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3/4 of Pretty Boy Floyd quits! 6/29/05


Peppermint Creeps throw a tantrum on the Internet

There was some sort of Pretty Boy Floyd drama going down last night. It took us a while to understand it, but this is what we were able to gather from the facts.

About a year ago, and for reasons still undisclosed, Pretty Boy Floyd frontman and sole original member Steve "Sex" Summers ditched those smelly guys that were part of the PBF lineup on the MSX 2003 tour, and replaced them with a few members of the band Peppermint Creeps, who at one time did a 10 Questions interview with us.

If you’re not aware, Peppermint Creeps are kind of a glam/goth band from L.A. They dress up like space age clowns, run around Hollywood, and more or less try to draw attention to themselves whenever there’s media or large gatherings. You may have seen them clamor for face time at the VH1 "Bands Reunited" Vixen concert, seen them walking around in full makeup at NAMM, or trying to get noticed at the Rainbow on any given night. Basically, they’re attention whores, so this whole scenario isn’t really that surprising.

Anyhow, since three of those Creepy guys have been backing up Steve "Sex" Summers in Pretty Boy Floyd, the two bands would often tour together, with one set by the Peppermint Creeps, and then the singer (taking over guitar duties), bass player and drummer would do a set of PBF songs while the lead guitar guy, who’s about 17 years old, just kind of hung around. This probably worked out well on occasion, but sometimes, the logistics of that just aren’t possible.

Which brings us to last night.

From what we’ve been able to put together, Pretty Boy Floyd was set to do a club tour with Faster Pussycat this summer. However, Peppermint Creeps weren’t on the bill. Maybe someone hinted at the possibility of all three bands on the tour, but who knows. We certainly won’t speculate. But the bottom line is they were told that they wouldn’t be part of the tour. The backing musicians would have to leave their baby Creep home while they went on the road with Uncle Steve.

However, instead of letting it roll of their creepy backs, those Peppermint dudes had a fit and quit Pretty Boy Floyd! They left Steve "Sex" Summers high and dry, and now he has no band. They also defaced Pretty Boy Floyd’s MySpace page! The Creepy Mints sent around a major announcement, followed by a clarification, and it was just begging to be ripped on. So we let some of our junior staff members take a crack at it.

This is sort of like a SludgeWire, but breathe your sighs of relief now ’cause it’s a lot shorter. Joining in with a few select comments are new writer Chip Keifer and our summer 2004 intern Josie Hilton, who has since graduated and become a full fledged staff member at Metal Sludge. But that’s not important. What’s important is that they were irate about the Peppermint Creeps’ press release, or, quite possibly, very very bored. So they took it upon themselves to add their random thoughts. If it sucks, don’t blame us! You know how kids get in the summer.

Anyhow, here?s the e-mail we got last night that started it all, along with the afforementioned commentary.

Creeps will NOT be on PBF / PUSSYCAT tour
More like: Creeps will NOT be riding on PBF?s coattails any longer

Body: Just to let everyone know, contrary to what we were initially told by the "agency" (LOL) Who puts LOL in a press release? Yeah, no shit! LOL booking this "tour" to entice us into agreeing to do it, we got a shitty little message on our voicemail rudely advising us that we were not "wanted on the tour" by a "certain someone", so we will not be playing as PEPPERMINT CREEPS on the tour .. A good thing would be to not play as the Peppermint Creeps at all. SO as a RESULT, WE (Peppermint Creeps) have chosen NOT to participate in this "tour" playing as "PRETTY BOY FLOYD" either. I like PBF, so it’s a shame that Mr. Summers let his mind slip for a moment and asked you to play in the first place.

We WILL NOT be there in any shape, way, or form. As apposed to the original plan of showing up fat, on scooters and in glam ninja form? Guess it’s back to not really doing anything at all then, huh? Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to seeing us. Hell, I feel sorry for them too. Can you imagine the type of people who want to see a bunch of hacks pretending to be whatever the fuck it is the Creeps are pretending to be? From this point on Eddie, Macy, and Traci have decided to concentrate on PEPPERMINT CREEPS exclusivly. Which means really doing nothing except dressing up and walking around Hollywood? ‘Exclusivly?’ When putting out a press release it?s always a good idea to take that extra second or two and use spell check. We are not now, nor will we be a part of any "future endeavors". We know this; it?s sad you?re just realizing it for the first time.

We saved the little voicemail and will upload it as an MP3 for download for all to hear if the story tries to get "spun around" on us. Once again Sorry to the fans A few friends on MySpace doesn’t mean you have fans for having to deal with petty jealous bullshit. Jealous? Jealous of what? Of a halfassed Hollywood band that dresses like Sesame Street rejects? Get off of your cloud and go back to hanging out at the Rainbow wishing someone would ask you who you are. Who?s jealous? Everyone else involved is doing their thing and making money. Steve ?Sex? Summers might be a cheap bastard who pays his backing band less than they could make slaving at a sweatshop in downtown Los Angeles, but he?s paid his dues. I high doubt he?s jealous. At best, the Peppermint Creeps are a sad rip off of Queeny Blast Pop with a little goth mixed in to give it that Hot Topic vibe.

Eddie, Traci, Macy, Robbie

Sent about an hour later:

Taime and PUSSYCAT are NOT the culprits!! Nice way to cover your ass! The only reason Taime knows who you are is because you stalk him.

