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ASPHALT BALLET “Asphalt Ballet” (1991)


ASPHALT BALLET "Asphalt Ballet" (1991)

by Taime "Sex" Slaughter

Cover: 4 Eight Balls out of 10.

The cover sucks as far as I’m concerned. It’s a painting and I don’t even feel like describing it. The name Asphalt Ballet is too small and it looks like something that Crash Test Dummies would do. Not a very metal cover, especially from a band called Asphalt Ballet.

Booklet: 6 Eight Balls out of 10.

Not a bad booklet. All the lyrics are here as well as some credits and a photo. These guys are all pretty ugly. The best looking guy was the drummer. Not that I’m gay or anything, but I thought I’d point that out.

Songs: 4 Eight Balls out of 10.

A few songs on this CD are cool, but for every cool song they had they had about 2 lame songs. These guys sound like a million other bands that came out at the time. Absolutely nothing special going on here. Pretty much a paint-by-the-numbers rock CD. If I had to describe their sound I’d say it’s sort of gritty and bluesy rock, whatever the fuck means.

Comments: The singer was a bitch who left in the middle of a tour because he couldn’t handle the road. They got a new singer and released a followup CD that also didn’t do shit.

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