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Scott Ian of ANTHRAX says…

Scott Ian of ANTHRAX

says…I don’t do windows!

In a recent issue of REVOLVER magazine the ANTHRAX Sludge is flying: "The idea of this reunion tour was to generate a bunch of enthusiasm for the band. But if they get people excited, they’re going to want a new record, so they’re going to follow up with a new album with Joey," Bush says. "So for me, I look at it as it’s over. The last thing I want to do is say, ‘Hey, I’ll be here if you want me.’"

It continues with this: "I can’t even begin to understand how this all works," Belladonna says. "People are all worried about Bush not being here. I know for a fact he wasn’t booted out. I was. I had to go. I had no choice. But the minute I start thinking about stuff like that, I’m not getting anywhere. Right now, I’m just doing the best job I can, and That’s what I’m focused on. But I’m not just here for a temporary run. I’m ready for the ride."

In a posting at the band’s official web site, Ian had the following to say regarding Bush’s comments: "Nothing has changed because of an interview that we all participated in four months ago. What it doesn’t say is that without this reunion tour, the band is over. No new record, nothing. It would’ve been impossible for us to continue as ANTHRAX. This tour is a bridge to the future of this band. Don’t bother speculating on it. It’s all going to come down to the music. We’ll start writing and see where it takes us just like we’ve always done."

In a later posting, Ian elaborates further on his statement, saying, "[The comment about] not being able to continue relates to us not flushing another two years of our lives down the toilet. That’s all I can say."

This is nice to see. ANTHRAX is officially now in the same league as VAN HALEN, MOTLEY CRUE, WARRANT, SKID ROW, LA GUNS & RATT. Not as far as sales go, but with the dueling lead singers that is. The old one, the original one, the new one, and back again. We’re guessing that since the ANTHRAX sales haven’t been so great it seems Scott has taken on a new job as a cleaning lady. Maybe Scott is getting ready to flush that toilet he was talking about, and then clean it. Either way, we’re glad to see that Scott has accepted his new position as Mr. Clean but we’re wondering where the bald head is? Oh that’s right, this picture was taken when he still had some hair. Congratulations Scott, you’ve been Sludge’d by your old favorite friends at Metal Sludge. Where you been pal?

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