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JOHNNY CRASH “Neighborhood Threat” (1990)


JOHNNY CRASH "Neighborhood Threat" (1990)

by Lita Love

Cover: 6 OD’s out of 10.

It’s a cartoon of a bulldog looking all pissed off, plus they have the ‘n’ in Johnny spelled backwards, so they get point
s for having a backwards letter way before Korn.

Booklet: 5 OD’s out of 10.

This is basic. Lyrics and a series of black & white pictures. Typical for the time.

Songs: 6 OD’s out of 10.

These guys have a very AC/DC & Rose Tattoo influenced sound with a sleazy, street type image. It’s a straight ahead rock album that for the time sound have done better than it did. The singer was named Vicki James Wright who was from England. Even though it came out in 1990, this album doesn’t sound that dated or cheesy, at least compared to what was out at the time.

Comments: These guys actually toured with Motley Crue for a bit during the Dr. Feelgood tour, but still nobody really cared. This was Johnny Crash’s only release. The bass player Adam Rodgers died of an heroin overdose in 1992, so don’t look for a reunion anytime soon.

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