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Wednesday 13 Tour Diary – Entry #3, 11/17/04


Birmingham Nov 8th

I wake up in an underground parking deck, no sunlight and no sign of human life outside the bus. I was hoping to catch the site of a C.H.U.D. but I guess that’s only in America. Right across the street is a Toys ‘R’ Us and unfortunately I had no time to visit it on this trip. I have press today and still have the Metal Hammer guys with us today. I went to Kerrang Radio and done an interview and had some kick ass hot chocolate right after. Pig ran and got a new tattoo after sound check, which looks amazing. Right before the show I had some sort of anxiety attack, it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. The show had to wait 20 minutes in the hope that my heart would calm down…. it didn’t ….so we had to go on anyway…. did the show…everything was cool…luckily I didn’t pass out and the show was a success. Walked off stage hung out with the record company and Metal hammer and called it a day. Next stop Scotland!!!!

Glasgow Scotland November 9th

On my many trips here, I have now finally learned how to pronounce the name of this place ‘Glasgo’ take off the ‘W’ it is not pronounced ‘Glass-COW’ like my dumbass said on stage many times before. All the days are starting to run together, but this show was crazy and the fans of Glasgow did not disappoint. No shower today, my stage clothes smell dookie, shit, poop, and stinky all mixed together…thank you Satan for baby wipes. I went out and met the fans and it seems like every night now there are kids with tattoos of my name on them….. and tonight I see a huge portrait of my face on someone’s back and on their forearm. Right after we jetted off quickly to catch the ferry to Ireland.

Belfast Ireland November 10th

The ferry over was fucking shakey as fuck. For a second there I thought we were going to have our own TV show Ghoul-i-gans Island. We arrived safely and parked outside the venue and slept most of the day. This venue was pretty cool and was set up like an American venue. The Wife and I went out to a bar restaurant called Morningstar, where I paid 10 Euros for a steak that tasted like an old sneaker. Show time quickly approaches and we go out and lay the smack down on the Irish. Let me just say, the Irish know how to head bang and by this I mean, laying there body half way over the barricade, banging their heads like motherfuckers…Amen Johnson! After meeting the fans, the Wife and I walk our drunk asses to an Irish Chinese Restaurant where the lady behind the counter was a total bitch. We ordered our shitty food and as we waited, a very drunk Irish guy walked in, quoting lines to her, from Full Metal Jacket – ‘Me Love You Long Time’. It was hilarious, serves you right BITCH! We hit the bunks and called it a day.

Dublin Ireland November 11th

We wake up and find some fans had brought us Halloween 4 and 5 on DVD. Where I come from, that’s a good thing to wake up to! We travelled into Dublin, which has some of the coolest fucking buildings and scenery that I have ever seen. We hop off the bus, quick load in, and a quick sound check. Then we jet off to get some food and stop at a really cool toy store called Forbidden Planet. I stayed in there and drooled over the Michael Myers & Dr. Loomis box set, which I convinced myself not to buy, until I got home. We went back to the venue, just in time to get dressed and continue what we started the night before – kicking the ass of the Irish! I meet a shit load of rabid fans and we were off quickly to catch a ferry back to the UK. We watched Halloween 4 & 5 until I was so drunk I had to hit the bunk. Hey that rhymed!

Bristol November 12th

Due to the ferry times, we arrived at the venue about an hour before doors. This show was okay, but I was bummed out that it was an 18 and up venue. They turned away over 100 kids at the door. I am sorry guys, we tried!! The show was still cool, but I felt weird knowing there were kids out front, not able to get in. So after the show, I went out to meet the kids that hung out in the freezing cold. I finished the night off by listening to Alice Cooper and called it a day.

Brighton November 13th

I woke up and looked out my bunk window to see the fucking ocean and a bunch of Ghouls outside, around out bus. Something wasn’t right with this picture, it looked like a scene from The Lost Boys. Walked off the bus and meet some fans before sound check (thank you to The Texas Drag Queen Massacre and the others for the KFC – you Ghouls rule). We had a great in house meal courtesy of the venue which was very American and southern…just like me. We get dressed and spend the rest of the time putting on our make-up and saying Paul Stanley quotes and even making up and adding on to some of them, for example: (in Paul Stanley voice) “If it’s to loud, your too old, and if it’s too hot then your too cold.” I know it makes no sense, but half of things out of his mouth doesn’t make sense. The show went over great, tons of kids going ape shit and acting crazy. I went out and met a butt load of kids and it was so fucking cold I had snot -sicles by the end of it. We hoped on the bus watched Donnie Darko and headed for the ferry into Holland.

Utrecht Holland, November 14th

I wake up and make me a cup of hot chocolate, and even though I’m in Holland I didn’t have Swiss Miss hot chocolate…god damnit. Today, getting decent food is not going to be possible. It’s Sunday and nothing is open so I eat Doritos and peanut M&M’s all day. Show time arrives and we got out and put Holland in the Hurt Locker. This show had the most physical action so far, a huge pit and kids jumping on stage stealing my guitar picks. Afterwards I had a shower, and washed my stinky ass for the first time in four days, it was a beautiful thing. I went and met the fans and then we headed out to the highway like Judas Priest. I listened to T-rex for a bit which for some reason blew a fuse in the back lounge and fucked up the rest of the night. I called it a day and said goodnight after that……12 in a row four to go….home sweet home here I come.

Brussels Belgium, November 15th

I wake up with our bus on the side of the street with tons of traffic whipping by. I look out to the left of the bus and I see all of these statues of vultures and old 16th century stuff, it was like Clash of the Titans so I looked around for a mechanical owl but all I saw was a drunk guy. Today was boring and I just sat around and waited till show time. The show finally arrives and it went over pretty well, the audience was a little reserved but it was still cool. I went out and met the kids and then we got on the bus and hit the road. We stopped down at the town square to get a glimpse at all of the old buildings and it was just fucking mind blowing. We crawled back on the bus and went to bed.



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