Hey Just to clarify, because it’s not fair for other people to get assumptions, TAIME and FP are NOT the "certain Someones" we are referring to. Names aren?t important at this point neither is your career, we just wanted everyone to know what went down and that it wasn’t our doing. It IS your doing! You begged to play it and got shot down. So we shall leave it at that for now, HOWEVER, if the shit ends up unfairly turned around (on us) by the parties that ARE involved…………….. who knows…………… What? Mafia hit? Gunna send out the ghouls? Come on, don?t leave us hanging!

Take Care

They also included a bunch of comments they pulled from their message boards. This is what they said about it:

The Creeps myspace page is going CRAZY with upset fans over this matter. Crazy ? There are a handful of comments from a few people. Go to the page at http://www.myspace.com/creeps and SEE the fans and Read all the comments!!! Here’s a few of the letters we have been getting!

Then they proceeded to post a dozen or so posts to their MySpace page that basically stroke their cocks and say how much they don’t need Steve Summers to drag them down. But fuck those comments; let’s find out what the Sludgeaholics have to say about all this! Here’s a few posts we pulled from our very own Metal Sludge Gossip Board:

I heard Summers thought the Creeps were getting greedy when they demanded that their daily Subway meal have a full footlong sub rather than the 6" sandwiches Summers was willing to provide! - Garbageman

I love how the original release says Tubby, Receding and Sniffy have decided to do blah blah blah, and only mention the little brat on guitar during the signature of the post. what? he’s just a hired hand who they will replace when he’s given his ideas and all to the band and they find somone old enough to play alot of venues across the country, not just eight or so dates in mostly out of the way places? hmmm…..

good stupid fun, the creeps may be. with the emphasis on stupid. these guys are all pushing 40 and cant make a dent outside of a bunch of goth bitches (boys included) in hollywood?

hey guys, the future just called and said you wont be a part of it. success beeped in on call waiting and said it had to cancel the meeting it never was gonna have. - beautiful_disaster

Well seeming how the majority of Peppermint Creeps audience are kids 13-19 year olds and the "children are the future" Sounds to me you are a little off… The Creeps are nowhere near the 40’s .. Are you confusing them with your favorite 80’s has been bands? Any exposure the Creeps would have gotten from PBF, is already done. There isnt exactly a growing legion of new Pbf fans, as opposed to the Creeps growing army of kids. The Kids love it , that’s all that matters! - laglamster

um tracii is pushing 40 in a hard way. macy’s receding hairline isnt a spring chicken and eddie has been slagging his goods to whatever band would take him, since the whirlwind success of the gypsy days in arizona passed him by. the young gun, robbie is getting used for his looks (dude looks JUST like a less junked out Johnny Thunders with out the kabuki, or bukkake, makeup.) and this band will continue on in the steps of candy apple creeps, fat bitch fest or whatever, and the worst band name ever…glamvestitve whatever. dont make me mention candy appple kreepz or how ever the fuck that retarded shit is spelled, again.

traci is a good drummer, but he’s past his prime (and then some), macy has pretty well failed at everything he has done up until now. it sucks that they are exploiting a young dumb and full of cum kid. if a 38 year old needs a 17 (yes…17) year old in his band to help shit out, then…the ship is fucking SINKING.

the gimmick might work well in LA, and aside from some armpit hole in the walls, this band will never do anything outside of playing the key club headlining, and opening for bands like the murderdolls, after they suck enough promoter cock.

fun? yes.

fraud? yep.

entertaining? kind of like making fun of the really retarded kid in special ed.

wigs, fags and has beens dont equal a good band.

nuff said. – beautiful_disaster

We love when our Sludgeaholics chime in with their fair and unbiased opinions!

On another note, it looks like Steve "Sex" Summers will need to start looking for a replacement band for the replacement of the replacement band to the original Floyd. With such little time before the tour starts, we figured the Sludgeaholics might be able to help him out! So here’s a poll that may in fact help determine the very next touring lineup of Pretty Boy Floyd. All of these players are available, ready to tour, and willing to split whatever’s left of the dough after Mr. Summers takes his usual 70%. Don’t be an ass! Vote now and help out our buddy Steve! The next Pretty Boy Floyd tour might depend on it.

What guitar/drums/bass combo should Steve "Sex" Summers hire to play on the Pretty Boy Floyd tour?

Keri Kelli, Steven Adler, Robbie Crane
Kristy Krash Majors, Kari Kane, Vinnie Chas
T?Chad, Dish, Lesli Sanders
Johnny Monaco, Eric Donner, Chip Z?Nuff
Alex Grossi, Troy Patrick Farrell, Alan Vine
C.C. DeVille, Francis Ruiz, Krys Baratto
Tracii Guns, Scott Coogan, Nikki Sixx
Joe Normal, Mr. Insane, Danny Dangerous
Kirk Hammet, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo
Vivian Campbell, Tommy Aldridge, Rudy Sarzo
Ryan Roxie, Eric Singer, Chuck Wright
Billy Morris, Mike Fasano, Jerry Dixon
Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard, Dusty Hill
Joe Satriani, Neil Peart, Les Claypool
Pete Parker, Sandy Hazard, Steve Bratz

View Results

Results will be posted whenever we get around to it.

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