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Sludgette of the Month – October 2005, Brandee




Brandee is our Sludgette of the Month for October, which happens to be her favorite month. Let’s get right into this shall we…

1. Tell us about you, who you are and why are you a vinyldiva?

Lets see….I grabbed the screen name Vinyldiva back in 1997 for the simple fact that most of my wardrobe consists of Vinyl clothing, and that I was a DJ for many years! I am a jack of all trades, from a body piercer, to a DJ, a wig-maker, Bartender, and at one point in my life, stand up comedy!! I am a huge fan of 80’s metal…and all things pertaining to, and I will smoke your ass at any trivia you throw at my way! Im a huge fan of Fetish Balls, Karaoke bars, and Brandee Bombs…My own drink consisting of a double shot of Jagermeister in a tall glass of ice and a full can of Sugar free RedBull!! Cheers!

2. More details please……..

Age: 32

Weight: 135


Tattoo Count: Too many to count! Had a few large ones that all ran in together.

Piercing count: Believe it or not, but only 4 not counting my ears.

3. Where are you from, what do you do for a job who did you ink work?

I am currently living in Springfield Missouri, and I am a professional Body Piercer at kick ass shop called Kaleidoscope (plug) Shop is world famous and been here for 33 years! My GOOD Tattoos were done here by an amazing artist by the Name of Tim Pontillo at (another Plug)American Body works Tattoo. All the rest were done all over the US, from Hawaii, to New York, Arkansas, and Texas!

4. Name your turn ons and your turn offs?

Turn ons: Boys in Make-up, tight leather pants,and killer tattoos! (oh and midgets, cant forget them)

Turn offs: Jailhouse Tattoos, bad piercings, and bad teeth!

5. If you could bang any past Sludgeaholic or Sludgette who would you pick and why?

Sludgette – I want an Ette and Static Beth sandwich (me in the middle of course)

Sludgeaholic – This is a hard one…I’ll have to get back to ya on that!

6. Tell us about your favorite and least favorite bands?


LA Guns

Faster Pussycat

Tora Tora



Great White

Babylon AD

Princess Pang


Least Favorite:


Lita Ford


I liked more than I hated, but I really disliked these three!!

7. Do you have any pics of you without tats, or without throwing the devils horns?

Without tattoos…NO…not throwing horns…YES!

8. How did you find about Metal Sludge and how long have you been cumming here?

I stumbled on Metal Sludge back in 2000 maybe?? Its been awhile ago. I have been a member ever since. My favorite place on the net!

9. Your personal motto is:

I reject your reality and replace it with my own!

10. How do feel about being crowned the October 2005 Sludgette of the month?

Well, October is my favorite month of the year, so fucking phenominal!!

Let’s do a quick review. Brandee is covered in tattoos, loves LA Guns, drinks Brandee Bombs, wants to bang Ette and Static Beth, doesn’t like Styper or bad teeth (who does?) and is turned on by boys in make up and midgets. The real question should have been…is Brandee turned on by midgets in make up?


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