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Peter Steele: 1962-2005?, 5/13/05



1962 – 2005?

Rumors have been flying around tonight about something that appears on Type O Negative’s official Web site at www.typeonegative.net. The site is currently being bombarded with hits so it’s really slow, but if you do manage to get the page to load, this is what you’d see:

What does it mean? We’re not sure, and nobody else knows either. We’ve scoured the Web looking for any further details, but can’t find a thing.

We figured if anyone had an official announcement, it would be Blabbermouth.net, based on their official relationship with Roadrunner Records (which has Type O Negative on their roster). But as of now… nothing.

There were some unsubstantiated rumors flying around that Peter Steele had been sick for awhile, so there may be a correlation. Then again, today is Friday the 13th, so perhaps it’s a prank? One can only speculate.

We do know that TypeONegative.net was in the process of moving Web servers. And for the past week or so, all you could see at that address was a page with rainbows and unicorns and teddy bears and other shit. (This was confirmed by a post made at Type O Negative’s page on MySpace.) This is what it looked like:

That looks like something bastard boy floyd might have hanging in his bedroom! We’re not saying he does, but you never know with floyd.

All kidding aside, we hope that it’s only a publicity stunt, but if something really happened to Peter Steele, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out and can confirm details.

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