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Lemmy comes out of the closet, 7/2/05



?I am proud of being a bisexual?

NOTE: The original source has retracted this article (CLICK HERE for details). But here is our 7/2/05 post on the topic, just for shits and giggles.

Here?s a bit of news some folks might find a bit? interesting.

This is an article posted yesterday at BraveWords.com. In it, basically, Lemmy admits that he?s enjoyed ?batting for the home team? from time to time, and, well? you just kind of have to read it yourself. Here it is:

MOTORHEAD’s Lemmy – "My Sexual Urge For Females Was Always A Driving Force To The Music"

Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister is a Rock n Roll icon. His legendary band MOTORHEAD has been going on strong for over 30 years, and there looks like no signs of the band, or the man faltering.

"I play Rock n’ Roll to the max," he told VH1, "Motorhead are a Rock n’ Roll band, devoted to partying, booze, and sex". Sex is something Lemmy Kilmister is renowned for. The man claims to have bedded thousands of women, including ladies from Penthouse and Playboy. Lemmy isn’t the most good looking of all chaps, but he’s definitely turns humans on, whether with his music or with his lifestyle.

But has his life been all women all the time?

"People have difficulties overcoming guilt", Lemmy said, "One thing that makes us feel guilty is our sexuality. I know many good people who are gay or bisexual, and I’m proud to say that I can Rock and booze with the best of them. Why? Well, because I am one."

You heard right, Lemmy has decided to come clean and spill the truth out to all his fans.

"My sexual urge for females was always a driving force to the music. Songs like ‘Limb From Limb’ and ‘Make My Day’ were written as odes to the female body. But sometimes we, as men, can not always find females to be the more… err… nourishing gender sometimes. Y’know what I mean? Sometimes this… feeling takes you over and you wanna experiment and try out new stuff. I am proud of being a bisexual, and this still doesn’t mean I don’t want a little bit of p**** on the side (laughs)."

"Prejudices are always hard to break. But I don’t give a shit about what others think of me. Motorhead has never been about the critics. It’s all the music. Just because I enjoy some guys doesn’t mean jack. I still churn out the music every fucking night, all the fuckking time. I am proud of my fans, and they know that I always give 100%."

Rock n’ Roll, and in particular Metal has always been a rather macho genre. However, with legendary musical icons like Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST) and Freddy Mercury (QUEEN) admitting to being homosexual, the stereotypes have been stripped down. Lemmy’s coming out may come as a shock, but can we deal with it? The man certainly can.

"I love you guys. No innuendo intended!"

Motorhead’s Stone Dead Forever DVD will be out on July 4th through SPV.

( The original article at BraveWords is posted here.)

How could we not have known?

The Metal community is already starting to react to the news! As always, the Sludgeaholics are among the first to expound and extrapolate upon such a newsworthy topic. So let?s see what they had to say! Here?s a few comments taken from our very own Metal Sludge Gossip Boards:

With Rob Halford, it wasn’t a shock, but Lemmy? Lemmy?!? ? Licketysplit

Holy Shit! Maybe those things on his face are lil balls of poo! Never seen this one! Oh well who cares he is fucking Lemmy! ? acefrehleysbeer

It could be a rest area for a ballbag. ? DigitalRequiem

either way , you can bet that lemmy is gonna have someones ass over this. ? KillDieDead (Note: This one made floyd snort and slap his knee!)

Holy fuck, that’s crazy. Never saw this shit coming. ? Potato219

People are believing this?!!!! For fucks sake! lemmy has been on a high for fucking years. If this was said by him (doubtful) anyone familiar with sarcasm? Lemmy does great interviews and to say what has been alledged to him does not ring true. Lemmy ain’t a poof or half poof, (whatever the latest politicaly correct phrases you rainbow wariors cone up with to protect gay sensitivities. By the way am not anti gay so save your self righteous crap for someone else). He knows and hangs around gay people, but he has said many times ‘its not my thing, but who gives a shit what people enjoy? who am i to judge? its not for me, but i don’t care, more birds and more fun for me’ and this quote has had many variations in live radio interviews and reliable magazines (i.e a format where they can’t be sued). Think about it, if this was true, in all the interviews lemmy has done in 30 years in various states of clarity has this come out now? This is SUCH a reliable source and must be true…. (wankers.) The gullibility and lack of thought from people never ceases to amaze me. ? Backlash

He does live in West Hollywood…

I don’t buy it because the article can’t get the release facts straight (no pun intended) on the upcoming DVD. It’s called "Stage Freight" and is out july 18 in Europe. ? Garbageman

You do realize that "p****" could also stand for "penis," right?
? IggyPopWillEatItself

and "polka" too ? Tommy

Does this mean the Peppermint Creeps are more straight than Lemmy?? ? RazorbladeStar

Dark night and all I see
9 inch penis in front of me
baby oiled chest and a hairy rear
They call me Lemmy Kilmistqueer
You blow me, cum in my eye
You blow me, don’t want hairpie
You blow me me, 3 midgets assisted
I want to be the Iron Fisted

? PurpleIdiot

So there you have it! As if the notion of Lemmy having sex with a woman wasn’t vile enough, he had to throw men into the mix. We dare you to conjure up that vision in your mind.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as things develop.

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