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Butch Walker, Jayce Fincher, Jesse Harte, and Mitch McGlee in Byte The Bullet

Now anybody who regularly reads Metal Sludge knows that the Marvelous 3 were at one time Southgang. We’ve interviewed Butch twice and even Southgang singer Jesse Harte once and we’ve all seen the Southgang photos. Big deal, right? But before they were Southgang, they were Byte The Bullet. Those photos are a tad harder to come by so we thought we share a few we found. They don’t really look that different than they did when they were Southgang, but what the hell. Everybody else is getting "Exposed" so why not a few of Butch and his buddies? We also included some childhood photos of Butch that we found.

From 1989

Now check these very old school Butch Walker pics.

Butch, Age 10

Butch, Age 15, with a baby mullet!

Butch showing off his High School Yearbook Picture

Now some Southgang stuff.

Trixter ain’t got shit on these guys!

We’re not quite sure what the look Butch was going for here.

Your typical Southgang Metal Edge pinup from 1991

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