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EYES “Eyes” (1990)


EYES "Eyes" (1990)

By Donna Anderson

Cover: 4 Eyes out of 10.

It’s definitely one of those odd covers, let’s see if I can explain it. It’s a picture of someone (can’t really tell if it’s a guy or girl) from their shoulders up with their eyes covered by a blind fold or something and it almost look like the top of their head has exploded. It’s weird enough to be memorable but not good enough to get a higher score.

Booklet: 6 Eyes out of 10.

Overall a very good booklet that contains a photo of the band with all of their names listed in the order they appear in the picture so you can actually tell which guy does what in the band, all of the song lyrics are included as well. You can also find the bands fan club address and an Eyes hotline number; now the one catch – their hotline was a "900" number that would’ve cost you $2.00 a minute to call!

Songs: 9 Eyes out of 10.

I couldn’t find a single song that I didn’t really like. They definitely have a unique sound that wasn’t done a thousand times over in that era. They are pretty much straight forward rock n’ roll with maybe a touch of blues influence. The singer has a good voice and the rest of the band can harmonize too. The album contains 10 songs in which 2 of them are ballads plus a little bonus track where the guys sing acappella and show off.

Comments: A must have if you are able to find it, trust me your money won’t be wasted. It always sucks when a band is signed to a shit label and doesn’t get as far as they should. Yet their name was pretty gay, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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