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C.C. DeVille gets arrested, 8/22/05



Includes a police report!!

It?s almost fall again, and what kind of summer would it be if you didn?t get to take a little vacation? C.C. DeVille must have been thinking just that as he was being booked into Valley Jail in Van Nuys, CA last night. Allegedly, C.C. beat up his long time girlfriend, Shannon Malone, after she returned from a trip a day early only to find him shacked up with a couple of chicks. C.C. was said to have flipped out and clocked Shannon, leaving her with a shiner.

Who knows if this is how it all went down, but our source, (who was obviously just as high as C.C.) claims it?s true. Being the nosey fucks that we are, we did a little research of our own and were able to locate C.C.?s arrest record on the city of Van Nuys Inmate Information website, where it states he was charged with ?CORPORAL INJURY ON SPOUSE/COHABITANT/ETC? with bail set at 50 grand. Check it out RIGHT HERE.

We heard that this is the 2nd time C.C. has been charged with this, so this time it?s reputedly a felony. But least our pal C.C. Banana didn?t get beat up a 2nd time, so we suppose that?s good news.

We would like to be the first to say congratulations to C.C. DeVille for staying clean and sober! More on this story as it develops.

From the entire staff? Aloha!

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