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ARMORED SAINT “Symbol Of Salvation” (1991)


ARMORED SAINT "Symbol Of Salvation" (1991)

by Jani Bon Neil

Cover: 5 Anthrax’s out of 10.

Nothing too fancy except the band’s name and a what looks like a chick’s body in a picture frame. Kind of weak for a metal band. They needed some dragons, flames or skulls and it probably would have been an 8 or 9.

Booklet: 8 Anthrax’s out of 10.

This is a 14 page booklet with all the lyrics, group and individual band photos, thanks and basically everything else you’d need.

Songs: 9 Anthrax’s out of 10.

This is almost the perfect metal album. There isn’t a band song in the bunch and I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. You have heavy shit like "Reign of Fire," "Dropping Like Flies," and "Spineless" to more commerical songs like "Last Train Home" and "Truth Always Hurts." The production is great too. This is a good record to drive to.

Comments: The songs here were recorded after the death of guitarist Dave Prichard from leukemia, in which he co-wrote a lot of the songs on this album. This is probably the best Armored Saint record to date and definitely an album that should have had way more success. However these guys didn’t really have an image and they aren’t the best looking guys either. And unfortunately another band called Metallica released an album the same year and overshadowed everything, but this album is just as strong as any metal album out there. A year later John joined Anthrax and the rest is history.

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