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Sludge-O-Ween weekend starts TONIGHT in LA!

Metal Sludge & Jimmy D. Presents…


Metal Sludge Extravaganza LA Style!

Porn Stars, Fast Cars, Rock Stars, Strip Bars

Updated 10-28-2005:

Lots of FREE stuff bring an empty hand!

Feature dancers from the Candy Cat, the Valley Ball

and Shenanigans will be on hand. along with a slew of

Sludgettes and a film crew who are looking for some good

one liners from you. Wear Sludgendise, or a costume and

get in for $ 10.00 either night. The film crew will be there on

Friday for sure,  so bring your A-game and don’t be late!

Fri. Oct. 28th & Sat. Oct. 29th @ Paladinos


Info: (818) 342-1563 or  www.PaladinosClub.com

Friday Night Line-Up

Haitz @ 8:PM

Peppermint Creeps @ 9:PM

Fastback @ 10:PM

(Feat: X-members of Beautiful Creatures & Bang Tango)

Motley Priest @ 11:PM

(Feat: Stevie Rachelle of TUFF & guest Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd)

Gods of Thunder (KISS tribute full show) @ 12:15AM

Saturday Night Line-Up

Honey Highway @ 8:PM

Lust 4 Nightmares (Pirate Metal) @ 9:PM

Psydafect @ 10:PM

Rhino Bucket @ 11:PM

Carbon 9 @ 12:15AM

New Parking Lot, New Management, New Sound

FREE Shit, Hot Chicks & Costume Contests.

$12.00 @ The Door ONLY $ 10.00 if you’re wearing

Any Costume or Any Metal Sludge Shirt!

woooooooo hoooooooooo. i’ve been given orders to tell you pigtailed stalkers about the sludge-o-ween weekend party out in la la land. they tell me it’s near ashbaland and neverland. somewhere between the gang bangers in long beach and the retired fogies up in thousand oaks.

i guess since i don’t do shit around here but fuck off in the mail room they decided to finally give me a password and a open monitor and do some work. this office space is way cramped. there are 4 computers, file cabinets and porn dvds stacked so fucking high I can use the top one as an end table for beer. cool, i like beer. do you? anysuck, hang tight and let me finish surfing this teen porn site and hang up on 1-800-Dentist and i’ll scribble you some jive on the party.

woooooooooooo, hooooooooooooo i’m back.

this is my kind of holiday party. sludge-o-ween. you going? you suck if you don’t! they tell me there is going to be some costume contests. sounds whack, then again i’m always in costume. or am i? who’s gonna dress up like me this year? there has got to be some make up artists in la la land that can pull my drop good looks off. well then again, maybe not. no one can fuck with the floyd.

here is the schedule for friday october 28th. Gods of Thunder is a KISS tribute that does the full stage show, make up and asks for your money too. just like the real KISS. Motley Priest is an 80s Metal tribute and the singer is a full blown fag. The lead fag has even said they’ll play a few TUFF tunes, and that super star Glam God Steve "Sex" Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd will be on hand to jam a few tunes with Motley Priest as well. Fastback is mostly fags too, they wear eyeliner, have tattoos, and play cool riffs. rumour has it they are killer live but I hear that about the Peppermint Creeps too. who by the way will be dressing up like Tesla for halloween, or will they? Don’t forget to get there early and see openers HAITZ, along with strippers, porn stars, and maybe some D-list rock stars too. calling all D-list rock stars….hello are you out there?

of course there will be plenty o’ sludgettes, sludgeaholics, and did i mention a lot of FREE shit? we always end up with boxes of FREE shit from record labels & porn companies. you know, shit like cds, dvds, dildos, condoms, penis pumps, fake vaginas, sexually transmitted diseases and more. all FREE. come get some!

then on saturday the 29th of october we have Carbon 9 who make Peppermint Creeps look like they need an image overhaul. maybe its because half of the Carbon 9 band is not even human. there are robots, tv sets, and even midgets. yeah we said midgets. big fucking deal. little people, dwarfs, etc…it’s with FULL respect. they are cool either way. we know plenty of dicks who are 5’10" or taller. onto the bands, next up is Rhino Bucket and yes they have Jackie Enx (the Sludge house Transexual) on drums. also appearing Psydafect, Lust 4 Nightmares – who are like heavy metal pirates, and Ms. Honey Highway who is a hot piece of tattooed ass. check the photos for proof.

sunday the 30th of october everyone will wake up drunk in some sleezy motels and maybe go to melrose to stalk chicks. or just stalk them in the bed next to you, either way is cool. here are some pictures of what you might see over the weekend depending if you’re not drunk on the floor of the bathroon by 9PM or blowing your boyfriend under a table in the VIP section.












see ya there, basatrd boy floyd

it’s not just a website anymore – it’s a fucking lifestyle bitch


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