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Wednesday 13 Tour Diary – Entry #2, 11/11/04


November 6th Staffordshire Rugeley Rose

So I wake up squeaky and not in very good shape for singing, I sound like Marky Mark on Boogie Nights. I’m drinking hot tea (throat coat) and taking these throat lozenges called Vocal Zone. We do sound check and I don’t sing at all, and I just keep my fingers crossed and hope all goes well. We cut a couple songs off the set and make it a 15 song set. I squeaked my way thru an interview and stayed quiet until Showtime. Show time finally arrives and I walk on stage hoping the spirit of Sammi Curr will come alive. Believe it or not I make it through okay and nobody seemed to notice, thanks Sammi. I met the kids, took a shower and went to bed right after….rock n roll all nite and then go to sleep!!!

November 7th Manchester

I wake up and realize I can speak, and worries of the show sucking are behind me now. Metal Hammer joined us for the day for a tour piece, so we spent the afternoon just talking, gossiping, and hanging out. Sound check was successful and my voice is much better, but still not 100%. Some fans I met outside the bus gave me some cool gifts, one being "The Return Of The Living Dead" soundtrack on vinyl, the euro version…oh yeah!!!! The last time I played Manchester it was nuts, tonight was no fucking different. I walked out to a sold out crowd chanting my name and we just ripped it the fuck up, the craziest crowd so far for sure. The lights in the place were insane, it was like wearing 3-D glasses for a whole show, I thought we were going to have a seizure from the lights. We went out right after and met the fans and then went and grabbed some pizza from down the street. We watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and called it a day.



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