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COLD SWEAT “Break Out” (1990)


COLD SWEAT "Break Out" (1990)

By Donna Anderson


Cover: 2 Sticks of Deodorant out of 10.

The background of the cover is orange with drops of "sweat" all over. The band’s name is printed in the most basic font, no imagination was used for this one. Then there is a "C" and an "S" intermingled with their name once again written within the logo. It looks so cheesy; almost like what a kid would draw on their folder while they are trying to stay awake in history class.

Booklet: 3 Sticks of Deodorant out of 10.

Okay maybe they were going through a minimalist phase or something, I don’t know but the booklet pretty much sucks too. It’s the same type of orange background that’s on the cover with no pictures of the band. Now the funny thing is that they credit someone for "Makeup" !? Like I said there are NO pictures of the band anywhere on the cover or in the booklet. What did this chick do – add highlight to the drops of sweat? The only reason why they got points for the booklet is because they did at least print the lyrics; however get your magnifying glass ready it’s printed smaller than the interest rate info on that credit card offer you just got in the mail.

Songs: 5 Sticks of Deodorant out of 10.

Not bad just typical for the era. If I had to compare them to another band the closest one would be Whitesnake. Their songs have strong vocals with a lot of guitars hooks (12 songs in all). They have a "club" sound, so I can see how they got signed. I just don’t think they were original enough to get much past that. Of course who in the late 80’s / early 90’s was original?

Comments: As long as you don’t collect albums for their artwork this one would be a good selection to get if you can find it anywhere. Definitely one to listen to in the Trans-Am this summer as you are cruising around.

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