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E-Z-O “E-Z-O” (1988)


E-Z-O "E-Z-O" (1988)

Freelance Writer Mick Stingley

Cover: 4 Japanese Tourists out of 10.

Slick, glossy black photo of two black leather. gloved hands forming a point with the index fingers. It just says, E Z O across the top. Creepy and weird.

Booklet: 8 Japanese Tourists out of 10.

This is pretty slick. Japanese import… makes you wonder why the fuck American releases can be so crappy. This really raises the bar. Lots of glossy photos of this Japanese quartet that clearly loves big hair, make-up and leather, but not in any way that a Sunset Strip ’80’s band would understand. They look like extras from Blade Runner, and would be right at home opening for Marilyn Manson. All the lyrics are here in English, and they thank some people, including Kip Winger. Hmm…

Songs: 5 Japanese Tourists out of 10.

"Here It Comes", "Flashback Heart Attack", "I Walk Alone" stand out. Produced by Gene Simmons. "Here It Comes" is awesome. The rest is…well; average. Which is why you probably haven’t heard of them.

Comments: Not bad. Some of it sounds funny, because they sing phonetically. I’m sorry I never saw these guys live, though. They look crazy. I read somewhere that the singer and drummer are now with LOUDNESS, the first (metal) band to make it out of Japan.

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