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Wednesday 13 Tour Diary – Entry #4, 11/20/04


Wed 13 of Murderdolls tour diary

November 16th Tilburg Holland

I wake up and roll off the bus to meet the Roadrunner Holland gang and to find out that I have press scheduled for the first part of the day. I do some interviews and then sound check and then an another interview. It’s also Pig’s birthday today and we had a surprise for him on stage tonight, so I tried to act like a dick and not say happy birthday to him at all to make him think I didn’t care. We had a great in house meal, but it was a little morbid. The head cook there died the day before making this meal for us, he died with a spoon in his hand. We had to eat the meal just out of respect, and just for the weirdness of it…it was great. Show time arrives and we deliver the goods. The crowd was great and we had our intro guy Skully bring a chocolate cupcake with a candle out to Pig, and then had the audience sing happy birthday to him. After the show we had our last shower before we get home and scrubbed the smelly spots extra hard. I went out to meet the fans and spent the rest of time hanging with my friend Marco (who brought me a Tigertailz picture vinyl of the first album, along with some cool horror dvds, thanks you rule!!!!) We headed out to get some food, and then came back and watched House of a 1000 Corpses and went to sleep.

November 17th Colchester UK

This venue is an old, old, old, church. In fact the story of Humpty Dumpty originated here…yes the egg guy. Behind the stage is nothing but stained glass with images of Jesus and other bible people on it. Before soundcheck we walked into town and had almost an American style meal…we actually found curly fries and hot sauce. We come back for soundcheck and then begin the getting dressed process. Viking Skull the support band for most of this tour ripped it the fuck up tonight (look out for big things from these guys) and it was really cool to actually have good music playing while your getting dressed. Show time arrives and the atmosphere of this place just made the show unlike any of the others. We have samples from movies through out our set and to hear Reagan from the Exorcist speaking and then see a lighted stained glass image of Jesus behind you was just an amazing moment. The audience was great and we had a blast. We walk off stage, had a baby wipe bath, and then met the fans. I got a cool T-shirt from a fan, an Exorcist "your mother sucks cocks in hell" shirt…woo hooo!!! We grabbed some food and then came back and called it a day. One more to go!!!

November 18th Liverpool/November19th travel home

I woke up, looked out my window and saw that it was a rainy cold miserable fucking shit ass day outside. I just laid in my bunk and listened to my new album and thought of ideas for the layout for a couple of hours. Everyone on the bus slept late today, I don’t think we all really started moving till about 4pm. We watched Friday the 13th the Final Chapter and then I had some press to do. Right after, the bassist from Viking skull brought me a bag of vinyl albums. I really got lucky this time, inside the bag were some real treasures, one of them being London’s album "Never Cry Wolf." I also got Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Cinderella and some others. We have soundcheck and then head back to the bus to watch Friday the 13th part 6. We get dressed for the final time, and let me just say our clothes are beyond the smell of shit now. We walk out on stage and give it to them good and no..not like Trixter. The audience was full of fans that I saw all through the UK and the show was out of control. Afterwards we ran back to the bus and the audience poured out of the venue and just surrounded our bus, it was like a scene from the new Dawn of the Dead. I went out and meet the fans got some kick ass gifts, a KFC umbrella, a Frankenstein 12" doll, and House of 1000 corpses T-shirt, a Satan T-shirt and a lot of other cool things. We had to leave real quick tonight to get us all to the airport in time. We all stayed awake, and packed up all of our things and just waited till we got to the airport. We walked off the bus said good-bye to Richard our kick ass tour manger, and then stumbled into the airport. We spent an hour getting checked in and then went to Mc Donald’s and knocked another 10mins off of our life. We ran to our gate and then got on the plane for our wonderful 10 hour flight. The flight started off good but the we hit some really bad turbulence which seemed like it lasted for hours, I watched the movie Dodgeball and finally passed out. We arrive in Dallas and go through immigration and customs were they searched all of my bags inside and out. We then hit a TGI Fridays and stuffed our faces and then headed to our gates. We said goodbye to Pig who was heading to LA, and did a few more Paul Stanley quotes for fun. We get on board the last plane to finally go home to Charlotte.

Overall the tour was a complete success, and the fans were beyond my expectations, you ghouls rule!!! Thanks for everyone who came out, helped out and was just cool to us. See ya next time.

Wednesday 13


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