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SUSIE HATTON “Body And Soul” (1991)


SUSIE HATTON "Body And Soul" (1991)

by Jani Bon Neil

Cover: 5 Fallen Angels out of 10.

This is a closeup of Susie’s head and she’s sort of looking off in the distance. Maybe she’s staring at Bret without his bandana on.

Booklet: 5 Fallen Angels out of 10.

The booklet has 8 panels including all the lyrics on a plain white background and overall it’s rather boring. There are also 2 photos of Susie with ripped jeans, but she isn’t showing enough skin to get a higher score.

Songs: 4 Fallen Angels out of 10.

Did anybody really think this was going to be successful? The songs are very average with no attitude or feeling whatsoever. Some of the tunes are like a very watered down poppier version of Poison. Her voice even sounds like a female Bret Michaels. She sings like him and you can occasionally hear Bret signing the backups, such as on "Brown Sugar", which is a cover of the Rolling Stones song. There are also a few ballads on here that I don’t think I’ve ever fully listened to because I’m not into self tourture.

Comments: Susie was the chick in Poison’s "Fallen Angel" video and she was Bret’s girlfriend for a while, which is the only reason she got a record deal. The old "Let me get my girlfriend a record deal" thing. Bret also produced this and co-wrote all the songs with Susie and two other guys. She opened for Bret when he did his solo tour in the Fall of 1991, but this album ended up flopping on it’s tits, Susie got dropped, her and Bret broke up, and nobody has heard from her since.

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