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by Donna Anderson

Cover: 4 Needle Parks out of 10.

The cover is very simple. It’s the 5 band members’ photos. In the center is Joey, and on the top right is a guy by the name of Adam Hamilton, who is now playing bass for L.A. Guns! Adam was the drummer in this band.

Booklet: 3 Needle Parks out of 10.

Once again very simple. Nothing fancy at all, just lyrics and credits.

Songs: 8 Needle Parks out of 10.

If you weren’t paying attention you’d think that Mark Slaughter was singing on some of these songs. Joey C. Jones sounds very much like Mark at times. The songs are well written, catchy, pop rock songs ala Cheap Trick. They’re the type of songs that can get stuck in your head for days, especially the lead off track "Hello." Speaking of Cheap Trick, the first single was written by Robin Zander and Rick Nielson called "Wait All Night." C.C. DeVille ended up getting co-writing credit for the song "Broadway." Every song has a memorable chorus and solid musicanship. It’s a solid CD that fans of Cheap Trick, Enuff Z’Nuff, Butch Walker, and I guess even Slaughter should enjoy.

Comments: This band started out of the ashes of C.C. DeVille’s Needle Park. Joey and Adam were in C.C.’s band and after that feel through, they put together Joey C. Jones And The Glory Hounds. The CD came out on TNT Records and in 1993 nobody wanted to hear this type of music so it went largely unnoticed. I don’t even remember how I got this CD but I know I got it when it came out. Finding it now would be pretty hard.

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