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by bastard boy floyd

Cover: 2 Gropes out of 10

It’s a set of window blinds being held open by someone’s hands. Gay.

Booklet: 2 Feel-Ups out of 10

This booklet did nothing to impress me, which is why I didn’t really even look at it. It was just that lame.

Songs: 5 Fingers out of 10

This sounds like old school shit like UFO or early Def Leppard. The production sounds kind of fucked, which is suprising since Brian May from Queen produced this. Maybe he was drunk the whole time. The songs themselves aren’t too bad. I guess it’s the kind of shit you’d listen to while smoking a bowl in a 1983 Camaro. (Not that I’ve ever done anything like that.) The singer ("Hamie") has sort of a shrieky voice, kind of like what Mark Slaughter might sound like if he were trying to sing Saxon songs. Hamie’s voice takes a bit of getting used to, but nowhere near as annoying as that guy from The Darkness. So if you can get past that, these songs aren’t too terrible.

Comments: I don’t know a whole lot about Heavy Pettin, but they came from Scotland, that place where men wear skirts and dinosaurs still swim in the lakes. Heavy Pettin toured in Europe with bands like KISS and Ozzy back in the day, put out a few albums, and split up in the late 80s. That Hamie guy put out some unreleased demos and a live album in the late 90s, and their video for "Rock Ain’t Dead" still gets shown on VH1 Classics’ Metal Mania. But other than that, Heavy Pettin is basically history.

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