tape over her mouth. The original version of this cover showed her topless with wire through her nipples, but obviously that wasn’t the version put in stores. The cover fits the album titles and I enjoy seeing chicks with tape over their mouths, so it works for me.

Booklet: 8 Bums out of 10.

It’s a pretty extensive booklet with all the lyrics, photos, etc.

Songs: 9 Bums out of 10.

Any band with a song called "Fuckin’ Shit Ass" gets an automatic 9. They also have a song called "Big Black Bush," with has some Van Halenish riffs towards the end of it. There is a killer guitar tone on this record and a very live feel to it. "Tank" starts off with some brutal bass and Stanley sings "I’m a tank, I’m a tank" throughout the chorus, so that’ll make you want to go out on the town and loot. The CD even ends with a piano ballad! The only song that’s lame is "Guatemala," which really isn’t even a song but Stanley ranting about shit. Other all this is a great CD, but a lot of people just didn’t understand it. Plus Stanley looking like a homeless crackhead didn’t really impress any chicks and get him many pinups.

Comments: You either loved this band or hated them. There really was no in between. Not to swing from their dick too hard, but I almost think these guys were ahead of their time. People just had no fucking idea what to do with Stanley and he actually took his gimmick too far. He lived it and it ended up hurting the band. Plus he’d go do radio interviews and hide underneath tables and he just pissed too many people off. But if you never saw LSD live, due yourself a favor and hunt down a bootleg video, because to this day it’s still one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen.

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