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Jani Lane to appear on Celebrity Fit Club! 4/23/05



You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later!

Our old pal, ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane is set to appear on VH1’s "Celebrity Fit Club 2." That’s a show where they get a bunch of washed-up overweight celebrities together and make them lose weight. Well, it’s a little more involved than that, but that’s the jist of it.

Here’s the info from VH1’s official site:

VH1’s "Celebrity Fit Club", hosted by comedian Ant, is one unique reality series. Simply by signing up to VH1’s "Celebrity Fit Club", our participants are making a statement to the world that they have a problem and they need help to overcome it. They’ll be aiming to shed pounds, but they’ll also have to shed their inhibitions.

On this show will you see these celebrities revealed as never before:

* "227"’s Jack?e Harry
* Actor Gary Busey
* "America’s Next Top Model"’s Tocarra
* Victoria Jackson, best known as a comedienne on "Saturday Night Live"
* Phil Margera from MTV’s "Viva La Bam"
* Jani Lane, frontman of rock group WARRANT
* Willie Aames, best known from "Charles In Charge"
* Wendy Kaufman … Yep, the Snapple lady is back!

It’s a simple concept: Eight overweight stars are divided into two teams and challenged to get fit and lose weight over a 14 week period. Along the way they will each:

* Be publicly weighed in every show ? individually, and as teams on a pair of giant scales

* Be called to account by our supervising panel, who’ll be aware of every half-hearted sit-up and every sneaked donut

* Have the deepest secrets of their diet and lifestyle revealed

* Be put through the mill by the toughest drill instructor the U.S. Marines has ever produced

* Deal with the antagonism of the rival team’s celebrities as the weight-loss battle gets intense

This show is about much more than diet and exercise. It’s about vanity, rivalry and self discovery. It’s an emotional show but it’s often funny and never downbeat. There will be tears, there will be tantrums, there will be breakdowns, but the abiding tone is positive and life enhancing. All the celebrities will emerge from this show as changed people and, as viewers, we will have been privileged to see that change happening before our eyes.

Each week the celebrities will be summoned to our purpose-designed Fit Camp, where they’ll face challenges ranging from belly dancing to ballet, from synchronized swimming to limbo.

Each week they will face the music on the loneliest walk in television as they find out whether they have lost weight or gained it: And they’ll face the consequences from our panel of MD, psychotherapist and drill instructor.

And each week they’ll have to deal with the praise or recriminations from their fellow team members ? and the taunts of their rivals.

Now, just close your eyes for a moment and try to envision Jani Lane belly-dancing and doing ballet. And can you see Gary Busey and Jani synchronized swimming together? That thought alone is enough to make the Snapple Lady barf peach iced tea in the pool! Well, maybe that’s the whole point of it. After all, that’s one way to lose weight.

We can’t wait to watch this. More details as they unfold!

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