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Zakk before he became Captain Caveman

This is from 1985

Before Zakk Wylde looked like Grizzly Adams, said fuck and pussy every other word, and wanted to beat everybody’s ass, he was a fresh face kid from New Jersey with big hair like everybody else at the time. The photo from up above and below are from 1985.

It doesn’t even look like Zakk could grow hair or even buy beer

This is a Society Dwelling Mother Fucker?

A hairspray Bezerker

Ready for Poison with the cute pout!

How cute

From 1988

Zakk is all smiles in 1989.

What’s up with the pants being pulled up halfway to his chest?

My teeth are just as white as Jon Bon Jovi’s.

Thanks to Deege over at Black Label Society.net!

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