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FASTER PUSSYCAT “Wake Me When It’s Over” (1989)


FASTER PUSSYCAT "Wake Me When It’s Over" (1989)

by Donna Anderson

Cover: 7 Drag Queens out of 10

The cover is kind of different. It’s some guy screaming. He’s moving while screaming, and it looks like he’s made of cement or something. The cover is all in tones of grey and white. This came out in a time of bright colors and glam rock, so the cover is a bit novel for it’s time. Kinda grungy.

Booklet: 7 Drag Queens out of 10

The booklet is cool. It has lyrics, the usual thank you’s, and band pictures. The layout of the pictures is a bit different than the norm. The guys’ pictures are on a table with candles and beads and it looks like they are part of someone’s tarot reading. There are odd designs printed under the lyrics as well.

Songs: 7 Drag Queens out of 10

The songs on this cd rock. Faster Pussycat was always known for their offbeat humor. Songs like "Tattoo", which is about a girl who got Taime’s (?) name tattooed on her ass, live up to that reputation. There are catchy songs like "Poison Ivy" and "Arizona Indian Doll", and there are songs that are blatantly about sex, like "Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way". "Litte Dove" is about a porn star, and Taime sings about having his "fuse" blown. Every song on this cd is amazing.

Comments: This is the one, and the ONLY, cd that I can listen to repeatedly and never tire of. It’s so good, and all the songs are just slightly different. Too bad Taime went all Manson-ish. Pussycat was what he was good at.

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