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CC DeVille issues a statement to Metal Sludge, 8/23/05



Yesterday, we posted the announcement that C.C. DeVille had been arrested for allegedly assaulting Shannon Malone, his alleged ex-girlfriend. Within hours, we had been contacted by C.C. DeVille and his publicist regarding these allegations, and he wanted to issue a statement. Well here it is!

Metal Sludge,

I regret that this has happened. I just want everyone to understand that the first write up, by Ms. Malone was false. The facts are: I was in my home with my new girlfriend. Ms. Malone, whom I dated previously, entered my home. She attacked me and I did not retaliate. I do not hit women and I do not believe in violence! Ms. Malone has done this before. She made up false charges and I was arrested. She later dropped the charges. My girlfiend, in an effort to pull Ms. Malone from me, was then attacked with a chair. She sustained several cuts and bruises. Once Ms. Malone was close to the door, I pushed her out and she left. My girlfriend did scratch Ms. Malone, in the act of defending herself.

Anytime that a domestic dispute is filed… a police report is made and the outcome is determined in court. Yes, I went to the Van Nuys jail, that is procedure. I am filing charges of my own and we will let the wheels of justice settle this!

I do not wish ill feelings on Ms. Malone. She is upset over the break up and is not in a stable mental state. She has a criminal record herself and I know that this incident will be seen for what it really is… a cry for help and attention!

C.C. Deville

In case you were wondering, that’s C.C.’s new girlfriend in the photos we posted with this article. Thanks to GettyImages for letting us yank those pictures from their site.

We’d also like to thank Mr. DeVille for contacting us and trying to clear the air. We’ve been trying to get him to talk to Metal Sludge for years and years, so hopefully he’ll continue having a dialogue with us in the future! Too bad it took something like this to bring us together.

We’ll continue to monitor this story with any new developments.

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