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by Jani Bon Neil

Cover: 8 Bitter Singers out of 10

The cover is a painting of a variety of different people. A freakshow. Get it?


Limited Edition Packaging = 10

The limited edition packaging is sort of hard to explain, but I’ll give it a go. It doesn’t come in the regular jewel case. It think it’s called a digipack or something. When you open it up, it folds out like an accordian and when you look in the keyhole it shows you a 3D image, which is actually just the cover. It’s like something from a kid’s book. Pretty creative for the time.

Regular Booklet = 7

The regular booklet folds out into a bigger version of their album cover along with photos of the band. No lyrics though.

Songs: 10 Pigs In Mud out of 10

T his is a very underrated album. It wasn’t nearly as successful as their first album, but I actually thought it was better. It’s a tad darker with no real radio singles, but it’s great hard rock record in the spirit of early Van Halen. Of course, it was produced by Van Halen producer Ted Templeman. There isn’t a bad track on the entire album and if you’re a fan of early Van Halen you’ll want to check this out. Mick Sweda came up with some great riffs and Marq Torien could still sing at this time.

Comments: Too bad this would be the last good thing they would ever do.

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