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Bret Michaels flips out! 7/5/05



The shit hits the fan on the "Freedom of Sound" tour

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee haawwwwww!

Bret Michaels is currently on the road on with his ?Freedom of Sound? world tour. Rumour has it that the shit has hit the fan! Not literally (like when Baz hit the fan with a bottle); rather, with his security and crew members.

Allegedly, things are not as hunky dory as they appear. Usually, Mr. Michaels promptly hits the stage, giving everyone within 100 feet a big smile and an Un-skinny Bop thumbs up. But apparently, not to his crew last night!

An anonymous Milwaukee insider reported that Bret?s show at Summerfest went off without a hitch. But then, the aforementioned source said the following:

?Last night, great show, Bret seemed to be having a super time, really happy. But now I just heard that some of his crew, including Big John, walked away from the tour last night. And he fired the remaining crew members. Bags flying off the bus, pretty crazy. 2:00am business decisions are sometimes clouded. Bet that was a quiet, lonely bus ride to the next gig…?

Try to picture this: Bret talking smack to his crew with the half assed southern drawl he does, simultaneously wearing his headband and the 10 Gallon cowboy hat (for double protection of course), then chuckin’ bags and suitcases out the bus while allegedly screaming shit like: (cue heavy Southern accent) "AND Y’ALL STAY OUT!!!!"

And we all thought C.C. was the maniac.

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