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KINGOFTHEHILL “Kingofthehill” (1991)


KINGOFTHEHILL "Kingofthehill" (1991)

by bastard boy floyd

Cover: 4 Party’s In Your Pocket out of 10.

This is a lame cover because it’s just of the band. It’s boring. It just says Kingofthehill and there is a picture of the band. Whoopee!

Booklet: 4 Party’s In Your Pocket out of 10.

This booklet folds out into a poster of the band along with some credits, but there are too many pictures of the band. Plus in one photo Frankie has all his hair over one side of his face and looks like a goof. These guys were ok looking, but fuck, they aren’t the Backstreet Boys.

Songs: 6 Party’s In Your Pocket out of 10.

These guys had a little success with the funky "I Do U" and the ballad "If I Say," but not enough for anybody to really remember them for it. These guys were your typical hairband except they had a funky sound. The singer, Frankie, at times almost rapped the vocals, but it wasn’t really rap. I don’t know what you’d want to call it. By the time album came out Nirvana came along and basically brushed them under the rug.

Comments: At the time a lot of people were saying Frankie was going to be the next David Lee Roth. Guess what? He wasn’t, and he’s playing in a cover band in St. Louis now. These guys recorded a follow up CD but their label never put it out and the band broke up. You can download it off the net now.

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